Sea Freight From India To Australia:

Selected for La’ Trobe University!? And want to move your belongings from India to Australia via sea freight? Do not worry, just choose our services and be free from all the moving and shifting load! Because that’s what our work is. To make our clients relaxed till we take care of their belongings. Continue reading this article for more information on how to work with us for sending parcels through sea freight from India to Australia.

What are we and our work?

DTDC courier services are famous worldwide. Most people prefer us for international shipping but we provide domestic couriers too. Over the years, we have transformed ourselves by opening our branches in almost every part of the world. Our offices are in the main cities where everyone can go easily. Also, we provide live chat feature on our websites, so one can easily get connect with us. We provide a beforehand quote to our customers so that they get an idea as to how much they will be paying based on different services. Also, if they decide to back out, it will not be problem then.

If we talk about technology, our websites are easily accessible to those who wish so; it has not crashed and it provides all the information one may need if they just ask with the right words!

We deliver your product on time and in as much low cost as possible. We take no extra hidden cost. We give a variety of options to our clients as well as business partners to choose from.

For sea freight to Australia from India too, we have many different options, given below.

Our services:

For shipping boxes to Australia, there are many ways and services which one can choose. We provide them all. Here is a list of our services with their brief description to make you understand what would be the best for moving to Australia shipping.

  • Door to door service – We understand it’s difficult for one to manage the picking and dropping off the parcels, that too when you have other things in mind. So, to cut off some load from our customers, we provide door to door facility.

In this, we will come at your doorstep in India to pick the couriers and drop off at your doorstep wherever you decide to reside in Australia.

This is the most preferred and comfortable service in a low cost too.

  • Door to port – When you have large and heavy boxes to ship at long distances, it is shipped either through air freight or sea freight services. We have them. However, the cheapest way is sea freight shipping.

So what we do is pick your boxes from your door and transport it to the port (airport or sea port) and from there it delivers to the destined country.

  • Express Delivery – The only difference here is that it charges more comparatively because this service is used when someone has to send a parcel urgently somewhere. We then send the parcel through express service, which is the fastest, which delivers the parcel in 3 – 4 days only.
  • Excess Baggage – Often, people have luggage which exceeds the maximum normal limit, so they have to choose excess baggage service to transport their other belongings as well. Now, almost every courier company provides this option but usually charges more. We do not do this. We also provide time to time coupons and discounts!

Steps to book our delivery:

  • Initially, you have to go to our official website DTDC Australia . Just scroll down a little and you will find a form named QUICK QUOTE. Fill the details asked such as document type, pickup and drop off destination, dimensions, etc. to get the prices required for courier through sea freight from India to Australia.
  • When you have filled the form, you will be provided with the exact prices based on different ways and services such as door to door, air, road and sea freight. Select one which fits your conditions. Do not worry about the price because we have different offers too, which might reduce the price to your favor.
  • After having selected a service, click on Book the Delivery option. Another form, but a detailed one, asking all minute details including collection date will be in front of you and you have to fill everything correctly. In case of any doubts, call us at 1300 658 775 or live chat on the website itself.
  • Once the above form is filled, the next step is the payment step, the final one. Whether you want to do the payment through PayPal or any international debit and credit card, you can do because we accept all these, though payment through PayPal is most preferred in India.
  • After the final booking is done, we will give you a consignment number and an invoice for the tracking purpose.

See? These simple steps you follow, and experience the best delivery ever!

Now comes the price section. We know many people would think even before getting the quote, that’s why we have provided below an average cost structure for our sea freight services from India to Australia.

The sea rates start from $3.50/ kg. for 3CBM.

It will charge $195 up to 30 kg. for the first box, and then additional $85 up to 30 kg. per box.

$150 is charged for documentation process on every booking.

Please note that these are the minimum required amounts needed for delivering your boxes. If any query is there related price, then you can mail us at .

Sea Freight From India to Australia FAQs:

How long does sea freight take from India to Australia?

Sea shipping requires a more time frame as compared to other ways. In this case, 17 – 22 days on an average is required. If the product is not delivered in this time frame, then only we can ask the authorities responsible.

How much is a shipping container from India to Australia?

DTDC sea freight services charge point to point, i.e., no extra money is taken from our clients. Therefore, Ocean freight rates for 20’ container ranges from $1548 to $1711, as backed up by sea freight calculator too. However, the type of container also plays an important factor in deciding the sea freight cost as they are unpredictable.

What items cannot be shipped to Australia from India?

There are some goods which are banned for booking via any network as either they are dangerous in terms of human health like marijuana and drugs, or harmful as they can cause accidents like fire through batteries, etc. Do check the full list of dangerous and restricted items here .

How long does it take to get a parcel from India to Australia?

If the delivery is in metro cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc., then it will take 3 – 7 business days for the parcel to deliver. Otherwise, 7 – 10 days would be required. *This is not applicable on sea freight though*

What’s the cheapest way to send a parcel using sea freight from India to Australia?

Usually, the cheapest way is through ocean, and the same is in this case too. The rates here are very much low and everything is perfect except that it will take more days to deliver the product. So if you are comfortable waiting that long then this way would be perfect for you!

Does DTDC Australia deliver India to Australia post?

DTDC Australia is a courier service provider as it does not come under government. This means, it is private. Postal service providers are ruled by government and so we do not deliver that.

Can I send a parcel from India to Australia by sea freight?

Yes. You can. Sea freight is the cheapest way because it delivers the parcel with the same quality. To know a detailed price, get a sea freight quote and you will understand better. The shipping costs to Australia from India are very much reduced here as compared to other freights and what with our discount offers. Visit our official website to know more.

How much does it cost to ship from India to Australia by sea freight?

See, if you choose a fully loaded container, but it remains a little empty from top, then too the price will be charged of FCL only. FCL charges more than LCL (less loaded container) but FCL has proved to be an easily shipped container. But you will get the price before booking so you can decide according to your requirements.

Which courier have sea freight to Australia from India?

Our every courier service provides this facility and that too in the minimal cost. Obviously, there are other companies too which provides good quality. So it’s all up to you which service to choose. Research thoroughly, and compare accordingly.

How long does sea freight take to arrive from India to Australia?

International sea freight shipping requires a high level of patience because it almost takes a month and more to deliver to the destination. So, if there is no urgency at all to deliver the parcel early, then only choose sea freight. Usually, it is used for importing and exporting purposes but if you feel like you are moving permanently and you have time, then this is perfect for you.

How much does sea freight shipping to India cost?

It is same as sea freight shipping to Australia. The difference will be in customs clearance as it varies from port to port. You can get a quote for this or call us at 1300 658 775.

What is the maximum weight one can send by sea freight to Australia from India?

The minimum and maximum weight limit is 30 kg. you cannot send below the limit. You can send above the limit but it will come under excess baggage then.

For more clearance of doubts, if any, call us at 1300 658 775 or mail us at or visit our office nearby!