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There are studies that show the rate of returns is more for online sites than it is for traditional stores. The return percentage of E-Commerce is around 15% to 40% while that of physical shops are just 5% to 10%. Why is that so? When you visit a store to buy something, you get a fair idea of the product quality just by holding it. If it is an outfit you can simply try it on. For mobile phones, you can test the features by navigating through the different settings. If a headphone is what you bought, you can plug it on and listen to the sound quality to get an accurate picture of the product.   But this trying and assessing is not possible when buying through an online business. You can speculate only so much. It doesn’t help that the product descriptions on websites are often vague. Also, the size of one brand may differ from that of another. Even if everything goes perfectly, there will still be a possibility of having a defective product shipped to you.  All in all, if it just so happens that you need to return E-Commerce return from Australia, you should be aware of the brand’s policy beforehand.

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two types of returns we process:

eCommerce Return From Australia

1. Retail returns: are done by a single person that is, by customers who had bought the product for their personal needs rather than for wholesale purposes. People who are dissatisfied with the product will ship the E-Commerce return from Australia back to the store.

 When you return something to Amazon, they will ask you the reason. You will be given several reasons to select from, like:

  • “Accidental order”: Some online stores do not have an intuitive, user friendly interface. The customer who are not used to online shopping might get confused and make an order by mistake. They don’t realize it until the product has been shipped.
  • “Better price available”: If you find the same product at a cheap rate from another online or physical store. So you want to return the item to save money.
  • “The shipping box or envelope isn’t damaged but the item is damaged”: You found the box intact but the product was damaged. This usually means that the product was not damaged during transit instead it was shipped just like that.
  • Missed estimated delivery date”: You don’t want the product anymore since it took them too long to get it delivered to your home.
  • “Missing parts or accessories”: Not all the pieces of items that were described on the website were shipped.
  • “The shipping box or envelope and item are both damaged”: 
  • This generally happens when the box is manhandled at the warehouse or during shipping.
  • “Different from what was ordered”: You received an item that is completely different from what you had ordered.
  • “Defective/does not work properly”: The product does not function as intended.
  • “Arrived in addition to what was ordered”: You received the product that you had ordered, but with it came an extra item that was accidently packed with it in the shipping box.
  • “No longer needed or wanted”: You changed your mind about the order.
  • “Unauthorized purchase”: Your kid, family member or someone else had placed the order. But you had not consented to the purchase so you want to return the product.
  • “Different from website description”: The item that arrived does not match the item which was described on the website.


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2. Business returns: are offered by wholesalers to retail stores. The retailers buy the products from the wholesalers to stock the shelves of their stores. The major reason why the bulk products are returned back to the wholesale is because the retailers failed to sell all the items. So, the unsold products are shipped back to the wholesalers. Another reason for the E-Commerce return from Australia is low quality products. Stores want to provide to their customers, unblemished products that does what they claim to do. But it is far too common for the wholesalers to send them poor quality items. These items if in turn are supplied to their customers will result in a negative brand image for the store. So, they are returned back to the wholesalers as per their agreement. Other products that are sent back by the retail stores include seasonal items and products that have received their expiry dates. Business returns can be minimized by trying to increase the shelf life of the products and decreasing the number of seasonal stocks.

See How You Will return an online order from Australia:

Usually, the return window of many Ecommerce sites is around 14 to 30 days. But during holidays it could be extended up to 60 days. So you need to check the website before you do the E-Commerce return from Australia

The tag should remain intact and the product should be in the original condition without any stains, or else the stores might not offer the refund. You should have the receipt with you.

Check which items can and cannot be returned prior. Some items like earrings and undergarments cannot be returned for hygienic purposes. Some stores do not cover the return shipping cost. They charge fixed flat fees for the courier shipping. But if you had received a damaged item, then after speaking with customer service you may be offered free shipping.

Several brands arrange the courier service for you, others will not. Before you ship the E-Commerce return from Australia, you have to let the store know in advance by filling their return booking form. After the product is shipped back to the store, it could take business 5-7 days to reimburse your money. During the festive season or a big sale, expect some delay in getting the refund.

Before purchasing from online stores, read their terms and conditions. Some people buy items like clothes, wear them to a party and then return the product to the store by using their free shipping policy.  So, Amazon and a few other stores have a condition which states that if you have a history of returning too many items, you will be banned. This is done to prevent people from taking undue advantage of the store’s lenient policy.

Most of the time you will find the returns section at the bottom of the page. So scroll down, click on the option, read the instructions that are given on the page. And book the E-Commerce return from Australia if you wish. After the booking, you may be given a return label. Print it out and pack your item, then stick it on top and drop it off at the nearest post office.

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