Great Features That We Have!

Driver Location Tracking

Our innovative driver tracking software allows you to Keep up with your driver's whereabouts with detailed Time allocation and estimated delivery. You can also view your drivers movements On our interactive map system that gives you details.

Nearby Alert

To give our customers greater transparency about their deliveries, Clients will be alert when the products are within 6 kilometers of their delivery location.

Delivery Alert

Custom-built technology allows us to demonstrate that your products are delivered within seconds of being delivered. You may check the website, or we can send you an email or SMS to notify you that the delivery has been completed.

Pickup Alert

Notify your customers their products have been collected and are on their way. When the collection is complete, we may send an SMS or an email using our receiver guidance message.

Mobile Notifications

Receive update notifications of your Parcel process from when it has been ordered Until the courier delivers it to your door. Simple, Easy and user friendly. We make sure You are involved every step of the way.

Tracking System

DTDC’s online tracking system is designed to make your delivery experience feel like a walk in the park. Our detailed tracking will give you and overview From when your package is at the Hub or in tranzit until It arrives at your door. You are part of the process 24/7

We Provide:


Road Freight

DTDC Australia prides itself in its bright workmanship as a delivery supplier. We offer assistance to businesses and help them  grow by guaranteeing secure and successful transportation of the cargo.

International Courier Service
courier (2)

International Courier Service

DTDC offers a variety of international services at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves in conveying the leading Courier services in Australia!

distribution centers and terminals spread all over Australia

Domestic Courier Service

We have distribution centers and terminals spread all over Australia, DTDC takes off no unturned routes when it comes to giving means to your delivery dispatches to Australia  for the conveyance of your goods

delivery dispatches to Australia

Same Day Courier FAQs (Sydney):

What is Same Day Delivery Sydney?

Same Day Express is a fast on demand courier service designed for business or personal use. It allows you to move your parcel from one location to the next and track where your parcel is in real time. We give you the ability to see the availability of our couriers and which courier is allocated to your booking.

How much does same day delivery to Sydney cost?

DTDC charges you a flat fee based on the distance from the pickup address to the drop-off location. Using our quote form on our homepage, you can get an instant quote.

What goods can be sent via same day delivery to Sydney?

DTDC can pretty much deliver anything you want which is less than 30kg. There a few things we can’t deliver, here is the list below:

  • – people or animals of any size.
  • – items which you have no authorisation to possess or handle (including, stolen goods);
  • – items which are fragile or perishable;
  • – valuable items (including, precious stones, metals, watches, jewellery, furs, china, art, antiques, prescription drugs, money, vouchers, travellers cheques, bearer bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, bank, credit, pre-pay or other store cards with a cash equivalent value, spirits, tobacco and cigarettes;

How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered?

When you enter in your booking details we will send you back a confirmation on who the courier is along with their contact details and ETA to arrival. The great thing with DTDC is that you have the ability to track the location of the courier in real time.

Are my goods safe?

Yes. Our couriers care about your goods.Depending on how you packaged it of course.

Can I call the courier?

Of course, on every booking you will know who the courier is and the ability to contact them if you need to. We find that because you can see the location of the courier it reduces the need to speak to them as you know how far away your parcel is.

Can I collect my shipment from your depot in Sydney?

Yes. If you have received a “we missed you” card from our driver, please use the Re-delivery Service to reschedule delivery or arrange to pick up your parcel from our depot.

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