An invigorating accretion in technology has doubtlessly brought us to a comprehensive new phase, where swiftness, agility & security of the goods in transit are obligatory part of a successful endevour. Your search for an competent & dependable courier service Australia wide ends right here! We deliver courier Internationally along with furnishing door to door courier Australia wide! Businesses can also get in touch & avail our timely and cost-effective service of air freight Australia wide!


The security and safety of goods is one of the most significant concerns of businesses and owners. At DTDC Australia, we percieve your concerns in a consummate way, thus focusing on offering affordable & trusty insurance for your domestic and international couriers. We offer indemnity for any damages caused during shipping, packaging or delivery of your couriers Australia wide and internationally.


As the leading courier company Australia wide, we aim at offering systematized courier insurance services to our clients including big and small businesses & individuals. We’ll ensure that your valuable packages are fully insured against the majority of risks. Our courier services are designed to meet your precised requirements. Whether you need air freight, sea freight or on road insurance, we can provide all types of insurance for your couriers and packages.


Benefits of Insurance


Our comprehensive, unrivalled and well regulated network allows us to deliver international and domestic courier Australia wide. However, loss of goods can affect any organization severely, which is why it is important for companies to avail freight and on-road cargo insurance. Besides, the standard policies do not cover all types of risks associated with the delivery of your couriers and packages.


At DTDC Australia, we cover your cargo if it gets stolen, damaged or lost in the transit!


Our effectual and reliable customs clearance, compliance and brokerage service allow us to minimize the complexities associated with the customs procedures. We’ll help you move your couriers to domestic as well as international locations and also ensure the security of your goods in all kinds of environments and events.


If your goods and couriers are an integral part of your organization, then you must get the right type of coverage for the same. Our freight and on-road insurance policies will provide you with the much-needed financial coverage in the event of loss, theft or damage of your goods.


Insurance can be purchased on your effects for a value of 2.5% per declared insurance value up to a maximum of $20,000 declared value. Our online booking facility allows you to purchase up to $4,000 insurance value, however if you require further coverage up to $20,000 then you will need to contact to purchase further insurance.


An excess will apply to any claim made in the below amounts: –


Shipments claim value up to $150 will attract an excess fee of $25

Shipments claim value from $150 to $3,000 will attract an excess fee of $50

Shipments claim value from $3,000 to $20,000 will attract an excess fee of $100


For additional queries around our on road and freight insurance policies please contact us at or click the following link

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