Sea Freight: Worldwide

There is a ton of ways to trade between different countries. The values of importing and exporting affect the GDP to a great extent. There are many systems of thought on which types of freights are better and more profitable. In Ocean freights alone, there are different types of shipping processes you can use to send a container to another country. To better understand the sea transit of different countries, let us untangle the linkages and look at them individually.

Sea Freight From Australia To Worldwide

Sea Freight to Fiji

Sea Freight to Fiji:

Fiji is a beautiful, unspoiled country in the Pacific Ocean. Around 333 charming tropical islands are spread throughout this archipelago. A huge chunk of the population lives in Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. Among the Pacific countries, Fiji is one of the most developed. 
The main sources of income of this economy are tourism, sugar processing, mineral water, etc. 
With a distance of 4620km between Fiji and Australia, Australian tourists form the majority of people visiting this country.
The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCA) handle all the customs and the duties of international freights. Our services include sea freight to Fiji, personal cargo shipping, commercial cargo, door to port delivery, customs clearance, etc.
You can ship different containers as sea freight from Australia to worldwide like dry storage, flat rack containers, reefer cargo also known as refrigerated containers, open-top containers, etc. Dry cargo containers are the most widely used. Depending on the volume of your shipment, you can either use 20 feet or 40 feet container size for sea freight from Australia to worldwide. Their actual size may vary, but a 20’ container has a carrying capacity i.e. payload of 25,000kg while that of 40’ is 27,600kg to 30,000kg.
The range of the transit period will vary widely. It can take anywhere from 2 to 14 weeks.
Birds, meat, narcotic drugs are some of the restricted items.
You can choose a freight forwarder like us to simplify the procedure.

Delivering Value Worldwide

Sea Freight to India:

India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. In this subcontinent, the economy is based on supply and demand. Government restrictions have reduced making it a free economy. India has tried to remove the complexities from import procedures and reduce the licenses required. Import and export of India have increased due to the increased purchasing power of the people. The trading environment for international enterprises is friendly here. But the duty tariffs are around 15% so exporting goods here can be expensive. But efforts are being taken to limit it. The laws regarding trade-related rules are made by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade known in short as DGFT.
The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) the system is used in many locations in India. To get the shipping done, you will require an import declaration also known as the bill of entry, IEC (Importer and Exporter Code) and other documents. For exporting goods, IEC may not be required.
The transit time of sea freight to India will vary by location or state. Unlike air freight which takes days to reach the destination, sea freight from Australia to worldwide take weeks. The estimated delivery time from Australia to India is 15 to 20 weeks. Due to the massive cargo handled by the country, there are numerous ports spread all over India. Some major ones are Cochin, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, etc.
You need a Bill of Landing, packing list, commercial invoice among other paperwork for sea freight from Australia to worldwide.
Jewelry, industrial equipment, leather goods etc. are some of the restricted items.
You have to choose a container to load your shipments. They come in 20’ or 40’form.

Delivering Value Worldwide

Sea Freight to Tonga:

Like Fiji, Tonga is an archipelago. It is a group of 169 islands. This South Pacific Ocean country has a population of over 100,651 people. More than half the population lives in Tongatapu, but 36 other islands are also inhabited.
To send freight to Tonga, you can either choose FCL or LCL. FCL stands for full container load while LCL means less container load. If the volume of your shipment is so large that it can fill an entire container, then you can opt for FCL. LCL is used by people who have to send smaller sea freight from Australia to worldwide, so the container in LCL is shared by many people. The transit times of both methods could differ.
You should use LCL when the consignment is not urgent and it doesn’t need to reach Tonga at a specific date.
Since the container is shared, the other goods also need to be loaded and delivered before yours can be. The allocated container may not always remain sealed. So, it is better not to ship perishable items by this method. Goods that are not fragile and can be safely shipped with other goods can be sent by LCL.
At DTDC, we offer affordable rates to send cheaper sea freight from Australia to worldwide as compared to many other freight forwarders.
Endangered species, live animals, drugs, cosmetics are some of the restricted items.
Nuku’alofa is a key port in Tonga for cargos.

Delivering Value Worldwide

Sea Freight to the UK:

If market exchange rates are considered, the UK is the world’s 5th largest economy and the 2nd largest one in Europe. The UK is one of the members of the World Trade Organization. It is also a part of the European Union. It is the 9th largest exporter in the world and the 5th largest importer of goods from other countries. One of the world’s sizeable financial centers is considered to be London. UK raised Europe’s foreign direct investment by $26.51 billion USD a few years back. The service sector occupies a sizeable portion of the country’s GDP. Some of the major goods imported by the UK are computers, petroleum products, cars, pharmaceuticals, and such. 

All things considered, trading and sending sea freight from Australia to worldwide especially to the UK is a great business opportunity and a viable option.

Sea freights are less harsh on the environment as compared to air freights. Ocean freights are becoming increasingly greener due to advanced technologies such as solar panels, eco containers, space utilization, better mileage, optimized logistics, etc. About 90% of the world’s trading is done by sea shipping, yet they only emit 2.2% of the total CO2 emissions in the world. Sea freights are not just greener; they are cost-friendly as well. They are better used for sending a huge bulk of pallets than parcels. 

  • What are the prohibited items in UK?

Illegal drugs, self defense sprays, rough diamonds are some of the restricted items.

  • Which are the ports in UK?

The port of Liverpool, London, Felixstowe is few of the major ports in the UK.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to UK?

Port to port delivery of goods to UK can take more than 40 days. 

Sea Freight to Japan:

There are several procedures, form filling, and paperwork that are required to send sea freight from Australia to worldwide. Documents such as commercial invoices, letters of credit, packing lists, HS, commodity codes, customs duties records, etc. are needed. 

A commercial invoice document states the legalities of the shipment between the customer and the supplier. It has information about the number of goods, charges, and other details. The document is used to calculate the duties at the customs. 

The HS code stands for Harmonized Code. It is used internationally for the purpose of classifying goods for customs. 

A packing list lists the information about the sea freight from Australia to worldwide in detail.

It should include data about the exporter, consignee, invoice number, purchase order number, reference numbers, origin location, destination, details about the freight vessel, place of receipt, loading port, discharge port, description of the shipment, declaration, payment records, terms, and conditions, etc.

Because of the confusing nature of international shipping, many people use freight forwarders and broker services. But this can be costly. At DTDC, we manage all the compliances of the shipment and clear customs at an affordable rate. You can send the freight to Japan from Australia without having to worry about the nitty-gritty of international sea freight shipping.

  • What are the prohibited items in Japan?

Certain fruits, vegetables, weapons, counterfeit products are some of the restricted or prohibited items.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to Japan?

The estimated delivery time can vary based on many factors. But it can take 38 days to 15 weeks.

  • Which are the ports in Japan?

Important ports in Japan are in Osaka, Lobe, Nagoya etc.


Sea Freight To New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia have friendly bilateral relations. The formers imports over 44.5 billion worth of goods from the latter. Vehicles and machinery are some of New Zealand’s most imported products. 

New Zealand is one of the major locations for doing business. Since 1982, Australia’s and New Zealand’s relation has been closer. Service import of Australia contributes to 29.4% of the total service import of New Zealand. New Zealand’s largest trading partner is Australia.

Major ports in New Zealand are Tauranga, Lyttelton, Auckland, Wellington, etc.

When you are sending sea freight from Australia to worldwide, care has to be taken to ensure the contents of the shipment are

New Zealand

in compliance with the New Zealand laws. The inspection system of NZ is strict, so your shipment could be checked. Many goods are restricted; you will need proper permits to send the freight. Ivory, tortoise shell jewelry, live animals of some species, the meat of exotic animals such as whales, dolphins, carnivorous plants, etc need permits. Items that are prohibited include objectionable materials, certain weapons, cannabis equipment, etc. The complete list of such items can be found at

  • Which is the best courier service for sending sea freight to New Zealand?

Besides delivering your cargo to New Zealand, we also offer affordable custom clearance services. We have many years of experience under our belt. At DTDC, we employ top notch software to many the freight to ensure safe delivery of cargo.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to NZ?

It will take approx. 30days for the cargo to reach NZ.


Sea Freight To USA:

In 2005, the AUSFTA (the Australian United States Free Trade Agreement) was signed. It was Australia’s first agreement of free trade with a major powerhouse of the world. Free trade agreements are great for both the parties as it leads to many goods being duty-free and better mobility of freights. It has many benefits for various sectors and goods like auto parts, chemicals, plastic, electrical equipment, chemical equipment, fabricated metal products, furniture fixtures, IT products, medical equipment, paper, wood products, and others. 

The cost of sending sea freight from Australia to worldwide for trading costs much more reasonable now. Before the free trade agreement came into effect, Australian tariffs were pricey. But the disparity between the US tariffs and Australian tariffs has been reduced. 

The USA deals with over $2.2 trillion in imports. To manage the huge volume of imports that arrive as ocean freights, there are numerous ports in the country. These well functioning arrival points are in Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Seattle, and many other locations. 

  • What are the prohibited items in USA?

Absinthe, alcoholic beverages, cultural artifacts are few of the restricted items.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to USA?

It will take minimum 2 weeks and maximum 14 weeks to reach USA

  • Which are the ports in USA?

Some important ports in US are the port of Virginia, port of Los Angeles, port of Georgia etc.

Sea Freight to Thailand:

The diplomatic relation between Australia and Thailand increased in 1952. The strategic partnership of both countries was elevated on 13 November 2020, when the Prime Ministers of both nations signed a joint declaration. The relation of both countries are not restricted to trade alone, it branches out to other sectors as well. Around 800000 Australians visit Thailand every year. 

The tariff and quota barriers of freights were largely eliminated due to TAFTA. In 2005, TAFTA (Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement) was formed. It was Thailand’s first free trade agreement with a developed country. In 2015, Thailand did trade worth $20.8 billion with Australia.

 Bangkok has both a major airport and a seaport. For ocean freights arriving in Thailand, the capital city is an important location.


Many of the freights are forwarded to Laem Chabang which is one of the biggest coastal parts of Thailand.

  • What are the prohibited items in Thailand?

Narcotics, fake notes, illicit materials, reserved wildlife animals are prohibited to enter Thailand.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to Thailand?

Sea freight from Australia to worldwide are slower than air freights so it will take longer to reach Thailand. Depending on the freight service, it can take several weeks.

  • Which are the ports in Thailand?

Thai ports include Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Map Ta Phut, Ranong, Phuket, Songkhla, Sattahip, and Si Racha.

Sea Freight to Indonesia:

This Southeast Asian country is one of the most important countries having bilateral relations with Australia.

Major ports in Indonesia are Benoa, Pasir Padang, Jakarta, etc. 

The Benoa port is near Balia and is a cruise and freight port. Both large cargo vessels and passenger vessels arrive here. RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) ships are also used here. So wheeled cargo like cars, trucks, etc can easily be carried and loaded in the freight ship.

FCL containers come in 210 feet and 40 feet sizes for shipping sea freight from Australia to worldwide. Depending on your goods, you can choose either one. LCL(Less container load) can be used to shift appliances, personal items, and such. People moving to Indonesia often want to ship household goods.

Partial houses are less than 2000lbs. 1 bedroom item shifting is around 3850lbs. 2 bedroom shipping has a size of less than 4500lbs. 3 bedroom freights are around 8750lbs. 

  • What are the prohibited items in Indonesia?

The entry of animal skin, software, communication equipments, anti-Muslim materials etc. is prohibited in Indonesia.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to Indonesia?

The estimated delivery time can be more than 33 days.

  • Which one is better, LCL or FCL?

That depends on your needs and the size of your shipment. For small volume cargo, choose LCL. If the cargo can fill the entire container, FCL will be the better option. 

Sea Freight to Taiwan:

Port of Taipei:

 It is one of Taiwan’s most recent ports. It is situated in the East China Sea. Transporting goods from this city to other cities in the country is easy. Around 40 gantry rails are used here. One of the most top-notch container terminals is here. The dry dock is not available here and the harbor size is quite small. It is owned by Taiwan International Ports Corporation.

Port of Keelung:

It is also known as Chung. It is located near the eastern side of Taipei. A good share of Taiwan’s yearly output is grabbed by this port.


Port of Taichung:

It is on the southwest side of Taipei, near western Taiwan. 1.7 million TEUs are the annual container volume. Taichung port is interconnected by many road and rail routes.


Taiwan’s largest port is in Kaohsiung which is located in the southeastern part of the country. Till a few decades ago, it was one of the most prominent ports in the world. It serves as a connection between regions in Asia, America, and Europe. The yearly total of this port is 10.2 million TEUs.

  • What are the prohibited items in Taiwan?

Communistic items, pornographic materials, ammunition are some of the items.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to Taiwan?

The time of sea freight from Australia to worldwide can range from 19 days.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Taiwan?

The distance is around 4767nm.


Sea freight to Malaysia:

Australia’s 10th largest trade is with Malaysia. They have a free trade agreement called MAFTA. The agreement affirms that goods coming to Malaysia from Australia do not have to pay import tariffs. You may need to submit the certificate of origin (COO) as proof to the customs. If you are under a time limit, then FCL will save you time as your shipment will not be held up by other people’s goods. Our sea freight delivery from Australia to Malaysia service is cost-effective.

Malaysia is located in South East Asia between the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It is a nation with a population of 32 million people.

Port Klang has the largest container terminal. Other ports are Penang Port, Johor port, Tanjung Pelepas, etc. 


  • What are the items that have restricted entry to Malaysia?

Narcotics, pornography, weapons, counterfeit products, live animals, etc. are some of the items that face restrictions when shipping sea freight from Australia to worldwide.

  • What is the shipping distance between Australia and Malaysia?

The distance between both the countries is 4794km.

  • Can you ship medicines to Malaysia?

Yes, but proper permits have to be obtained to do so.

Sea Freight to China:

2 billion worth of trade is done by Australia and China. In 2018 alone, the trade between the two countries stood at AU $193 billion and the service trade was worth AU$21.5 billion. To serve the vast population of 1.4 billion, China imports a lot many goods that arrive at the country as sea freight from Australia to worldwide.

Major ports in China are Shanghai, Shen Zhen, Ningbo Zhoushan, Guangzhou, and such. Australia is the 6th import country of China. Other than Australia, countries like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are top import locations.

China imports iron ore, coal, and natural gas from Australia and exports products like telecommunication tools, furniture, computers, and more. 

The trade agreement of China and Australia is known as CHAFTA (China and Australia free trade agreement)

  • What are the prohibited items in China?

Arms, ammunitions, fake products, contents that show the political, moral interest of China in bad light etc. are prohibited.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to China?

Port to port delivery can take at least 16-28 days.

  • Which are the ports in China?

Dalian, Yingkou, Tianjin etc. are the ports in China.

Sea freight to France:

France has a population of 65 million people. In the western union, it is considered as the 2nd most populous country. France is also a major economy in the world standing at 6th position. After Germany and the UK, France bags the number 3rd status in Europe. Australia and France have great historical links dating back to several decades. In recent times, Australia’s export to France went as high as $931 million.

On the Mediterranean coast of France is its largest port named Marseille. Northern bound shipments usually arrive at the second largest port of Le Havre. Other ports include Dunkirk, Brest, Nantes, the port of Paris, port of Lyon.

Before sending the sea freight from Australia to worldwide, create an inventory of goods that you want to send to France. Check there are no restricted items in the shipment like Asbestos, animal products from outside Europe, live trees, pets, decorative foliage, etc. 

  • What is the transit time from Australia to France?

It can take around 54 days.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and France?

15,150km is the distance from Australia to France.

  • Which is the best courier and freight forwarding service in Australia?

DTDC has a dedicated service for our Australian clients. You can do the booking of the shipment within minutes.

Sea Freight to The Philippines:

The Philippines is an archipelago country comprising 7100 islands. It has a population of 100 million people. It takes the position as the 37th largest exporting country in the world. 

When sending sea freight from Australia to worldwide, care has to be taken to ensure it complies with their laws. This is often a lengthy process and calls for attention to details. At DTDC, we assist with customs clearance along with freight forwarding.

The Philippines has a long list of restricted and prohibited items that cannot be sent as sea freights. To avoid unnecessary delays, it is better to take into account such products before shipping. Items like hazardous waste, live piranhas, right side vehicles, etc. are prohibited

The full list can be found at

  • What is the shipping distance from Australia to Philippines?

4417 is the distance between the countries.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to Philippines?

It can take 2 weeks to 4 months for the delivery to complete.

  • Which are the ports in Philippines?

Fort of Manila, port of Cebu, and port of Subic etc are the major ports.

Sea Freight to Nigeria:

Ports in Nigeria are of two types, Western ports, and eastern orts. This is done to easily locate and identify the ports of the country. The western part of Nigeria is the Apapa port complex and the Tin Can Island port complex in Lagos. 

Both the ports have around 5 terminals that operate different cargos. 

The eastern ports of Nigeria include Rivers port, Onne port, Calabar port, and Delta port. 

The Rivers port is designed in such a way that it has 2 terminals to handle liquid cargo such as gasoline, dry cargo like vehicles, and cargo in bulk quantities. Delta port has 8 terminals that handle a wide variety of shipments. Calabar port has 3 terminals. 


  • What are the prohibited items in Nigeria?

The list of restricted goods of Nigeria includes live or dead birds, poultry, mineral water, bagged cement etc.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to Nigeria?

Since the distance between both the countries is more, the estimated delivery time of sea freight from Australia to worldwide will increase.

  • What is the shipping distance between both the countries?

The distance from Australia to Nigeria is 14152km.

Sea Freight to Zimbabwe:

The weight of cargo will have a huge impact on the cost. Along with that the mode of transport, whether FCL or HCL, the dimension of the shipment, its type, the distance between the two locations, door to door, or port to port will affect the price.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Zimbabwe?

10, 490 km is the distance from Australia to Zimbabwe.

  • Which are the ports in Zimbabwe?

Chalala harbor,Binga harbor,Kariba harbor are some of the ports.

  • What are the prohibited items in Zimbabwe?

Skin lightening creams having mercury and other harmful substance, counterfeit currency are some of the items.

Sea Freight to Chile:

Other than the 20’ and the 40’ containers, other vessels used are 40’ high cube container, 45’ high cube container, refrigerated containers, liquid tankers, etc

The 20’ are typically used for medium sized shipping needs. The size is usually 19′ 10.5″ x 8′ 0″ x 8′ 6″ or 6.1m x 2.4m x 2.6m (L x W x H)Total internal volume is 1,169 ft³ (33.1 m³)

 Net shipping load: 61,289 lb (28,200 kg). It can be used for moving 1-2 rooms, a car or some boxes to Chile.

The 40’ container has a lot more capacity. It has a size of 40′ 0″ x 8′ 0″ x 8′ 6″ or 12.2m x 2.4m x 2.6m (L x W x H). Total internal volume is 2,385 ft³ (67.5 m³). Net shipping load is 57,759 lb (26,600 kg)


  • What are the prohibited items in Chile?

Animal skin, chemicals, cosmetics are restricted.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to Chile?

The transit time is 2-15 weeks.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Chile?

The distance between both the countries is 12726km.

Sea Freight to Ireland:

Ireland is one of the richest countries having a significant GDP. As Ireland is an island, there are tons of sea freight opportunities to trade. It has a corporation tax of just 12.5%. Ireland is a member of the European Union (EU) and is also the EU’s fastest growing country. There are numerous ports in this nation, so interconnection for sea freight is easy.

Some items need permits before they can be shipped as sea freight from Australia to worldwide or to the European Union. Products like medicines, steel, iron products, chemicals, clothing, vegetables, and fruits need prior permissions.

Ports in Ireland are:

Port of Cork: One of the key ports in southern Ireland. It provides services for RORO, Lift-on Lift-off, dry and liquid bulk, breaks bulk, and cruise.

Port of Dublin: It is bigger than Belfast and Cork.

  • What is the transit time from Australia to Ireland?

On average, it can take eight weeks.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Ireland?

Ireland is 15579km away from Australia.

Sea Freight to Switzerland:

International freight shipping is costly. But you can reduce the amount of money you have to send if you know what to look for. At DTDC, we have years of experience in freight forwarding. Because of our partnerships, we can provide you with minimal shipping costs.

The final cost of the shipping will depend on many factors. The type of cargo you want to send sea freight from Australia to worldwide will play a big role in the quote. The most common cargo types are containers, liquid bulk, breakbulk, dry bulk and RoRo

Container cargo comes in 20’and 40’ vessels. The goods inside are well protected by the sturdy, metallic walls. Liquid bulk is cargos which are in the liquid form such as oil, petrol and such. They are transported using tankers. Breakbulk as the name suggests means cargo that can break easily like paper, wood, etc.

Ro-Ro ships carry with them cargo that can be easily rolled in or rolled off like cars and trucks.

  • What are the prohibited items in Switzerland?

Prohibited imports of this country include oil products, coffee, plants etc.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Switzerland?

14,732 is the distance between both the countries.

  • Which are the ports in Switzerland?

The ports of Birsfelden, Muttenz and Basel-Kleinhüningen are the key ports that serve as gateway.

Sea Freight to Germany:

Being a European Union member, Germany uses the EU’s procedures for import and export management. To send sea freight from Australia to worldwide or Germany, you will need a customs declaration. Even if you are using a freight forwarder, you will need to provide accurate information about the shipment. The customs declaration procedure must be done at least a day before your goods are at the port. You will also need a commercial invoice to send the sea freight. It is like a contract between the importer and the exporter and is a very crucial document for freight shipping. In 2018, a free trade agreement between Australia and Germany was signed. It was launched to relax the transit of goods between the countries. If you show a certificate of origin at the customs, you can take advantage of this treaty.



  • What are the prohibited items in Germany?

Shipments should not bear flags, stickers of violent ideologies. Antique pieces, expensive previous gems and other high value items are restricted.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Germany?

14,457 is the distance between both the countries.

  • Which are the ports in Germany?

Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven are the major German ports.


Sea Freight to Lebanon:

Lebanon is a country in western Asia. The import value of this nation stood at US $19983. In 2018-19, the bilateral trade was worth 66.6 million.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Lebanon?

12, 222 kilometers is the distance between the countries.

  • Which are the ports in Lebanon?

The port of Beirut is the most important one in Lebanon for cargo sea freights.

  • What are the prohibited items in Lebanon?

Furs, firearms, hazardous materials are restricted.

Sea Freight to Cameroon:

The sea port named Douala of this central African country works as a beautiful gateway to nature tourism sites.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Cameroon?

13500 is the distance among them.

  • Which are the ports in Cameroon?

Douala is perhaps the most vital port in Cameroon. Other ports are Limbe, Kribi, Garoua etc.

  • What are the prohibited items in Cameroon?

Pandas, South American monkeys, drugs etc are prohibited.


Sea Freight to Trinidad:

Trinidad is one part of the Trinidad Tobago neighbours. The trade relations of this country are a cordial one.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Trinidad?

The distance between Australia and Trinidad is 17740 which are vast, so the transit time will also increase.

  • Which are the ports in Trinidad?

The major ports are Port of Spain, port of Scarborough, port Point Lisas.

  • What are the prohibited items in Trinidad?

Perishable eatables, jewelry, counterfeit money are prohibited.

Sea Freight to South Africa:

The Australia and South Africa trade relations are a balanced, coexisting one.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and South Africa?

There is a pretty large distance of 10383 between both the countries.

  • Which are the ports in South Africa?

Richards Bay, Durban, Cape Town are some of the ports.

  • What are the prohibited items in South Africa?

Narcotics and certain drugs, toxic substances, military weaopons, poison etc have restrictions when bringing in.


Sea Freight to Singapore:

Singapore has two main commercial port terminals that manage sea freight from Australia to worldwide. Both ofd them can operate any cargo. They are PSA Corporation Limited and Jurong Port. The Port of Singapore offers services at Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Brani, Pasir Panjang, Sembawang and Jurong. Singapore’s port is a successful one. Bussiness from all over the world does trading here. Even though this island nation has just one major port, it is one of the busiest in the world. The port connects sea freights of over 200 countries.


  • What is the transit time of Australia to Singapore shipping?

Shipping from Sydney to Singapore can take more than 14 days.

  • What are the prohibited items in Singapore?

Firecrackers, Rhinoceros horn, telecommunication equipment are restricted.

  • What is shipping distance between Australia and Singapore?

The distance is 4374km.

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