Door To Port - Air & Sea Freight Solutions

Door To Port Air Freight is typically designed for customers looking to move a number of boxes interstate or worldwide. We also offer Door To Port Sea Freight worldwide when you are looking for excess baggage service with the most competitive prices. Door to port freight solutions are very popular for commercial cargo as well. 



What Is Door To Port Air & Sea Cargo Services?

Door To Port Cargo is popular in many countries where customs clearance and customs duty handling is difficult. There are times when customer wants to handle customs clearance and duty by themselves without using a third party clearing and handling agent. Most of the time this service is chosen when the shipper has a number of bulky items and they are looking for the cheapest options available from Australia.  When the shipper choose door to port service that means responsibility of DTDC Australia ends once the receiver gets the notification of arrival of the cargo at the destination country. Customs clearance and delivery will be the responsibility of the receiver from that point onwards. 



Door To Port Air Freight

Main Services

01. Air Transport

Air freight is our specialty at DTDC Australia. As a result, we have developed enhanced skills for handling cargo kinds that other carriers would not touch.

02. Shipping via Sea

DTDC, as a certified Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), provides maritime services that complement our aviation experience, giving a one-stop solution for all multimodal transportation needs.

03. Road Transport

We provide complete assistance for all your land freight requirements. We provide interstate and international land freight transportation, including solo and combination loads, oversize goods, and partial loads.

We are your integral transport providers. Our global network and expertise ensure your goods can be delivered anywhere in the world via our freight service.

Our Products

All products include:

  • Door-to-door service with other options available
  • Defined lead times
  • Optional Cargo Warranty Protection
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Optional Customs Brokerage

Proven experience

At DTDC AUSTRALIA we have proven experience in handling all kinds of goods and door-to-port logistics.

Multiple Warehouses

Provide customers various logistics options and reliable freight solutions. Anytime, Anywhere, On Time.

Benefits Of Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest transport alternative

Air freight is without a doubt the quickest mode of transportation when compared to ocean, road, or rail shipping. Air freight is extremely useful for carrying products across great distances due to its quickness. For example, an air freight delivery only takes approximately 3-10 days whereas a sea freight delivery takes approximately 12-28 weeks.

Air freight shipments are highly reliable

Air freight shipments are particularly predictable since airlines prefer to stick to their timetables with consistent arrival and departure timings. Even a delayed flight would not create significant delay because most air freight carriers operate on daily schedules, with hourly departures.

Ship your goods almost anywhere with air freight

The routes for sea, road, and rail freight often involve large transportation networks, leaving out the world’s smallest countries. Many airlines, on the other hand, have a vast network of destinations that span practically the whole globe. This implies that you may transport your goods practically anywhere via air freight.

Air freight shipments are very secure

Because air freight is frequently used for high-value items, safety is critical. However, products sent by air have minimum handling, making air freight one of the safest shipping options. At the airport, cargo safety standards are strictly enforced, and most commodities are approved within a few hours. This lowers the possibility of both damage and theft.

Reduced costs for packaging, warehousing, and Warranty Protection

Air shipments often require less heavy packaging than other modes of transportation. Air freight’s faster travel times also minimise the need for local storage, and warranty protection rates are reduced. This means you may save money on additional packaging services, warehousing, and warranty.

Common Solutions

  • Our Air Freight Experts provide flexible and diversified goods, worldwide reach, and local expertise with ease.
  • Total control over delivery options (e.g., door-to-door, airport-to-port) allows you to tailor your Air Freight.
  • Preferential carrier access guarantees that your goods arrive on time, wherever in the globe.
  • Multiple destinations in over 190 countries ensure your cargo’s safe passage.

DTDC Australia provides world-class air freight services to and from Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We cover all bases and provide an exceptional client experience every time.

Types Of Items We Can send Via Air Freight

  • Boxes
  • Excess Baggage
  • Pallets
  • Crates

Who Will Benefit From Our Air Freight Service?

  • Travellers and World Tourers
  • Students
  • Backpackers
  • Individuals who are seeking to move overseas
  • Expats returning home
  • Nomads Travelling Freelancers

Among our services are:

  • Delivery from door to door
  • Air-to-port transportation
  • Same Day Delivery (Domestic)
  • Handling of cargo
  • High-value cargo
  • Courier Company Partners
  • Logistics for Couriers


Million Deliveries per month Globally


Outlets in Asia, Europe, Americas


People Employed Globally


Global Brand


DTDC is a forward-thinking courier business with a long history in imports and exports. DTDC has pushed the frontiers of logistics to the limit, operating in over 10,000 sites.

We make certain that your items are always delivered on time and at incredibly cheap costs. Since 1990, DTDC has been a client favourite and has evolved into a formidable competitor in the logistics industry. We set the bar for AAA international and domestic courier services with our highly competent crew, modern technologies, and immersive tracking options.

DTDC Australia has extensive experience in all elements of Shipment management and takes pleasure in the outcomes we can achieve for our clients. You can realise the full potential of utilising our services for your business and do it at the lowest possible cost by cooperating with us.

We’re all about organising, Innovating, and controlling, so we achieve the best for our clients, regardless of their cargo or who their customers are. Throughout the process, our committed and courteous team is there to answer any questions or issues you may have.

DTDC is not only an outstanding air freight forwarder; we also specialise in other forms of transportation such as road and sea. So why not choose the courier that’s got your back?

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