What is BIZ Express?

BIZ Express is a special portal designed for businesses sending multiple parcels every week, where you can get access to your own business dashboard, with multiple carriers, and freedom to manage your own shipments. Also, the price on the business dashboard is heavily discounted. Only designed for business customers. No subscription fee, No ongoing account keeping fees.


Domestic, International One Login Multiple Carriers!

  • Discounted Rates
  • Domestic & International Services
  • E-commerce, Documents, Satchels, Bags, Parcels, Pallets, Crates
  • Same Day Courier, Express Courier, Economy Courier
  • Instant Pricing From Several Different Carriers Within One Login
  • Easy To Use Software, With Easy Booking and Label Printing
  • Instant Tracking Updates


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What They Say...

What are our clients are saying about us?

Minnie Kiely

Raji Sandhu

Thomas Edwards

Andy James


So much friendly and helpful staff at DTDC Australia. They saving me thousands of dollars shipping internationally as I used this courier for my business. Great online customer support and offered advice to me as well! I have access to a self-service business dashboard where I can book my order, check and compare the best price, and always I get the minimum rate. Awesome and profitable for me.

In my opinion, DTDC Australia is the best company for your shipping needs. Very thorough and supportive stuff they have so, you can rest easy that your parcels are being taken care of. Much friendly then other couriers and make it’s a pleasure to ship with them.

I’m the owner of an online shop, have been using DTDCAustrali since 2019. I have never had a single dispute with them. Today I’m in profit on my business because of their reasonable price and on-time delivery. Thanks a lot DTDC.

Great service from Australia, and the speed of diver to our new home in SE Asia was exceptional. Delivery by the local team was brilliant as they brought our boxes up to our 15th floor apartment. Can’t recommend highly enough!

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