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What are the excess baggage shipping times and
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How Does Light Travel Benefit You?

We advocate shipping luggage in advance for an enhanced travel experience, especially with Excess Baggage from Australia to Sweden. Many customers face challenges navigating airports with bulky baggage, particularly when traveling with children. Despite these difficulties, shipping luggage in advance offers clear benefits. Lack of baggage assistance can persist even after landing, detracting from the overall travel experience. Travel should be enjoyable and worry-free, so we’re here to provide support. With our assistance, you can enjoy a stress-free travel experience, whether solo or with loved ones.

How Does It Work?

If you have a printer

Secure Your Slot

Design And Print Labels

Apply The Label To Your Shipment

We Pick Up

Secure Delivery Of Package

If you don’t have a printer

Secure Your Slot

Devoid Of A Printer?

Without a printer, be informed that upon booking, a QR code for your mobile device will be emailed to you.

As you step into the nearest Australia Post office, carry your mobile device and present the QR code on your phone.

Package delivered on time

Your package will then be collected

Before handing it over, stick a label to your package

Two labels will be printed from the QR code. Subsequently, they'll gather your parcel box, attach one label, and provide you with a second label.

Two labels will be printed from the QR code. Subsequently, they'll gather your parcel box, attach one label, and provide you with a second label.

Before handing it over, stick a label to your package

Your package will then be collected

Package delivered on time

Why Choose DTDC For Your Excess Baggage Shipments?

DTDC Australia offers a comprehensive suite of shipping and logistics solutions to empower customers worldwide. Whether you need express deliveries, freight services, customized support for your e-commerce business, or tailored solutions catering to your specific needs, DTDC has you covered.Committed to exceeding expectations, DTDC prioritizes reliable and timely deliveries, attentive customer support, and bespoke solutions to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Customers Enjoy Free Pickup Services

Complimentary and trustworthy pickup services for customers are provided by DTDC. You may contact us and receive services tailored to your particular requirements.

Reliability and Credibility Unmatched

Have confidence in our reliability while taking advantage of the market's most competitive prices. Initiate your journey with our services, where we aim to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Affordable Shipping Alternatives

Select DTDC for competitive shipping rates—witness loads of savings on shipping your baggage with us, customising your preferences while experiencing unbeatable discounts.

Follow Online Package Tracking

Ensure tranquillity as you monitor your package's safety and journey progress with ease. Our user-friendly online tracking service enables you to effortlessly keep track and stay informed about your package's real-time status.

Flexible Insurance Coverage

Ensure the safety of your items with our parcel insurance, providing coverage up to $20,000 or 3.5% of the claimed value. Secure your belongings for just $17.50 with a minimum coverage of $500. It's your protection, your way because your valuables deserve the best.

Convenient Parcel Pick-Up

Simplify the process of scheduling parcel collections using the DTDC website. Book in the morning, and in most cases, your parcels will be collected on the same day. For more remote destinations, expect a prompt pickup the following day.

Excess Baggage From Australia To Sweden Customs Requirements

Traversing airports with excess baggage can be challenging due to the frequent restrictions and substantial costs imposed by many airlines. The last thing you need is to face issues with your belongings, correct?

Worry not! We present a convenient solution to address the burden of extra luggage through our efficient shipping services. Your additional possessions are treated with the utmost care, ensuring secure and efficient door-to-door delivery. Before your journey to Sweden, acquaint yourself with the Swedish Customs Requirements to guarantee a smooth processing of your baggage.

  • For goods exceeding 40,000 baht total FOB value, regardless of package number, the consignee must submit an electronic import declaration to Thai Customs. Conversely, goods below 40,000 baht require no electronic declaration and will have customs values and taxes calculated directly by the Customs office.
  • Goods imported by post with a combined customs value, freight, and insurance charge of less than 1,500 baht, or samples with no commercial value intended for exhibitions and not listed as prohibited or restricted, are exempt from duty and will be distributed to recipients by Thailand Co., Ltd.
  • Ensure that all contents within the hamper are properly cushioned and securely fit to prevent any undesirable shifting during transportation.

From Effort to Excellence: DTDC Australia's Inspirational Journey

DTDC Australia’s remarkable journey to its current prominence was not a mere accomplishment; it symbolises the culmination of tireless effort, unwavering dedication, and a shared commitment from every individual involved, fortified by robust partnerships. Operating as a French Post Entity in Australia and proudly affiliated with DPD, a leading European courier service boasting an extensive network of 22,000 outlets, DTDC’s success reflects its rich global heritage.

With DPD holding a 40% stake, a wholly-owned entity of French Post, DTDC Australia seamlessly integrates into an expansive and influential courier network. Showcasing an impressive global presence across 30,000 locations, DTDC stands as an emblem of excellence and resilience in the courier sector. The cornerstone of our success lies in our profound dedication to customer satisfaction.


When preparing your baggage for travel, it’s crucial to adhere to our size and weight guidelines. The maximum allowable size is 158 cm, calculated by adding the length, width, and height. Additionally, for checked baggage, the weight must not exceed 32 kg, and extra charges are applicable for bags exceeding 23 kg. If you are travelling with a stroller or pram as checked baggage, it must adhere to a maximum weight of 23 kg. Baggage weighing between 23–32 kg or surpassing the standard size of 158 cm will incur a flat-rate fee. These fees are applied per bag and vary based on the route and destination.

For added convenience, travellers have the option to pay the extra baggage fee online, availing a discounted rate compared to the airport price. Alternatively, the fee can be settled directly at the airport, albeit at a slightly higher rate. The additional baggage fee is transparently displayed during the ticket purchase process. 

These fees are quoted in euros or the equivalent local currency, and the cost for a 23 kg checked bag ranges from EUR 20 to EUR 105. It’s important to note that the fees for extra baggage are subject to variation based on the route, destination, and timing of purchase, be it in advance or at the airport. To secure a more favourable rate, it is advisable to purchase extra baggage at least 14 days before the scheduled departure.

For up-to-the-minute details on your shipment’s status and location, visit the Track Your Shipment section on the DTDC Australia website. Input essential details like your country of origin, tracking number, and registered email address. Once completed, you’ll receive the latest status report for your shipment. Additionally, we provide immediate tracking updates right after dispatching your shipment.

The delivery duration is influenced by the chosen service, as well as the locations for pickup and delivery. Express documents are expected to be delivered within 2-4 business days in metropolitan areas of the destination countries, while Express parcels typically have an estimated delivery time of 3-7 business days for destination countries.

Prohibited Items

Illicit Drugs Policy

All illegal narcotics are prohibited and cannot be transported. Additionally, there are restrictions on the carriage of tobacco and tobacco products.

Illegal Narcotics

Dangerous Items Restriction

A strict prohibition is in place for the transportation of dangerous items, covering explosives, fireworks, radioactive materials, deactivated or replica weapons, swords, knives, weapons, flammables, fire extinguishers, and similar items.

Weapons & Firearm

Precious Items

Articles of exceptional value (e.g. works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold & silver). Jewellery of any kind, watches, precious metals and stones are also restricted.

Precious Items

Guidelines for Monetary Possessions

Transporting currency, credit cards, cheques, bank cards, or any form of money or tickets is governed by established guidelines and limitations.


Strict Ban on Indecent Content

The inclusion or distribution of materials categorised as indecent or obscene is strictly and unequivocally prohibited.

Indecent Materials

Alcohol Exclusion Requirement

Any form of alcohol is subject to exclusion and should not be present in any shipping baggage.

Any Kind Of Alcohol

Leave baggage worries behind and embrace carefree travel.

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