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What are the excess baggage shipping times and
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Why Go For Lighter Travel?

We advocate shipping luggage in advance for an enhanced travel experience, especially with Excess Baggage from Australia to Poland. Many customers face challenges navigating airports with bulky baggage, particularly when traveling with children. Despite these difficulties, shipping luggage in advance offers clear benefits. Lack of baggage assistance can persist even after landing, detracting from the overall travel experience. Travel should be enjoyable and worry-free, so we’re here to provide support. With our assistance, you can enjoy a stress-free travel experience, whether solo or with loved ones.

How Does It Work?

If you have a printer

Book With A Click

Print Labels From The Page

Adhere The Label To Your Package

We Obtain The Parcel

Shipment Sent To You

When you do not have access to a printer.

Book With A Click

Printer Not In Your Possession?

In the absence of a printer, please note that after booking, a QR code will be sent to your mobile device via email.

Make sure to have your mobile device with you when entering the nearby Australia Post office, then present the QR code on your phone.

The box will be delivered to you

We will collect the box from the given location

Stick a label to your box, and then hand it over.

Two label printouts will be generated using the QR code. Afterwards, they will collect your parcel box, affix one label, and give you the second label.

Two label printouts will be generated using the QR code. Afterwards, they will collect your parcel box, affix one label, and give you the second label.

Stick a label to your box, and then hand it over.

We will collect the box from the given location

The box will be delivered to you

Why Choose DTDC As Your Ultimate Shipping Option?

The DTDC Australia network stretches across numerous countries, making it a leading force in international shipping. This extensive reach empowers you to send and receive packages anywhere in the world with unmatched ease. Whether you require express delivery for urgent items or freight services for large-scale shipments, our diverse portfolio caters to individual needs and industry demands.At DTDC, exceeding your expectations is our unwavering commitment. We prioritize delivering your packages safely and on schedule, ensuring reliable and timely services. Our dedicated customer support team is always at your disposal, offering personalized assistance and readily addressing any concerns you may have.

Recognizing each client’s unique needs, DTDC Australia goes the extra mile. We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a personalized experience that surpasses expectations. Experience seamless connections and exceptional service with DTDC Australia.

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DTDC offers free and reliable pickup services for customers. Reach out to us and receive services tailored to your specific requirements.

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Rest assured of our reliability and take advantage of the market's most competitive prices. Embark on your journey with our services, where we pledge to achieve complete client satisfaction.

Budget-Friendly Shipping Options

Choose DTDC for cost-effective shipping rates that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Enjoy significant savings on shipping your baggage with us, tailoring your preferences while experiencing unbeatable discounts.

Stay Informed With Online Package Tracking

Experience peace of mind by keeping a close eye on your package's safety and journey progress. Our user-friendly online package tracking service empowers you to effortlessly monitor and stay updated on the real-time status of your shipment.

Protect Your Parcel With Flexible Coverage

Gain peace of mind with our parcel insurance, covering up to $20,000 or 3.5% of the claimed value. For a minimum coverage of $500, secure your items at just $17.50. It's your protection, your way – because your belongings deserve the best.

Effortless and Efficient Parcel Pickup

Experience the ease of scheduling parcel collections through the DTDC website. Book in the morning, and most cases, your parcels will be swiftly collected on the same day. For more remote locations, expect a prompt pickup on the following day.

Excess Baggage From Australia To Poland Customs Requirements

Navigating through airports with excess baggage can be a daunting task, given the frequent restrictions and hefty costs imposed by many airlines. The last thing you want is to encounter issues with your belongings, right?

Fear not! We offer a convenient solution to tackle the challenge of extra luggage through our efficient shipping services. Your additional possessions are handled with utmost care, ensuring safe and effective door-to-door delivery. Before embarking on your trip to Poland, familiarise yourself with the Poland Customs Requirements to ensure a seamless processing of your baggage.

  • Regular travellers and foreign individuals can purchase up to USD 1,000 tax-free within 48 hours of arrival (excluding electronics and appliances). Balikbayans and OFWs have an increased limit of USD 2,500 (including electronics and appliances, limited to one unit per category) and an additional USD 2,000 for livelihood tools, with a purchase window of 15 days (30 days during the Christmas season). All arriving passengers (except minors) may buy a maximum of 2 units of cigarettes, liquor, and wine once per arrival.
  • Similarly, there are restrictions on the amount of alcoholic beverages and beers that can be brought in. The maximum allowance is 4 litres of alcoholic beverages or 2 cartons of beer.
  • Additionally, gifts and other goods within certain limits may be exempt from customs duties.

DTDC's Global Success Story - A Journey

The ascent of DTDC Australia to its current prominent position was no ordinary feat; it was a culmination of relentless effort, unwavering dedication, and a shared commitment from every individual involved, bolstered by strong partnerships. Operating in Australia as a French Post Entity and proudly affiliated with DPD, a leading courier service in Europe with an extensive network of 22,000 outlets, DTDC’s success is a testament to its global heritage.

With a 40% stake owned by DPD, a wholly-owned entity of French Post, DTDC Australia seamlessly integrates into a vast and influential courier network. Boasting an impressive global presence with 30,000 locations, DTDC stands as a symbol of excellence and resilience in the courier sector. At the heart of our success is a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.


As per KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Economy Class offers varying checked baggage allowances based on destination and ticket type, allowing flexibility to purchase extra bags during or after booking. No checked baggage is included for Light tickets, while Standard or Flex tickets include 1 item, up to 158 cm and 23 kg. Some routes allow an additional checked bag.

In Premium Comfort Class with a Standard or Flex ticket, you can bring 2 items, each up to 158 cm and 23 kg, while Light tickets do not include checked luggage. In Business Class, Standard or Flex tickets allow for 2 items, up to 158 cm and 32 kg, and Light tickets include 1 item, max 32 kg.

LOT simplifies the process of acquiring additional baggage allowance for your flights. Simply visit their website and follow the straightforward prompts. The cost for each extra piece varies between US$55 and US$380, contingent on size and flight route.

It’s worth noting that securing extra baggage space online at least 12 hours before your flight is 20 per cent more economical than purchasing it at the airport check-in counter. Furthermore, be mindful that exceeding the prescribed size or weight limits for your luggage will incur additional charges.

For real-time updates on your shipment’s status and whereabouts, navigate to the Track Your Shipment section on the DTDC Australia website. Fill in crucial information such as your country of origin, tracking number, and the email address registered. Upon completion, you’ll receive the most recent status report for your shipment. Also, we ensure immediate tracking updates immediately after dispatching your shipment.

The delivery duration is contingent upon the selected service, as well as the pickup and delivery locations. For express documents, the estimated delivery time ranges from 2 to 4 business days in metropolitan areas of the destination countries. Express parcels, on the other hand, have an estimated delivery time of 3-7 business days for the destination countries.

Restricted Items

Prohibited Narcotics

The carriage of illegal narcotics is expressly prohibited, and the transport of tobacco and tobacco-related items is subject to restrictions.

Medicine & Drugs

Harming Products

The carriage of unsafe materials, like explosives, fireworks, radioactive substances, deactivated or replica weapons, swords, knives, and flammables/fire extinguishers, is strictly prohibited.

Weapons & Firearm

Antique Objects

Certain limitations apply to items of considerable value, such as works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold, silver, jewellery, watches, and precious metals.


Limits on Monetary Possessions

There are restrictions on the transport of currency, credit cards, cheques, bank cards, or any form of money or tickets.


Forbidden Distribution of Indecent Materials

The distribution or incorporation of materials deemed indecent or obscene is strictly forbidden.

Indecent Materials

Prohibition of Alcohol

The presence of any type of alcohol in shipping baggage is not permitted and is subject to restrictions.

Prohibition of Alcohol

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