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Why Is It Best To Travel With Minimal Baggage?

We advocate shipping luggage in advance for an enhanced travel experience, especially with Excess Baggage from Australia to New Zealand. Many customers face challenges navigating airports with bulky baggage, particularly when traveling with children. Despite these difficulties, shipping luggage in advance offers clear benefits. Lack of baggage assistance can persist even after landing, detracting from the overall travel experience. Travel should be enjoyable and worry-free, so we’re here to provide support. With our assistance, you can enjoy a stress-free travel experience, whether solo or with loved ones.

How Does It Work?

If you have a printer

Book Service Online

Print Labels

Stick The Label To your Package

We Collect

Package Delivered To You

If you don’t have a printer

Book Service Online

Don’t Have A Printer?

If you do not keep a printer then do remember that upon booking, you will receive a QR code on your mobile via email.

Take your mobile device with you soon as you step into the closest Australia Post office, and show the QR code to the officials there.

Delivered to you

We Collect

Take the box, stick a label to it, and then hand it over.

Two label printouts will be obtained from the QR code. Afterwards, they will take up your parcel box, attach one label, and hand over the second label to you.

Two label printouts will be obtained from the QR code. Afterwards, they will take up your parcel box, attach one label, and hand over the second label to you.

Take the box, stick a label to it, and then hand it over.

We Collect

Delivered to you

DTDC Australia- The Ultimate Choice For Your Luggage Shipment

Free Pickup For Customers

DTDC offers free and reliable pickup services for customers. Reach out to us and receive services tailored to your specific requirements.

Reliable & Credible

We are completely reliable and offer the most competitive prices in the market. Commence with our services, as we assure 100% client satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Shipping Rates

When opting for DTDC, you can send your shipments at discounted rates, providing substantial savings on shipping baggage according to your preferences.

Track Your Package Online

To guarantee the safety and progress of your package, we offer an online package tracking service that allows you to monitor the status of your shipment.

Parcel Insurance and Coverage

You have the option to obtain insurance for your belongings, covering a maximum declared value of $20,000 or 3.5% of the claimed insurance value. The minimum insurance of $500 will incur a cost of approximately $17.50.

Easy and Effective Parcel Collection

Booking a parcel collection from the DTDC website is a simple task. Typically, parcels booked in the morning can be collected on the same day. For remote areas, it may take until the following day.

Excess Baggage From Australia To New Zealand Customs Requirements

Getting around with more baggage might make travelling with bags more difficult. There are frequent restrictions and significant costs associated with carrying more baggage, even though many airlines permit it. You do not want to have problems with your possessions, do you? 

To address this, we provide a useful way to handle excess luggage with our shipping services. Your extra luggage or possessions will be handled safely and effectively, and we guarantee door-to-door delivery. To ensure that your baggage is processed smoothly, you must familiarise yourself with New Zealand Customs Requirements before your travel. Have faith in us to take care of your extra luggage so you may simply and stress-freely travel to this wonderful nation.

DTDC's Global Heritage - A Voyage

Like many successful businesses, it was surely not days’ work for DTDC Australia to reach the position it resides in now. It was the hard work, dedication, and high spirits of every single person involved with great help and commitment from partners. In Australia, DTDC operates as a French Post Entity and is also affiliated with DPD, one of Europe’s most renowned courier services, boasting an impressive network of 22,000 outlets across the continent. The DPD brand owns a 40% stake in DTDC Australia, and DPD itself is wholly owned by French Post.

With 30,000 locations globally, DTDC Australia has a significant global network that helps it expand its reach. DTDC’s wide-ranging network is evidence of its remarkable trajectory and strong standing within the courier sector. Customer satisfaction is our core belief and we do everything to accomplish that. 

FAQs about Shipping Luggage to New Zealand

As per Air New Zealand, your allowance for carry-on baggage is contingent upon your class of service. For Economy passengers, a single piece of carry-on baggage is allowed, not exceeding 7kg, accompanied by a small item like a handbag or a slim/small laptop. Premium Economy, Business, connecting Business passengers, as well as Airpoints Gold, Elite, and Star Alliance Gold members, can carry up to two pieces of carry-on baggage, with a combined weight of up to 14kg, where one item can weigh up to 10kg, along with one small item.

The total dimensions of any carry-on bag should not surpass 118cm. Should your carry-on baggage exceed the stipulated allowance, it will be required to be checked into the hold.

When desiring to bring additional baggage beyond your fare’s allowance, opting for Prepaid Extra Bags emerges as the most intelligent and cost-effective solution. Waiting until you reach the airport may result in significantly higher excess baggage rates compared to the prepaid cost. For New Zealand domestic flights, each of the first and second extra bags incurs a fee of $30 per bag. For flights connecting New Zealand with Australia or the Pacific Islands (excluding Perth and Tahiti), the charge is $55 per bag. Long-haul flights, including those between New Zealand and Perth or Tahiti, attract a fee of $90 per bag. 

By prepaying for extra bags, you not only ensure a smoother check-in process but also benefit from more economical rates compared to last-minute excess baggage charges at the airport.

For real-time updates on your shipment’s status and whereabouts, navigate to the Track Your Shipment section on the DTDC Australia website. Fill in crucial information such as your country of origin, tracking number, and the email address registered. Upon completion, you’ll receive the most recent status report for your shipment. Also, we ensure immediate tracking updates immediately after dispatching your shipment.

This depends on the service requested, pickup and delivery locations. The estimated delivery time for express documents is between 2-4 business days in metro city areas of the destination countries. The estimated delivery time for Express parcels is between 3-7 business days for destination countries.

Prohibited Items

Illegal Narcotics

All illegal narcotics are banned and cannot be carried. Tobacco and tobacco products are also restricted.
Illegal Narcotics

Medicine & drugs

Dangerous and Dicey Items

The transportation of hazardous materials, which includes explosives, fireworks, radioactive substances, deactivated or replica weapons, swords, knives, and flammables/fire extinguishers, is strictly prohibited.
Dangerous Items - WEAPONS & FIREARMS

Weapons & firearms

Valuable and Antique Articles

Items with significant value, like works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold, silver, jewellery, watches, and precious metals, are subject to limitations.
Antiques and Valuables

Antique Articles

Any Currency

Items like Currency, Credit Cards, Cheques, Bank Cards, or any form of money or tickets of any type are restricted.

Any Currency

Restrictions on Indecent Materials

The inclusion or dissemination of materials classified as indecent or obscene is strictly prohibited.

Batteries & Others

Any Kind Of Alcohol

Any type of alcohol is restricted and must not be present in any of the shipping baggage.
Any Kind Of Alcohol


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