What is KYC

by Pinaki Chatterjee

Courier To India: What is KYC?

With the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent pandemic, shipping and courier services have become widespread and more essential than ever before.

Using international courier services has always been somewhat inconvenient and includes substantial paperwork. There is no deviation in this when shipping to or from India.

KYC(Know Your Customer) is a new requirement that has been introduced with the onset of the global Covid pandemic.

This particular article serves to answer most of the frequently asked questions regarding the introduction of mandatory sender KYC requirements for all shipments to India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KYC?

KYC or Know Your Customer is an identity and address proof verification procedure that has been established to prove the legitimacy of the exporter of the shipment. The KYC process is completed with the help of government issued identification documents belonging to the sender of the courier. The customs office at the port of entry will check the KYC proof and accordingly allows entry of goods into the country.

Why is KYC needed from the senders?

KYC documents are needed from the shipment exporters or the courier senders at the time of export in order to comply with the Government of India regulations. The exporter KYC documents have been mandated by the Customs circular number 09/2010 (amended by circular no. 2/2018, circular no. 13/2016, circular no. 07/2015). The courier must be booked by the original exporter/ owner/ Sender of the shipment any only that party ass the owner of the shipment can provide their KYC.

What KYC documents should individuals produce?

KYC proof must consist of government issued documents with both a photo ID and proof of address together. Any of the following documents can be used as KYC:

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Valid Passport

Is PAN Card copy valid as KYC proof?

KYC proof must consist of both photo ID and address proof. In case of a PAN card with no address mentioned, you must submit one of the following documents in addition:

  1. Bank Account Statement
  2. Telephone Bill
  3. Rental Agreement
  4. LPG Connection Agreement

The address on my ID is different from the Place of Shipping; can I book a shipment. If so, what should I provide as KYC?

If your address proof is different from the place of shipping you must submit KYC according to one of the following cases:

  • In case the sender is temporarily residing in a rental in a different place from their different address, the KYC documents are:
  1. Rental Agreement Copy for a temporary address
  2. Proof of permanent address i.e. Aadhar/ Passport
  • In case the sender is temporarily residing at a hotel room in a different place from their permanent address, the KYC documents are:
  1. Hotel Booking Invoice
  2. Proof of permanent address i.e. Aadhar/ Passport/ Voter ID
  • In case the sender is residing within the districts of the same state, the shipper must provide four sets of self-certified copies of their permanent residential address proof i.e. Aadhar/ Passport/ Voter ID.

If you do not have any sort of local address proof you will not be allowed to book a shipment. You need to have an additional local ID or you must send it via a third party.

Are regular customers required to provide their KYC with every shipment?

Yes, all sellers must provide their KYC with each and every shipment irrespective of their shipment history.

I want to book my shipment through a trusted third party. Whose KYC must be produced for shipment approval?

In such cases, both the owner’s and the third party broker’s KYC must be produced for booking the shipment.

What documents must a registered Business/ Trust/ Foundation provide as KYC?

  • If your business is registered under GST and you have an IEC (Import Export Code), you must provide a one-time GSTN certificate, IEC, and PAN Card copy. These certificates must be submitted every three months.
  • If your business is registered under GST but you do not have an IEC, you must submit your business firm related registration certificates or partnership deed along with a PAN Card copy as a one-time document. These certificates must be submitted every three months.
  • If your trust/ foundation is not registered under GST, you can provide your trust/ foundation’s registration certificate along with your IEC and PAN Card copy as a one-time document. These documents must be submitted every three months.

What KYC must a foreign tourist produce in order to send articles of Indian origin to their home country?

In case you are a foreign tourist, you must provide the following KYC documents in order to send Indian articles to your home country:

  1. Valid Passport/ PIO Card
  2. Valid Indian Visa
  3. Rental agreement/ Hotel receipt/ Friend or relative’s photo ID proof in case you are staying at a friend or relative’s house

In case my name is being changed in government records, what must I do to ship my package?

Certified copies of your proof of address documents containing your old name must be provided as KYC. Additionally, you must submit a copy of the affidavit notarized by the state government or gazette/marriage certificate/ name change certificate.

Apart from the KYC documents, what else must I provide to ship my package?

You must provide an official invoice and a signed Letter of Authorization along with all other relevant documents necessary to comply with the origin and destination import/ export regulations and guidelines.

Am I allowed to ask someone else to prepare and sign the invoice for me in case I cannot?

No. An invoice is a legal instrument and in any circumstances, it should not be signed by any other person other than the owner of the shipment.

I do not have the required facilities to generate and print an invoice. What should I do?

In case you do not have the means to prepare a printed invoice, you can sign a hand-written invoice. Then you should issue a Letter of Authorization to a third party through Power of Attorney (POA) who can then generate a printed invoice and sign on your behalf.

Medicine from India

by Aronno Anwar


Thousands of visitors from India to Australia is now stranded and with a dire need for medication from India in Australia.

Elderly parents visiting Australia is out of stock with their prescribed medication and its very difficult to bring them from India as lockdown of commercial flights internationally continues due to the obvious reason of COVID19, global pandemic crippling the entire world.

Elderly parents requiring medication from India, now living with their next generations, were not prepared for this deadlock in air transport industry and now in a very difficult situation.

They are not only running out of social touch, it has become harder to maintain their health while they are overseas and they are realizing that they are in an unknown territory.

DTDC Australia wanted to be on the side of the elderly parents, in need of medications from India, were not prepared for this situation. DTDC Australia will provide door to door service with an estimated delivery time of 5-7 business days(minimum) from the day of dispatch from India with online tracking and signature on delivery, excludes customs duty and taxes in the destination country. legit

There are rules about bringing medication from India or any other country and medical devices into Australia. Many medicines and medical devices can be brought with you into Australia as long as they are for your personal use. Some require a permit and others cannot be brought with you at all.

International visitors and people coming back from holidays can bring in most medicines and medical devices under the traveler’s exemption.

It is against the law to bring medicines and medical devices into Australia to give to someone else.

There are also special rules for athletes and sporting teams.

Please visit our web site (www.dtdcaustralia.com.au) to book for a collection.

Required paperwork to bring Prescribed medication from India:

Customs Invoice with  batch no. expiry date of medicines to be mentioned.
Dr Prescription  – signed , stamped with registration no., within 3 months duration on the day of connection
Australian Dr Prescription within 3 months duration on the day of connection
Purchase bill original within 3 months duration on the day of connection
KYC – Aadhar copy of sender
Authorization Letter, original duly signed by the shipper
All papers duly signed with shipper’s contact number.
Medicine listed in NDPS / NDPS listed drugs as Ingredients not accepted / Paracetamol /Tablets for Fever/Hydroxychloquine etc not allowed

Value of the medication can not exceed more than twenty thousand Rupees.

Be careful when bringing herbal and traditional medicines with you to Australia. The Australian Border Force need to be able to identify what the substances are, so that they can determine if the products are subject to any import restrictions.

Additionally they may contain ingredients from endangered plants which are subject to import controls and require a permit. This includes Hoodia and weight loss products derived from Hoodia.

Sports teams and athletes must comply with special rules when visiting Australia to participate in a national or international sporting event.

Visiting sports teams and athletes should prepare for their visit to Australia well in advance. Organizers should follow these general rules:

Prepare a list of medicines and medical devices participants are bringing with them. This list must be in English and include the medicines and their strengths.

Maintain a record of the medicines and their use while the team is in Australia. This list must be produced if requested by an Australian Border Force officer.

Check the list of substances which are subject to import controls – there are some additional restrictions only for athletes.

Medicines brought by the team must not be given or sold to anyone who is not an official athlete or member of the sports team.

Medicines and medical devices brought by the team must not be used by anyone who is not an official athlete or member of the sports team.

Any unused medicines or devices must be destroyed when leaving or taken with you when you leave Australia.
An official member of the visiting team must be responsible for any medicines and medical devices and how they are used.

For further details please contact


Baby Food to India

by Pinaki Chatterjee

Baby Food: How Can I send Baby Food To India

cheapest shipping from Australia to USADo you send baby food to India ? It is a very common question that we get from customers in  Australia wanting to send baby food to India. Baby food is another item that has high in demand among new parents travelling to India for holiday.

New parents travelling to India take a good amount of baby food with them as part of their additional luggage however that may not be sufficient for the child or children depending on the period they want to stay in India or the consumption and food habit of the child.  In many occasion we find that the parent living in Australia is desperately trying to get a way to send a few tins of baby food that is generally consumed by the child. It is not that baby food is not available in India, rather mums often do not want to change the brand of the food the child is used to.

We have seen situation where child is lactose intolerant the parents are really cautious and careful to choose the baby food from the local market in the country where they are. Certainly there is a valid reason for any parent to find out a way to get baby food transported to India and we get a lot of request for that.

Yes, we send baby food to India.

Although we are talking about baby food here, in reality people have general interest to know about sending food items to India and those inquiries are dominated by various types of tinned foods, biscuits, chocolates, protein powder, health supplements of various types and many more for personal usage. Cosmetics is also another item that customers come to us to inquire about – if they are allowed to send for personal usage.

Please contact us for further information before booking your shipment to send food item or cosmetics.

Allied Couriers

by agent 007

Details Of Factors Determining The Cost Of Allied Couriers

To determine the cost of Australian allied couriers, we need to be able to determine the parcel weight. This is because weight is an important factor in shipping costs. All you need to do is get the actual parcel fee, so having to wait at the post office or courier is a very stressful task. This is something you can do from the comfort of your office or home. If you are an entrepreneur and deeply involved in sending parcels, I recommend that you buy a weighing machine.

Allied CouriersWith this tool, you can spend a lot of time before you leave home for Australian postal service, without spending time waiting for the weight of your luggage, just buying stamps or making corresponding payments. You can save. For services such as ATM, services common to all major post offices mean that the time it takes to issue packages can be reduced.

Size is another important factor when setting shipping rates for Aus express post. A package of a certain size has a certain rate. If you want to measure the actual size of the tape package, you can get the corresponding rate in the postal directory. This allows you to see how much you need to pay for shipping or delivering stamps or packages. Some post offices and Australia delivery service have boxes for setting international parcel prices in Australia. This is useful in some cases when other factors such as plot weights are ignored. However, it is disadvantageous if the plot size is much smaller than the corresponding box size.

Package destinations are also an important factor when measuring postage for international tracking in Australia Fiji. This is because many major post offices and parcel delivery providers charge specific charges for packages delivered in different countries and locations.

Cheap International Shipping From Australia

by agent 007

The Real Face of The Cheap International Shipping By Sea

The first thing to do before searching for the cheap international shipping from Australia to different parts of the world is a good shipping quote. Make sure you have written all the relevant details that you think are necessary for what you want to send. For example, where is the destination, when do you plan to transport the goods, how do the goods arrive at the shipping port, and how do you transfer from the foreign port to the final destination?

Cheap International Shipping From AustraliaIf you are new to cheap international shipping by sea, product sales consultants can be very helpful. Unfortunately, this usually means an increase in total costs, so your cheap shipping costs will not be very cheap. The benefits of using any of these elements understand and explain how he/she can solve it in general terms, what happened, and how if God does not allow it That is. Do you understand the actual impact of additional costs on your company? Transportation of cheap luggage Australia may clearly seem to be economicalto express courier service; it is more popular than air transport and allows you tosave more.

In conclusion, always contact many companies of dispatching cheap luggage Sydney that can demonstrate a record of accomplishment of providing high-quality services and make sure they have a good reputation for international shipping services. Ask a few questions and pay particular attention to the number of answers received and the amount of easy-to-understand information available. Secondly, if you use a package, you can make a well-informed decision by sending the package overseas in the cheapest way. You must also ensure that the quote you received includes other fees that you must pay, such as taxes and other charges that are included in the cost when you arrive at the destination.

On Time Couriers

by agent 007

Simple And Efficient Way To Choose On Time Couriers

The most important part of a courier service is that it delivers the products at the right time at the destination. The packaging must also maintain its original condition and must not be hindered or mistreated. Of course, each person would think twice before spending money on something.

On Time CouriersWhen choosing the on time couriers service, there are some very important points to consider:

  • History of the company. How good is the company? What is customer satisfaction?
  • The courier service must be so extended that your package can be delivered to the desired destination.
  • All additional and necessary services you need must be provided in the online courier quote you are looking for.
  • The courier company must have a very good reputation for the prompt delivery of the products. Nobody wants to choose a courier service known for delaying delivery.

It is important to do a detailed investigation of the overseas postage company and its background. It is very obvious that the customer appreciates the goods he wishes to send with a courier service with certainty.

Same-day delivery:

This type of courier service means that the package is delivered within 24 hours after receiving the package. This is a very efficient and time-saving way to send packages within the city limits. This is used more frequently if you do not have time to deliver the package to the person you want personally. This is also very profitable since you can certainly save the travel costs that you would have to pay if you delivered the package yourself. This turns out to be much cheaper.

It is important to look for courier services that do not offer services at very unreasonable prices. Do not take into account the overseas shipping that seem to offer extremely cheap services, since the security of your package would really be in danger.

Air Express International Tracking

by agent 007

Tips For Choosing Air Express International Tracking

Prior to hiring, you must ensure that the company has some knowledge of your product and sufficient knowledge to handle your products. Before delivery, they must make important preparations and know if there is a special need to send goods. You must be an expert in choosing the right way to manage your project and know better what to do with your products.

Air Express International TrackingThe air express international tracking should be able to help you send fast, safe and cost-effective delivery suggestions. It is also very important that freight agents have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations that apply to their delivery, especially if they ship their products abroad. In addition, it is preferable to hire fault and negligence insurance to insure your products and sales in case the carrier causes damage during the transportation process. A service provider that guarantees the safety of your products is the best option.

It is better if you prefer an air France Australia that has good relationships with other custom brokers or custom agents in your target market. If your service provider has a good network of agents, your goods can easily be transported to the specified destination. Before continuing, make sure you are sufficiently informed about the treatment options of the service provider to complete. Freight traffic with many connections can deliver perishable goods before leaving. Therefore, it is important that you choose a company with a good network of global agents.

It is also important to consider whether the air freight service provider has the opportunity to contact the affiliated agent or take a reasonable time to collect and explain the necessary items before the shipment begins. Understanding documents and knowledge about the handling of delivered products have a great influence on the successful management of the project.

Book A Courier

by agent 007

Things Your Need To Consider When You Book A Courier Service

Courier services play an important role in the daily operations of all companies, especially when it comes to exceeding customer expectations and delivering products, documentation and more.

Book A CourierCompanies rely on postal services around the world. Unfortunately, some of these services are not always updated for delivery times and the security of packages, and documents. For this purpose, a range of courier services is available to companies and individuals that offer personalized or specialized delivery services or collect such items.

When you book a courier company for your business or your individual needs, you may need to consider some additional factors, such as with any service provider or provider, since these companies actually represent your business through the services they provide. Proper attention when choosing such a supplier is of the utmost importance to ensure that the interests of your company are oriented to delivery or collection, as well as to your requirements and specifications.

Undoubtedly, it will be appreciated that many of the tasks are quite similar in all areas and in these services. For this purpose, the reputation of the courier company providing service from Brisbane to Fiji should be investigated in more detail, including runtime as the maximum reliability of the company. If you have mentioned the duties, you will probably find that the agreement reduces these duties a bit and is certainly worth considering.

However, it should be taken into account that a contractual agreement will not be made until such trust and the commercial relationship has established itself. As with any company or service required to create such contracts, the fine print should be revised to avoid unpleasant surprises if the contract with the courier service from Brisbane to India is terminated.

Therefore, you need to choose a budget courier to take responsibility for your role as a key player in your company and as a supplier, paying special attention to the details of your capacity and reliability. This can be determined by examining the possible courier service company and performing some of the so-called tests to see how well they meet your strict requirements.

Express Courier to New Zealand

by agent 007

Is Your Desired Adelaide Delivery Service Is Always Helpful

Postal delivery or cargo service is always in demand. Delivering or delivering messages, packages, mail, and many other important things are as important in our modern advanced life as it was when the Internet was not used. The web world has really facilitated the sending and receiving of messages and documents as an electronic copy for the recipient at the other end. The geographical barrier is not to use the Internet to deliver messages or emails.

Adelaide Delivery ServiceIt makes it easy to send and receive simple emails and scanned documents of a private and partially official nature, but that does not mean you can aftership anything here. For example, it is not possible to send gifts, legal copies, certificates, commercial items, tolls, etc. by email.

Therefore, in the age of the Internet, an Adelaide delivery service is necessary and it has not lost importance so far. Rather, it was smarter and inevitable. The use of information and technology as global positioning tracking systems has been used as a fruitful and intelligent message service.

The air express international tracking differs from traditional postal services because there are many extraordinary things, for example, tracking, fast delivery, same-day delivery, delivery of heavy or heavy items, fast delivery, commercial deliveries or medical equipment. There are also many premium services, such as express delivery, scheduled delivery, individualization, and differentiation, etc. According to these characteristics, the costs increase.

There are different types of packages, mail, and packages delivered by air France Australia. Comprehensive services are provided by professional courier companies with its fleet of bicycles, vans, trucks, boats, trucks and fleets of larger vehicles, depending on the location and weight or size of the package. Reliable and cost-effective quality service with the latest technology in postal services is required to deliver the complete package on time. A friendly attitude towards the customer is also required so that you can be sure that your service sends an important item at a specific time.

Send Parcel To Australia

by agent 007

Choose A Courier Service Wisely To Send Parcel To Australia

With lots of news about package delays and after a strike, many companies have reasonable concerns about major company deliveries and how a lost or significantly delayed package may be poorly reflected in them. That is why if there is a need to send parcel to Australia courier service is the preferred option for companies of all sizes.

Send Parcel To Australia The type of packages sent by large companies and companies is usually much more sensitive than that of family members. A reasonable level of security is expected because many packages or letters contain confidential information or even confidential financial information that your company uses, and is not intended to fall into the wrong hands.

Parcel couriers are a better option,  for sending items to Australia as they are not only safer than the national postal service, but they are also faster thanks to a less loaded mail network with dedicated secure delivery vehicles and many companies with their own fleet of airplanes that can handle international transport.

Parcel courier is not only safer and faster for sending packages overseas; it is also more flexible in what you can actually send. It is also subject to package restrictions that are used to classify shipping size and cost. Emails can handle larger objects, even in unusual ways, and handle them more carefully. A common package that companies send is post office tubes that contain drawings, graphics, or other large graphics.

For the package delivery service, the delivery tracking is usually much more detailed, so you can determine when the delivery was completed, but also verify the progress of the delivery at each delivery time, if it is an attempt Delivery or not. Aircraft can help you determine where your package is located and, more importantly, that your recipient, business partner or customer can easily see where the package is and trust that the service you choose will be reliable and effective enough to maintain to the customer in the Internet loop.