Customs Duty in India : How To Reduce


Customs Duty In India : why should I Pay Duty on My Used Items !

Customs duty is often an integral part of sending shipment to overseas. This questions often arise as soon as your shipment is crossing the border and you are subject to the customs rules and regulations of the country where your shipment is destined to. If your shipment is going to attract customs duty or not depends on the value you declared in “Customs Declaration” and based on that customs in the destination country makes a primary assessment whether a duty will apply on the item that is crossing the border.

If your shipment is crossing the border and UK or Canada or USA or so to speak any other country, it depends on the customs of the country and they have clear direction and a dollar figure of how much worth of goods can enter in the country without paying any customs duty or taxes.  Australia is one of the most generous countries in the world allows your items to come in the country up to aud $1000 as long as you did not purchase online.

For India this limit is INR 2000 which is roughly  about Aud $40 and if you think realistically what are you going to send to India without paying any duty ! This is a general rule however any electronics items are dutiable fully regardless of the value of the items.

Now the question is how much duty can I expect to pay ? We do not have an answer for that as this clearly depends on the physical assessment of the shipment.  At this point customs in India is assessing 100% of the incoming shipment to ensure all the shipment valued over INR 2000 is paying duty.  As a sender you may declare a value of the shipment as you think it s correct however customs may not agree on that and in some cases they put harsh penalty for under declaring the value of the shipment.

It is not up to the courier to company to decide the amount of duty payable rather its finalised by the customs in the country and in India duty is payable before the shipment is released.


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