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Why Multi-Story Apartment Dwellers Love Our VIP Service

DTDC VIP pick up service

What Makes The VIP Pickup Service a Seamless Choice For Multi-story Apartment Dwellers In Australia?

As part of the VIP pickup service, the driver will send you an alert/notification when they are within 5 kilometres, typically corresponding to a 30-minute interval.
Being informed in advance allows you to coordinate the shipment handover conveniently, saving you from the need to rush downstairs abruptly when the time comes.
All courier services aim to keep their drivers on the go. Therefore, if your buzzer and access code don’t work, the driver will proceed without picking up the parcel, avoiding extended waiting periods. Prior information allows you to prepare in advance in case your buzzer malfunctions.
When receiving your parcel, the driver takes photographs at the point of acceptance and again when transferring it to our custody. This thorough practice ensures a service of exceptional security. The photographic evidence of an unbroken package handover aids in attributing responsibility if damage arises subsequently.
You can track the shipment entirely, and it begins instantly.
Imagine a situation where the driver faces difficulty determining which buzzer to use. Keep in mind that the driver won’t wait for an extended duration. Instead, they will continue without prolonged waiting.
These factors underscore our strong recommendation for utilizing the DTDC VIP pickup service. It’s designed to offer a hassle-free experience, eliminating mental stress. By opting for this service, you not only gain efficient execution but also ensure a worry-free process.

Our goal is a seamless pickup that prioritizes your peace of mind.

Kind Regards,

Naseem Noor
Sales Manager, eCommerce & Logistics
Phone number: 1300 658 775

Publishing Date: 9 October, 2023

1300 658 775

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