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Why Are Faster Shipping Methods Becoming A Necessity?

Faster Shipping Methods

To be able to understand how to please the customer, one must understand what is driving today’s customers. What is the nature of the customer and what makes him spend and come back for more? The purchasing behaviour of the new age consumer has changed including their demand to be able to track their orders through an online courier service. The below-redefining trends in the market play a vital role in shaping how new businesses operate.

Demographics – As per the Economic survey 2018-19, “Working-age population will grow by roughly 9.7mn per year during 2021-31”, which means more people will be earning and have the ability to spend more. As per the National technology readiness survey, nearly half of the customers are millennials, 29% of customers are between the age group of 35 to 54 and 22% of customers are 55 years and older. The younger consumer base is not only tech-savvy but also appreciates a good effort. An effort to make deliveries seamless and timely will be an added advantage to the small businesses. Whether it is offering same day delivery or offering easy return courier pickup from home at a click will get more brownie points. 

The younger generation of millennials wants speed with service. The conveniences have got them hooked but to keep them stay will be in the hands of the professional courier partner these SMEs hire.

The future belongs to those who can make faster deliveries with excellent service. Consumer experience is the key. That key factor comes when your delivery partner offers the following to you and your customers:

  • Online courier service – It’s important that your delivery partner is online and provides you the updated status of your package. 
  • Professional courier service – Your delivery partner must treat your customers the way you treat them. Therefore, it is critical for SME that the delivery partner’s delivery executives must be well trained and professional. Companies like Pidge hire full-time delivery executives which makes their service dependable. Each of our delivery executives is a background-checked, verified employee.
  • Fast courier service – Customers want everything fast and quick, therefore your delivery partner must make faster deliveries. One day delivery is required to stay in business and your delivery partner must have the facility.
  • Safe and reliable – Depending on your business you must ensure that your delivery partner is committed to these 2 things. 

Choose your delivery partner that compliments your brand vision and delivers exceptional service to your customers. Delivery partners like DTDC Australia is not only a same day courier service but we also offer online courier services along with live order tracking with the most secure delivery. 

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