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Best Freight Forwarder

Tips for Selecting the Best Freight Forwarder

For fast and efficient supply chain administration, the use of a freight forwarder is imperative. With global business trade growing exponentially year on year, freight forwarding service providers (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) are in huge demand and each of these companies provide a comprehensive range of shipping services at affordable prices. Despite this, not every freight forwarding company may be as beneficial as they appear on the surface.

The following is a list of top tips for helping customers choose the best freight forwarding company for their business needs.

1) Sector experience and expertise

If a freight forwarding company doesn’t have the necessary expertise and experience in the shipping industry, they are doomed to fail. They must have a comprehensive understanding of every facet that comprises the freight sector to ensure that they can efficiently work for you. The freight forwarding sector involves a considerable number of laws that must be abided by in order to remain compliant.

Even in an age of computers, freight forwarding requires a substantial amount of old-fashioned paperwork that must be filled out correctly, to avoid unwanted delays and additional penalty fees. With the right freight forwarder working in your corner, they’ll be able to help you safely navigate all the red tape and ensure that your products arrive at their destination on schedule.

2) Ability to store, manage and transport large quantities of inventory

The hallmarks of a high quality freight forwarder (for both air freight and ocean freight), is their ability to store, manage and transport significant product quantities. Some freight forwarders simply do not have the necessary capabilities to handle enormous numbers of inventory. If your establishment requires this, then it’s essential that you source a freight forwarding company that can meet your needs.

3) Type of items the freight forwarder is adept at transporting

While some freight forwarders may be proficient in the transfer of any product type, others may specialise in a specific niche. It’s essential that you receive assurances from the company that they can handle your items, before you commit to signing any contract with them.

4) The quality of their global partner network

When considering a freight forwarder, it’s always a good idea to enquire about their assembly of global shipping contacts. An establishment that is tasked with the coordination of products through multiple overseas destinations must possess a wealth of high quality industry professionals, based throughout all major areas of the world. Having this in place, helps guarantee that the status of your inventory is able to be readily accessed at all times, regardless of its current location.

With industry operators available in all key areas, such as docks and airports, they are able to quickly take hold and send your items as required. Upon inspection, detailed documents are delivered to the freight forwarding company, once the work has been completed. A team of skilled industry operatives at every locale, ensures that all items are delivered on schedule and without hassle.

5) Ability to track and trace

One of the best features available to consumers of reputable freight forwarding companies these days, is the ability to track the whereabouts of your inventory at any given time. This enables you to effortlessly keep an eye on your shipment(s) and ensure that they’re going to meet their expected time of arrival. Always be certain that the freight forwarder offers comprehensive product tracking before committing to any contract.

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