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Steps to buy from India deliver to Australia

Everyone is fond of imported items, right? Only some can buy online from another country due to the exorbitant rates. However, do not worry, DTDC Australia provides shipping of goods from Australia to worldwide without those high and mighty price tags. DTDC Australia has made online shopping in Australia an easy process. As you know, DTDC Australia is a well-known brand in terms of courier services worldwide.  We have a wide range of services too from which you can choose.

There are many online shopping apps, which delivers products in Australia, but not much ships them worldwide. Moreover, if they ship, they charge very much. DTDC Australia understands this and thus, it provides the facility of online shopping too. It is a reliable courier company, with the most effective results at all time. It tries to delivers the orders in as much reasonable price as possible. It has made online shopping from Australia to worldwide very easy. In addition, we offer multiple discounts, which will reduce your load. Just understand these small steps, and you are all set!

    If you are a business- we provide:

  • Storage (we give facility to store your goods in our warehouse).
  • Fulfillment: Activities (packaging, labeling, delivery etc.
  • Delivery (we deliver to your customers’ belongs to you).
  • A Brand you can trust.
  • We take risk for you.
  • If an online shop never deliver your product, we refund your money.


  • Firstly, at the home page, you can get a quote and compare the prices from other websites.
  • If you are confirmed with us, then BOOK A DELIVERY SCHEDULE using our official website. Enter all the details correctly. You can set your country or the country you want the product to be shipped in, in the delivery schedule. You can also check special coupons and discounts which we provide, which will help to minimize the price of delivery from Australia to the destined country.
  • Note that the price for direct delivery starts from AUD $19.95, which also includes delivery in nearby areas. Now, this type of delivery is preferable by Courier to Post service only. If you choose door to door or any other service, there will be NO REFUND, and the prices might be high. Only credit will be given, that too after reducing admin fee of min. $30.
  • If you want to ship your parcel to India, and do not agree with the terms and conditions mentioned above, please visit and read until the end.
  • After you have booked a delivery schedule, you will get an instant booking confirmation along with consignment address and number, which will be in the mentioned format: Your Consignment Number (e.g. N96901234) >> DTDC Australia > 9/10 Ferngrove Place >> Chester Hill, NSW 2162 >> Phone: 1300 658 775
  • Now, go to the website, from which you decided earlier to shop. YOU CAN SHOP AT ANY ONLINE STORE WHICH SHIPS IN AUSTRALIA. In the shipping details, you must provide the consignment number and address as mentioned above so that the parcel delivers at our step and we ship to your country. Note that, you must deliver the parcel to us in your name with Care of DTDC Australia Pty. Ltd. Then our address.
  • Once the parcel is delivered at our warehouse, it is our responsibility to take care of it. We will process the parcel directly after receiving it and we would update accordingly to you.
  • We provide the tracking system too. Therefore, after we ships your parcel, you can also track it on our website. Just use the consignment number to track, as we cannot provide updates over the phone.

Generally, the parcel is delivered within 7 to 10 business days. However, if you chose our express delivery service, it will be delivered early, with super-fast speed.

However, if you do not get any type of update, or cannot track your parcel, please contact us immediately!

Business entity? You too have come to the right place!

If you are a business entity, and wants to connect with us,

Then these are the facilities that we provide:

Storage: You need not to worry about storing your goods once you connect with us. We provide storage facility to your goods in our warehouse.

Fulfillment: We fulfill all your requirements such as packaging, labelling, delivery and other requirements.

Delivery: We will also deliver to your customers belonging to you.

We are a brand of trust. Not only customers, but also our partners and clients have also been impressed with our quality and the ability to provide everything at a cheaper cost. We are a trustworthy company that provides courier from Australia to worldwide, with many options in front of you. Shop in Australia, ship to worldwide, without any worries in presence of DTDC Australia. If an online shop does not delivers your parcel, we refund your money! Although, WE MAY ASK FOR ADDITIONAL PAPERS AND DOCUMENTS FROM YOU AS A PART OF OUR RULES.


Mentioned below are a few most famous online shopping sites in Australia. Let us have a look at them.

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1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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