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Why Choose DTDC Australia?

In today’s fast-paced world, whenever there is an urgency to send something as quickly as possible, we must rely on a trustworthy courier service. This is the time when our services will help you out. Our company, DTDC Australia, for several years, is known for its hassle-free and timely delivery. We are committed to delivering couriers on time, also at a very cheap rate both internationally and domestically.

Many other companies offer such services, but it is you who must choose wisely. This is what we offer to our customers:

  • Domestic & International Courier Services: We offer domestic and international courier services at a very cheap rate. However, many other courier service companies in Australia offer similar services. You can compare each one of their charges and then decide wisely.
  • Custom Clearance Sale: DTDC Australia provides custom clearance on personal and commercial items. It is applicable for both types of freight: Air-freight and Sea freight

Along with such services, DTDC comes with several other benefits. We use certain technologies that lead to safe and secure product deliveries. With the help of technologies like Enterprise Resource Planning, DTDC ensure that the whole system runs smoothly. Package tracking software enables to carry a timely delivery of the courier to Taiwan. Overall, it is the goal of our company to give its customers a memorable experience while sending a parcel.


1. Label the Parcel with Proper Address

The first and foremost step while you are sending a courier to Taiwan is, you must mention both the sender’s and the receiver’s address in the shipping label. Along with the address, you can provide other necessary information such as your mobile number and email id in the label. The more the merrier!!

2. Choose a Courier Service

This is the most nerve-wracking step in the whole process of sending a courier to Taiwan from Australia. To make sure your parcel reaches its destination in safe hands you must choose a reliable courier service. Pick the one that matches your requirements. DTDC is in the business for quite a few decades now and has made its mark as one of the leading courier service all across the globe. Starting from door-to-door services DTDC offers a plethora of services that you can choose from. Also, we offer the cheapest courier to Taiwan from Australia.

3. Check the List of Items That Are Allowed

Before you send something really important, check the list of items that are allowed in Taiwan. To provide a safe and hazard-free service, there are certain regulations that DTDC Australia follows and has created a list of items that are prohibited from shipping. To check the list of prohibited items, please visit Prohibited Items. Under no circumstances will DTDC Australia ship those items to Taiwan.

4. Book the Parcel for Delivery

After you have packed your items and chose a courier service you can book your courier to Taiwan online. One can visit our official website https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/ and fill in all the necessary information. The page will ask you to enter the dimension of the parcel, your residential pin code, Pin code of the area where you want to send the parcel. After you are done with filling up the details, pick a service that suits you and click on the Book Now button. After that, you can pay the charges online via PayPal.

5. Book A Delivery Pickup

After booking your courier to Taiwan, make sure that an agent comes to your location to pick up the parcel. However, you can also drop it by yourself at the nearest DTDC drop-in centers. To know more about their offices, click on Drop-in Location.

6. Track Your Parcel

After you have handed your parcel or an agent picked it up from your doorstep, you can easily check the status of your parcel. Thankfully, DTDC Australia offers its customers a facility where they can easily track their package via SMS, web, or app. You just have to keep the reference number in front of you.


Well, there is never any perfect answer to this question. The charges depend on the mass, dimension, and kind of shipping service you want to avail for. At DTDC Australia, we give four kinds of services dependent on our clients’ necessities. They are as follows:

  1. Drop Ship: This is the cheapest service that we provide our customers with while sending a parcel to Taiwan. All you need to do is book your parcel online and ship it to our depot situated in Sydney. The price is $20 for a parcel of 500 gm. It may vary if it is heavier than that. However, this price does not include tax charges in Taiwan. Since the drop-ship option is only applicable for smaller items, our company only offers up to 10kg for drop-ship. One can solely pay for items that weigh 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg.
  1. Door to Door: Our company offers more than 1200 drop-off points whenever you are choosing this service. If you book your parcel online from our website, then the company will charge you an amount of $33. Our agents will pick up from any destination in Australia, however, we might charge you higher if the pick-up destination is in a remote area. Overall, this is the least strenuous service you will ever get as everything will be managed by our company. For further queries, you can call us at 1300 658 775 or join us through our website’s Live Chat.
  2. Door to Port: If you are planning to send something via cargo or sending your items that are big and heavy from Australia to Taiwan then this is the service that is best suited for you. So, if you want to make use of such service you will have to book a parcel weighing at least 100 kg. For items over 250 kg, we charge an amount of $3.95/Kg. Additional charges will be applied if the pickup area is not in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane.
  1. Express Courier: This service is offered to those who want to send documents/satchels as couriers to Taiwan. It will take up to 2-4 business days for the document to reach from a metro city of Australia to a metro city of Taiwan. The rate is $35 if you book your shipment from our site. For further queries, you can call us at 1300 658 775 or join us through our website’s Live Chat.

By now you have already learned about what services we offer and the rate for those services, but what you probably do not is, our journey and the miles we have covered from a small domestic courier company to one of the world’s most recognized domestic and international courier service providers. The trust and reputation we have built gradually over all these years speak louder than words. We care about your shipments and we take utmost vigilance in delivering your product to the correct address within the stipulated time. We are trusted by a huge base of customers and it is time you trust us too with your precious shipments.

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