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One Day Delivery is perhaps the best feature offered by most courier services. It is beneficial if you have to send a courier to Hong Kong urgently. But this service’s impromptu nature is what makes it expensive.

So if you can, do not make the mistake of not scheduling the delivery way ahead of time. More so if you are opting for sea freight to Hong Kong, as it takes way longer to deliver. Do not wait to book the courier to Hong Kong until the target date is near. You never know if the delivery will be delayed due to bad weather or your courier will be held back by customs due to technicalities.

Sometimes, if you strategize in advance, you may even get a sweet deal or discount.


 Some courier services will do the packing themselves. If not, you can do it on your own.

First, you need to collect good packaging materials. You can find them on Amazon.

Depending on your parcel, the amount and quality of the materials will differ. If the courier is small and not fragile, you can use courier bags or envelopes. If the parcel is medium or large-sized, go for sturdy cardboard boxes.

You can use more than one box if you need extra protection. Place your courier item inside it. Then fill the surrounding space with soft materials like foam, polystyrene peanuts, etc.

After properly packing it, you need to label the courier to Hong Kong. Stick a label on the outside of the box having yours and the recipient’s details. You can write the name, E-mail, phone number, address, etc. The more details, the better it will be.


The final measurements of the courier to Hong Kong will depend on the outside packaging too. So after you are done with the packing, weigh it. Using a tape, measure the length, width, and height of the parcel. This information will be needed later.

 If your parcel is asymmetrical in shape, then measure the greatest distance between the borders of the parcel.

Your parcel will again be measured at the courier center by their workers. So, if the measurements you stated aren’t approximate enough, you will have to pay extra to cover the cost.

Excess baggage to Hong Kong will be charged more.


This is a major step, if not the most important. The kind of courier service you picked will determine how effortlessly (or arduously!) your courier to Hong Kong will be delivered.

DTDC has nearly three decades of experience in the shipping and logistics industry.  They have made an impression as a leading courier service all over the world.

DTDC does speedy delivery of parcels from the source location to the destination. It offers a vast variety of services you can choose from. According to your need, you can pick from standard delivery, economy service, express delivery, etc.

The shipping of parcel from Australia to Hong Kong is reasonably priced. The dedicated customer service of DTDC works round the clock to help you with your queries.


After choosing the courier service, you can do the booking of the courier to Hong Kong online.

Visit DTDC Australia’s website: and enter the parcel measurements that you had previously noted. Along with that, add your pin code and the destination pin code. Mention the collection date as well.

The website will show you approx. live rates of around five services. The services differ due to their estimated delivery time, mode of delivery, and charges.

For example: If your location is Drummoyne, NSW, your pin code will be 2047. Your destination will be in Hong Kong. Suppose the courier to Hong Kong weighs 10kg and the dimensions are 20cm x 20cm x 20cm. After clicking on the next page, you can see services ranging from AUD 130 to AUD 530. The estimated delivery time varies widely as well. Sea freights which are generally used for sending bulk goods, will take 2-15 days as it is slower. Other services will take 3-5 business days.

 You can choose a service that fits your needs and click on the Book Now button. You will be forwarded to the next page where more contact information has to be filled in. After doing so, you can confirm the booking of AUS to Hong Kong shipping by paying online. DTDC provides multiple payment options you can choose from.

It is as easy as that.


Based on the collection date you specified, the delivery person will show up at your door for picking up the courier. If that is not convenient for you, you can choose to drop off the parcel at any of the DTDC drop-in-centers.

 Find your nearest drop-in location: 


DTDC offers real-time tracking. You will receive frequent updates about the location of your courier to Hong Kong. You can access the information through SMS, web, or app. All you need is the consignment or reference number of your courier.

Courier To Hong Kong FAQs:

Which courier is best for Hong Kong?

DTDC is an unsurpassed delivery service that sends couriers all around the world, including Hong Kong.

Although Hong Kong is a free port, there are still several strict guidelines that need to be followed. DTDC being a highly experienced courier company knows all the intricate details of the industry. It will make sure your parcel is delivered successfully.


In order to make that happen, it uses advanced software that makes tracking of packages easier. It offers budget-friendly prices and a reasonable estimated delivery time. With DTDC, your courier to Hong Kong will remain safe and in top-notch condition. It may even be called as one of the best courier company to work for Hong Kong

Medicines are one such item that is restricted. Drugs, vitamins, certain prescription, and non-prescription medicines are moderated. Before sending medicines as a courier to France, you need to take into consideration:

  • Rules of the source country: In some countries, the sending of medicine is limited to certain individuals or vendors.
  • Rules of the destination country: In case of his article it is France. You may need to produce the details of the medicine like the composition, doctor’s prescription if any, etc.
  • The rules of the courier service: The delivery of medicines also depends on the courier service that you chose. You need to check in with them. Enquire about their list of restricted items as well as their terms and conditions.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Hong Kong?

For bigger shipments, sea freight is a good value for money option. It is especially suited for people who need to ship for business needs or send packages frequently.

 If you are moving overseas to another country like Hong Kong, using the costly Express service to move all your stuff may not be viable. Cheap international shipping from Australia can be done using sea freight.

Sea shipping although inexpensive is painfully slow. So, the best thing you can do is plan beforehand. Send the courier to Hong Kong to Australia way ahead of time. That way you can save a lot of money in the long run.

What is the cheapest courier service to Hong Kong?

It is possible to deliver cheap courier to Hong Kong from Australia without paying exorbitant prices. You just need to find the right courier delivery company. One of the most cost-effective courier services that operate in Hong Kong is DTDC.

On their website, you can find several options to choose from, whose rates are reasonably priced. If you are on a tight budget, look no further, DTDC is the best option. Although it is cheaper, the quality of the service is not compromised. For more details, you can visit or

What is the best courier service in Australia to Hong Kong?

There are a vast number of courier services that operate throughout the world. But not all are dependable. There are a few factors that make the service of DTDC different from the rest. It has a great performance history.

DTDC Australia offers many services to send a courier to Hong Kong in a budget-friendly way. They do Door to Door delivery as well, so you can send the courier from Australia to Hong Kong from the comfort of your home.

DTDC does speedy delivery of parcels from the source location to the destination. It offers a vast variety of services you can choose from. According to your need, you can pick from standard delivery, economy service, express delivery, etc.

They have a diligent customer service team that works round the clock. You can entrust your courier with DTDC and it will be delivered to the destination address on time.

How do I send a package to Hong Kong?

First, wrap the parcel in soft materials like bubble wrap and place it inside a sturdy box. You can use more than one box if necessary. Write the recipient’s name, phone no, and complete address over the top of the box. Then weigh the package and head over to the website of the courier service you intend to use. You can use DTDC, pack and send Hong Kong etc.

 Calculate the approx. price of the delivery using the calculator of the website.

 If you are okay with the charges, you can book the service, after specifying the collection date and other details. On the collection date, you can either drop off the courier at the courier service’s office or wait for the delivery driver to pick it up. After the courier to Hong Kong has been delivered, you will receive an update.

Can we Courier food items to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a port free from customs duties. However, there are many things you cannot import into the region. Food is one such item that is monitored. Sending food items to Hong Kong is not prohibited, but it is restricted. The entry of certain food like Rice, poultry, meat, alcoholic drinks, frozen food, etc. is regulated. Still, if you want to send items like meat or eggs, you need a health certificate that states that these items are fit for consumption.

The food you are sending should not be perishable. They should be properly packaged.

Whether or not you can send food to Hong Kong will also depend on the courier service. Most delivery services have their own list of restricted items which they won’t send. So, you should check out their website or contact them directly beforehand.

What are the courier charges from Australia to Hong Kong?

After picking a good courier service, head over to their website. Many courier delivery companies have an online calculator that you can use to find the approx. courier charges from Australia to Hong Kong per kg.

Depending on the company and the type of service you chose, it may cost you anywhere from AUD 90 to AUD 500. The cost of shipping from Australia to Hong Kong will also depend on the package weight and measurement. Some services will ship Door to Door, while others may do it Door to Port or Door to Airport.

What is the cheapest way to ship a package from Australia to Hong Kong?

You can opt for the Economy service which is more inexpensive than Express delivery. Do the research and check the webpage of many different couriers to HK services to compare their prices. Also, look out for special deals and discounts.

Alternatively, you can use postal/ mail services. Often, they are way cheaper than courier services. So inquire with them to see if they deliver courier to Hong Kong from Australia.

How do I send a courier to Hong Kong?

To send parcel from Australia to Hong Kong, you can use the service of any first-rate courier companies. They will take care of the ins and outs of the delivery without you having to break a sweat. You can also send the package through your local postal service if they ship internationally.

But with Australia to Hong Kong courier services, you have the option of choosing a door to door service. Their delivery person will come to your house to pick up the package. You don’t need to visit their center like in the case of postal services.

You can send the parcel to Hong Kong from the comforts of your home by using the website of the courier service to do the booking.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Hong Kong?

If time is not a priority, the cheapest way to send a parcel would be choosing the standard delivery option rather than express delivery.

Express service sends the packages through the air route with the help of cargo planes or commercial flights. So, often it takes just one day to deliver the package to the destination. In comparison, standard services take 4-7 days to deliver.

Sea freights are way cheaper, especially if you send a large number of goods often. But, it is slower in contrast to other routes like land freight or air freight.

How much does it cost to ship to Hong Kong?

There is not a blanket price on the courier cost of sending a package to Hong Kong. The shipping to Hong Kong cost is determined by several factors.

It depends on:

The source-destination: The more the distance between the origin country and the destination, the more it will cost,

Courier service: Some courier services to Hong Kong offer unmatched special discounts while others charge exorbitant prices

Insurance: If you are sending a highly valued parcel, you may feel the need to get insurance in case of loss or damage. Postage to Hong Kong insurance coverage will cost you more.

Package dimensions: The price is also determined by its height, length, width as well as it’s the weight.

Mode of delivery: Opting for the door to door delivery may cost you more than door to port.