Same Day Courier Brisbane
Please wait for the email with a job ID to write on the shipment along with the instructions on how to prepare your shipment before handing it over to the driver. The shipping label will be emailed to you on the following business day for any after-business hours booking. No printer is required.
Pick up time is estimated, and it is Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm, except weekends and public holidays.
Yes. Driver will call you (the sender) 30mins before pickup or when he is 6 kms away from the pickup location to give you time to get your shipment ready. Please bring your shipment to the ground floor or to the concierge for a unit address pickup of a high-rise building. The driver will not wait or come upstairs to pick up shipment. There will be additional cost involved for a failed pick up, delay in handing over the shipment (5 mins or more) or return for another pickup.
The driver takes a photograph of the shipment at the time of pick up and at the time of drop off at our depot which ensures the safety and security of your package.
This service is only available in the metro city areas in Australia.
No, unless there is a discrepancy when weight and dimensions of the shipment are under-declared by customer. An additional invoice with the correct information of weight and dimension will be sent to the customer to pay complete shipping charges.

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