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Revolutionize Your Perth Deliveries: DTDCs Game-Changing Solution

perth delivery solution

How Can We Help Your Customers In Perth?

Many businesses encounter challenges when it comes to serving customers in Perth. The primary issue revolves around the complexities of shipping to Perth.

Rainy seasons often bring heavy traffic congestion to Perth, resulting in frustrating delays. Additionally, heavy rainfall can cause train tracks to become submerged, disrupting transportation entirely. Last year, this happened four times.

These factors collectively lead to delayed deliveries for Perth customers, causing them to wait anxiously for their packages.

DTDC has devised a solution to address these issues through our Perth Gateway.

Let me elucidate how our gateway effectively mitigates these challenges.

  • Our Perth Gateway has enabled us to achieve significant cost savings, cutting transit costs by an impressive 15%, while dramatically boosting delivery speed by an astonishing 50% to specific destinations. Yes, you read that correctly! This substantial improvement ensures faster and more cost-effective shipments.
  • We provide consolidated cargo clearance, offering Formal Clearance and SAC clearance
  • Additionally, our services include last-mile delivery, further enhancing the timeliness of deliveries.

All of these factors contribute to ensuring customer satisfaction, as our deliveries to Perth are prompt and cost-effective.

Consider the potential of this solution to streamline your shipping operations and delight your customers in Perth.

Concerned about Your Perth Shipments? Let’s Talk.


Kind Regards,

Naseem Noor
Sales Manager, eCommerce & Logistics
Phone number: 1300 658 775


Publication Date: 24 October, 2023

1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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