Pallet Storage

Large consignments come with a lot of responsibility. Here at DTDC Australia we  recognize the importance of skilled pallet delivery companies managing your items and swiftly delivering your pallets. This gives you peace of mind by guaranteeing that your items arrive on time and in excellent condition. 

When you decide to ship a pallet using DTDC Australia, you have various delivery alternatives to select from; thus, whatever your demands and time limitations are, we’re sure to have the correct solution for you!

What Is Pallet Courier Services?

Pallet delivery entails loading items or containers onto a pallet, strapping them down using strapping, stretch wrap, or shrink wrap, and conveying them to their destination. Pallet delivery businesses typically utilise wooden pallets, but they may also employ plastic or metal pallets if they are more suited to a certain consignment or mode of transport.

Pallet delivery services are popular among businesses because they make commodities handling and storage easier. Most pallets can readily hold a weight of 1,000 kg, making big stacks moving considerably easier. Pallet delivery businesses sometimes offer warehousing as well, removing the need to negotiate pricing with several companies.

Why Use DTDCs Pallet Service?

Pallet delivery services are getting increasingly popular due to their numerous advantages.

When products are transported on a pallet, they are significantly less likely to be damaged since they are only handled by forklift vehicles — there is never any risk your fragile goods will be flung from one man to another!

Pallet delivery services can be used by small firms that sell large things to clients who purchase many items but are unable to move them themselves. The delivery is rather swift because the trucks always drive to the central hub and then distribute to their allocated region. Even if your pallet does not fill an HGV, it can be transported to the depot alongside others, regardless of where they are going.

Integrated Online Tracking

At DTDC we provide you with a user friendly online tracker. You can find the tracker here at and select “Tracking” on the homepage or go to If your shipment is coming in from Australia this is your tracking


Variety Of Sizes

When you need a consignment delivered that is too bulky, huge, or heavy to send by regular ways, go no further than DTDC Australia’s specialised pallet service. Whatever your delivery requirements, we have a pallet solution for the size and weight you require.

It doesn’t matter what size pallet you use. As long as they do not exceed conventional network constraints, we will collect and mail items from ground level locations. They’ll be classified as awkward freight if they do. However, it’s worth asking your recipient if they have a favourite pallet type.

Why Do I Need A Pallet?

If you’re delivering goods, most nations require you to utilise a pallet:

weighing more than 70 kg, and measuring more than 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 m\

A pallet can also be used for smaller or lighter goods. If your pallet cannot be stacked, you will be charged a premium. It’s also important to keep in mind that the size and weight of your pallet will be added to your shipment cost.

Are There Different Pallet Sizes?

These Are The Main Ones

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What Makes A Good Pallet?

A well-packed pallet may work wonders, but wood is still the best option for us. After all, it’s tough and inexpensive. Selecting the lowest choice will just cost you more in the long run.

What Makes Pallets Useful Shipping Methods?

Faster Deliveries

Moving one pallet carrying 30 boxes is substantially faster than moving 30 boxes separately with the correct tools.

Smart Storage

Pallets’ regular shape improves storage efficiency. Pallets are used in many warehouses for this purpose.

Protection Reassurance 

In addition to the robust foundation and protective covering, less manual handling equals less product damage.

Workplace Safety

People, unlike big boxes, will not attempt to raise pallets. This reduces the likelihood of back injuries.

Personalized Pallet Fulfilment Features

Comprehensive Customs Service

We get it. Customs and regulations can be a tricky thing, with DTDCs 10 000 locations and expert customs management system, your goods will always go where they are needed

Managed Pickups

Complete online booking and management of pickups and shipments. We make life easier for you by innovating to the max!

Advanced Pallet Tracking Tool

Streamlined shipment tracking with DTDCs online tracking software , an online tracking tool built for shippers and shipments of all types and sizes.

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