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How to wrap a package for shipping

What tips should I keep to package my items?

            What tips should I keep to package my items?

  1. Proper External Packaging. 
  2. Effective Internal Packaging. 
  3. Check labels for readability and clarity.
  4. Follow the rules, and avoid banned items.

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Parcels will be mixed with thousands of other boxes in transit, varying in shape, size, and weight. 

As the box navigates extensive delivery channels, including planes, vans, and transportation hubs, it’s crucial to package your shipment adequately to reduce the likelihood of damage. 

So, you must package your shipment correctly to reduce the likelihood of any damage taking place. 

Not sure how to wrap the package properly? We understand your concern, and to assist you better, we have compiled a list of helpful tips and advice. We hope this will help you. 

How to wrap a package for shipping?

External packaging 

  • Pack items in correct boxes, seal them with strong tape and ensure a tight seal to avoid damage during transport. 
  • For safe shipping, use new, heavy-duty double corrugated cardboard boxes. Consider double-boxing the item for extra protection.
  • Use strong tape and plastic wrap to secure boxes and packets during transit.
  • For items that come with ‘display packaging’, it is recommended to place them in an outer box before sending.
  • If you’re recycling a used cardboard box, make sure to remove all old stickers and labels from previous shipments.

Internal packaging 

  • For better protection during transit and to reduce the risk of damage to other items, wrap each item in the box individually.
  • Explore options like polystyrene, bubble wrap, or even newspaper for interior packaging to prevent movement in the box. 
  • The contents must be fully cushioned to prevent direct outer contact.

Shipping labels 

Once your order is placed, we will send you a prepaid shipping label. All you have to do is print it out and securely attach it to the outside of your package.

Customs Documents 

It is important to affix three copies of the customs documents on the outside of the package to ensure smooth processing of international shipments. You can place these in a plastic wallet or envelope for added protection. However, if you do not have one, a standard envelope labelled ‘Customs’ should suffice.

Prohibited items 

To ship a parcel safely, you need to know what items are not allowed in a courier network. We have a list of prohibited and restricted items created with input from our courier partners.

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