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Shipping Wine A Comparative GuideDHL vs TNT

How To Send Wine?

Sending a bottle of quality wine to a loved one or business acquaintance may be a classy and considerate gift in a world where relationships tend to be made across boundaries. However, when you have to ship these delicate bottles along a longer route, then shipping wine might seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry; there are shipping services that ensure that these fragile items are safely shipped and make it easy for you to share love, joy, and vintage luscious taste.

Sending Wine- Tradition and Relationship

How to send wine?

For generations, wine has represented joy, intimacy, and sophistication. And today, with advancements in almost every aspect of life, one is able to share this elixir with anyone across the globe. Sending wine may express feelings that words often can’t, whether it’s to celebrate a particular event, express gratitude, or build business relationships. 

Sending wine is a custom that reflects the core of interpersonal relationships. It’s a gesture that goes beyond physical distance, enabling us to communicate, rejoice, and comfort in ways that words might not be able to convey adequately. The custom of delivering wine is a timeless reminder of the value of kind deeds and the skill of building relationships over distance and time in a world where change is a constant.

Which Courier Service Works Best For Shipping Wine?

Selecting the best courier service is essential when sending wine since it requires navigating a number of logistical factors. TNT and DHL are two prominent names associated with this, and you may select any of these services for shipping your wine bottles. But to choose the better option, you must first learn specific details of these options. 

Wine Shipment With TNT

TNT is one of the preferable choices here, especially if you want to send beverage items and more. TNT is good for personal/commercial shipments. However, the packaging requires your careful attention and consideration while using this service for shipments. 

  • Ensure appropriate packaging-  The first step in shipping wine with TNT is proper packaging, which involves making sure that every bottle is firmly packed to endure the rigours of transportation. Wine packing boxes with cradle designs are available from Kennard/Storage King. To keep bottles from clinking against one another while being transported, these crates usually have partitions.
  • Proper marking- When the bottles are securely tucked inside the packing, it’s important to ensure that they are marked with fragile tape. Handlers are made aware of the fragile nature of the goods by this little but important step, which encourages them to take further care during shipping.
  • Pallet shipments available- The capacity to transport substantial amounts of wine is one of the main benefits of utilising TNT. When shipping large quantities of wine, TNT is the best option for companies or private customers because it can transport full pallets up to 250 kg in weight.
  • A drawback- No insurance- You should be aware that wine shipments made through TNT are not covered by insurance, unlike a lot of other transported goods. It follows that even while TNT offers dependable service, delivering wine carries some inherent risks. Thus, care should be taken to reduce the chance of breaking.

Wine Shipment With DHL

Another major competitor for your beverage shipment in the market is DHL, and it is an option for anyone wishing to deliver wine. So let’s compare it with the services offered by TNT so that you may decide for yourself which works best in your case. 

  • Limited quantity delivery- DHL has limitations on the amount of wine that can be shipped in a single cargo, in contrast to TNT. You may only mail a single bottle as a gift at a time with DHL. This limitation may be a factor for individuals wishing to deliver lesser amounts.
  • Proper packaging- As you are shipping fragile bottles, proper packaging must also be a consistent key here. It’s crucial to utilise appropriate packaging to make sure your bottles are sufficiently cushioned to avoid breaking during transit. 
  • Better for smaller shipments- DHL excels at handling lower shipment amounts, even while it might not be able to handle the bulk transport of an entire pallet of wine. Because of this, DHL is a desirable choice for people who value the ease of mailing a single bottle as a gift. 
  • No insurance- Even here, no insurance would be provided for sending fragile items. So, you must be careful when packing your items as you might not want those delicate, expensive bottles to break before reaching the desired destination. 

Pack With Kennard/Storage King

Pack with Kennard Storage King

If you’re planning to move or store delicate items like crockery and glassware, you must ensure that they are packed properly to avoid any damage. Purpose-built boxes designed specifically for storing crockery can be the ideal solution for this purpose. These boxes are crafted with extreme attention to detail to provide maximum protection for your fragile items during transportation or storage.

With their sturdy construction, custom compartments, and convenient features like handles and labels, crockery boxes are a reliable and practical option for keeping your delicate items safe and secure. The crockery storage box, as its name suggests, is tailored to accommodate crockery and glassware of various sizes. One of its standout features is the adjustable inserts, which can be easily modified to fit different plate and glass dimensions. 

Considering that crockery and glassware are not lightweight, the heavy-duty single cardboard construction of these boxes is a notable advantage. The robust single-wall design with a single flute weave enhances the box’s strength and durability, making it well-suited for moving purposes. Whether you’re transporting your belongings to a new home or storing them for an extended period, you can trust that these boxes will provide reliable protection.

Pairing the crockery storage box with bubble wrap inserts further enhances its protective capabilities. The combination of the box’s robust construction and additional cushioning provided by bubble wrap ensures that your fragile items are shielded from impacts, vibrations, and other hazards during transit or storage.

This added layer of protection gives you peace of mind, knowing that your crockery and glassware are well-guarded against potential breakage or scratches.

It’s also worth noting that all our storage boxes, including the crockery storage box, are proudly Australian-made. This commitment to local manufacturing not only supports the domestic economy but also ensures that our products adhere to high-quality standards and environmental regulations.

The Specific Dimensions For These Boxes By Kennard Storage Are:


600 mm


300 mm


306 mm


55 Litres

Let’s end the debate…

Finally, it should be noted that TNT and DHL are respectable choices for shipping wine to destinations worldwide. Regardless of the courier service used, the safe and secure packaging of the bottles is essential to a successful dispatch. Geographical barriers can no longer prevent the delight of sharing a nice bottle of wine, whether you choose DHL’s flexibility for smaller shipments or TNT’s capacity to handle more significant amounts.

To guarantee a seamless and trouble-free delivery, reviewing the particular policies and procedures offered by the selected courier service before shipping your priceless cargo is necessary. Therefore, remember this the next time you want to celebrate a milestone or make a unique gift from a distance: with reliable courier services, you may deliver wine with style and convenience.

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