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Netherlands FB Ad (kegan)The DTDC Australia other than offering unparalleled economical excess baggage service also stands out in providing unmatchable courier service, fast track courier, imports from China, interstate courier, international courier and parcel post service from Australia to The Netherlands. If you want to parcel a gift to your family and friends in Netherlands or just send a document from Australia to Netherlands, we at DTDC Australia could ensure its timely-delivery. We strive to give the most reasonable services to all our clients. Our highly cost-effective and standard service is the sole reason for our repeated customers.

Excess Baggage Rates to Netherlands from Australia

In your journey from Australia to the Netherlands, take advantage of the DTDC Australia excess baggage services. The DTDC’s vast network is available all over Australia, so no matter which part of the country you are, the DTDC will always be there for you. Along with the excess baggage transfer, our package includes bag-wrap services for extra security of your luggage and the baggage storage in our safe facility, even for a short time before dispatch. For exact prices, click

Carrying over-weight luggage from Australia to Netherlands is quite expensive as airlines excess baggage charges could be anywhere from $40 to $90 per kg. Compared to that, your cheaper option could be Unaccompanied Baggage as described below.

1.5% of the Full Economy Class Adult fare per kilogram. Taken on board aircraft as EXCESS Baggage.


Could only be sent as cargo prior to departure.
Must have a valid ticket and also subject to space availability. Generally this service is not available for door delivery. Depending on the country and your location from Airport in that country you are travelling to, this can turn into a very expensive option as you require to come to the airport to present all required documentation to get your shipment released and then it will be your responsibility to arrange delivery.

*All rates and charges are subject to change without notice.

Airline Excess Baggage and Airline Unaccompanied Baggage rates are based on Qantas rates effective 15/12/2014.

Our Excess Baggage service is ‘Door To Door’ only unless otherwise specified, our price includes everything ‘Door To Door’ except Customs Duty, any applicable Taxes at destination, Quarantine charges, storage charges if applicable.
*Rates are calculated per kilogram from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide Metro area only.  Pickup and delivery of the shipment from anywhere outside of Metro area will attract additional charges as per the pick- up and delivery postcode. Please click for exact price.

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