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Excess Baggage From Australia To South Korea

What are the excess baggage shipping times and
costs from Australia to South Korea

Why do we prefer no-frill travel?

We advocate shipping luggage in advance for an enhanced travel experience, especially with Excess Baggage from Australia to South Korea. Many customers face challenges navigating airports with bulky baggage, particularly when traveling with children. Despite these difficulties, shipping luggage in advance offers clear benefits. Lack of baggage assistance can persist even after landing, detracting from the overall travel experience. Travel should be enjoyable and worry-free, so we’re here to provide support. With our assistance, you can enjoy a stress-free travel experience, whether solo or with loved ones.

How do you make a booking?

When you have access to a printer.

Get your spot online

Print correct labels

Place the labels on the box

We will arrive for the pickup

We will deliver the package

When you do not have access to a printer.

Place Order Online

Following your reservation, an email with a QR code will be sent to your mobile device

When you arrive at the Australia Post office, bring your phone with you and show the executive the QR code on your device.

Take the box, place a label on it, and give it to them.

We deliver to your destination

We will carry your package

We pick up the box

They will take two printouts of the label from the QR code. Then they would accept your parcel box and affix one label over it and another one they will hand over to you.

They will take two printouts of the label from the QR code. Then they would accept your parcel box and affix one label over it and another one they will hand over to you.

We pick up the box

We will carry your package

We deliver to your destination

What makes DTDC special?

DTDC Australia has established itself as a leading force in international shipping, boasting a vast network that spans numerous countries. This extensive reach empowers you to send and receive packages anywhere in the world with unmatched ease. Whether you require express delivery for urgent items or freight services for large-scale shipments, our diverse portfolio caters to individual needs and industry demands. At DTDC, exceeding your expectations is our unwavering commitment. We prioritise delivering your packages safely and on schedule, ensuring reliable and timely services. Our dedicated customer support team is always at your disposal, offering personalised assistance and readily addressing any concerns you may have.

Recognising each client’s unique needs, DTDC Australia goes the extra mile. We tailor our services to meet your requirements, ensuring a personalised experience surpassing expectations. Choose DTDC Australia and experience a world of seamless connections and exceptional service.

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Enjoy steep discounts of 60-70% compared to leading carriers. We share our bulk savings with you, making international shipping genuinely affordable.

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Rely on our commitment to dependable service and competitive pricing. Start your shipping journey with us and experience complete satisfaction.

Free Pickup, Seamless Convenience

No hidden fees, just one all-inclusive price. We prioritise your convenience, offering free parcel pickup for your comfort.

Safeguarded Shipments, Peace of Mind

Opt for our insurance plan and protect your belongings with coverage up to $2000. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your shipment is fully secured.

Door-to-Door Delivery, Effortless Experience

Relax while we handle everything. Simply schedule a pickup from your home, and we'll take care of delivery to the desired destination.

Exceptional Support, Every Step of the Way

Our dedicated customer service team is available throughout your shipping journey, ensuring your questions and concerns are promptly addressed.

Real-Time Tracking, Complete Transparency

Monitor your parcel's progress 24/7 with our online tracking system. Receive continuous updates until delivery, ensuring you're always informed.

Leading Partners, Unparalleled Service

We leverage partnerships with top global carriers and our dedicated service to ensure your shipment reaches its destination safely and securely. We never compromise on quality, choosing only the best carriers to meet your specific needs.

Excess Baggage From Australia To South Korea Custom Requirements

Passengers are allowed to bring certain items into South Korea without having to pay customs duty.

  • The importation of items that threaten public order, national security, or cultural norms is prohibited. This includes books, publications, images, movies, music, sculptures, and other similar materials. Additionally, goods that could expose confidential government information or be used for espionage are also banned. Finally, importing counterfeit currency, bonds, or securities is strictly forbidden.
  • Postal items with a total value below US$150 for personal use, sample items below US$250, and free promotional materials for exhibitions below US$5 per visitor are duty-free. Any exceeding goods will be subject to customs duties.
  • Additionally, gifts and other goods within certain limits may be exempt from customs duties. 

How widespread and reliable is DTDC?

Glancing into DTDC’s past and performance history is crucial to determining its status and reputation.DTDC Australia is a French Post entity. DTDC Australia is a DPD organisation. With 22,000 locations across Europe, DPD is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known courier services in the region. French Post owns all of DPD, but the DPD brand owns 40% of DTDC Australia. Globally, DTDC Australia expands its reach with a vast network of 30,000 locations across the globe. The breadth of DTDC’s network bears witness to both its remarkable trajectory and steadfast position within the courier industry. As a reputable worldwide network, DTDC guarantees dependable and effective courier services. Join our happy clients in taking advantage of our wide reach and trustworthy solutions by accepting an invitation to experience the excellence of our services.


Each piece of baggage on the flight must not exceed 30 kg, and any weight between 30 kg and 35 kg will incur charges at the current excess baggage rate. The overall weight limit for baggage on all flights is capped at 40 kg per piece, ensuring compliance with the stipulated regulations for a secure and hassle-free journey. Any excess baggage over these specified guidelines is chargeable by the airline company with an extra fee of as high as $200 per kg.
This depends on the service requested, as well as pickup and delivery locations. The estimated delivery time for express documents is between 4 and 8 business days in metro city areas of the destination countries. The estimated delivery time for Express parcels is between 10-11 business days for destination countries.
Customers receive all necessary documentation promptly, allowing them ample time (2-3 hours) to prepare and print the required shipment paperwork. For their convenience, customers can choose their preferred pickup date with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. If printing proves inconvenient, our pickup service offers a solution. For a nominal fee of $10, drivers can provide a manual bill of lading upon request, eliminating the need for customer printing and ensuring a seamless shipping experience.

To check your shipment’s status and location, visit DTDC Australia’s Track Your Shipment page. Enter your country of origin, tracking number, and registered email address. After submission, receive the current shipment status. We also offer tracking updates upon dispatch.

Prohibited Stuff

llicit Medicines

All illegal drugs are banned.

Medicine & Drugs

Offensive Weapons

Weapons intended to cause harm, such as flick knives, are not allowed.


Defensive Aerosols

Self-defense sprays like pepper spray and CS gas are strictly prohibited.

Defensive Sprays

Endangered Species Products

Goods derived from endangered animals and plants are not permitted.

Plant & Animal

Uncut Diamonds

Unprocessed diamonds are forbidden.

Rough Diamonds

Plant and Animal products

No plant or animal products and food items are entertained.

Plant & Animal

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