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Shipping Luggage to Norway
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What are the luggage shipping times and
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Shipping Luggage to Norway

Why should you go for light travel?

Traveling light is usually the way to go for some excellent reasons. Being spontaneous and going with the flow on your trip is easier when you have less stuff with you. You don’t want to be weighed down with too many bags and things to carry everywhere. It’s better to ship your excess baggage from Australia to Norway.

You don’t need to stress over making sure everything is packed perfectly or whether you remembered everything. And you will only spend part of your trip playing Tetris with your bags, trying to fit more in. When you travel light, you can relax and enjoy yourself more. Getting around from place to place is easier when you don’t have too much luggage. You don’t have to check as many bags or pay extra baggage fees. Taxis, trains, and buses are less of a hassle.  Using our service means avoiding unwanted situations like losing luggage or dealing with damaged items. A good courier company ensures your things are handled properly so you can fully enjoy your trip.

How is the process of booking done?

When you have access to a printer.

Make your online booking

Label Printing

Put the labels on the package

Pickup procedure initiates

We will Deliver the package

When you do not have access to a printer.

Place Order Online

If you do not have a printer, following your reservation, an email with a QR code will be sent to your personal device.

When you arrive at the Australia Post office, bring your phone with you and show the executive the QR code on your device.

Take the box, place a label on it, and give it to them.

Stick a label to your box, and then hand it over.

We deliver to your selected destination

We pick up the parcel

They will take two printouts of the label from the QR code. Then they would accept your parcel box and affix one label over it and another one they will hand over to you.

They will take two printouts of the label from the QR code. Then they would accept your parcel box and affix one label over it and another one they will hand over to you.

Stick a label to your box, and then hand it over.

We pick up the parcel

We deliver to your selected destination

What is so special about DTDC?

DTDC Australia is a well-known global shipping company. Thanks to its huge reach, it can send and receive packages anywhere in the world. DTDC Australia offers a ton of courier and logistics services like express package delivery, freight, e-commerce logistics, and customized solutions for different industries. Customer satisfaction is super important to us. DTDC works hard to satisfy its clients’ many needs by providing reliable and on-time deliveries, helpful customer support, and tailored solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Bulk discounts for us mean bulk discounts for you. Send your courier at steep discounted rates than the world’s top carriers.

Credibility and Efficiency

We are entirely dependable and offer the most competitive prices in the market. Begin with our services, as we assure complete client satisfaction.

Free Pickup Service

There are no additional fees for parcel pickup You only need to pay an all-inclusive charge. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction!

Package Insurance

You can get your belongings covered at DTDC by an insurance plan. This insurance plan provides a ceiling of up to $2000 or 3.5% of the insurance value. The insurance plan starts with a $500 coverage at an expense of $17.5.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Simply place an order for parcel collection from your residence and unwind. Our representative will arrive directly at your doorstep and ensure its delivery to your intended destination.

Accessible Customer Support

We guarantee outstanding customer service throughout the entire process, from collecting your package to delivering it to the recipient. Our customer support is available to address any inquiries you may have.

Parcel Tracking

Monitor your parcel's status around the clock through our online tracking system. Additionally, we provide continuous tracking updates until the shipment is delivered, ensuring your peace of mind.

Top Carrier Partners

We utilize premier global carrier brands and our committed service to convey shipments safely. In determining the most appropriate carrier, we maintain quality. Our carriers and dedicated personnel ensure the secure transport of parcels.

Norway Custom Requirements

Passengers are allowed to bring certain items into Norway without having to pay customs duty.

  • Travellers are permitted to bring personal items valued under NOK 6,000 into Norway without paying customs or excise taxes.
  • Alcohol can be imported in Norway over 60% by volume
  • Certain items can be imported into Norway without customs duty, including 200 cigarettes or 250g tobacco and 200 cigarette papers; 1L spirits over 22% volume, 1. L wine is under 22% volume and 2L beer is up to 4 % volume.

How well-established and renowned is DTDC?

A review of DTDC’s history and performance is important to understand its standing and reputation. DTDC Australia is owned by French Post and is part of the DPD network. With over 22,000 locations across Europe, DPD is a leading courier service in the region. French Post fully owns DPD, which owns 40% of DTDC Australia. Globally, DTDC Australia utilizes a network of over 30,000 locations. The breadth of DTDC’s network demonstrates its growth and stability in the courier industry. As a reputable global network, DTDC ensures reliable and effective courier services.

We invite you to experience our broad reach and trusted solutions. Please accept our invitation to witness the excellence of our services firsthand. We are dedicated to serving your courier needs and appreciate your consideration.


As per Norwegian Airlines, any weight above 23 Kg must be chargeable. Each flyer is allowed to carry 23 Kg or above, for which $12 per Kg is charged for excess baggage. This limitation is quite restricting for people on a long-haul journey or going for international ventures. Go through the details if you are shipping excess baggage from Australia to Norway.

This depends on the service requested, as well as pickup and delivery locations. The estimated delivery time for express documents is between 3-7 business days in metro city areas of the destination countries. The estimated delivery time for Express parcels is between 5-10 business days for destination countries.
All necessary documentation is expeditiously transmitted to customers, allowing 2-3 hours to prepare and print the shipment. Customers can select a pickup date with a minimum one-day advance notification. Should customers encounter difficulties in arranging a printout, our pickup service provides an alternative solution—a pickup driver can furnish a manual bill of lading for an additional $10.00 fee upon request.

To check a shipment’s status and location, visit our website, DTDC Australia and go to the Track Your Shipment page. Enter the tracking number and registered email. After submission, receive the current status. Tracking updates are also provided upon dispatch.

Prohibited Items

Restricted Drugs

All illicit substances are prohibited.
Illegal Narcotics


Dangerous Weapons

Carrying offensive weapons, such as flick knives, is prohibited.
Dangerous Items - WEAPONS & FIREARMS


Pepper aerosols

The trade of self-defence sprays such as pepper spray and CS gas is prohibited.
Defensive aerosols​


Cells and Perfumes

Batteries and perfumes are not considered acceptable items.
Defensive aerosols​


Valuable diamonds

The transport of unprocessed diamonds is not allowed.
Antiques-Precious Items


Plant and Animal goods

No plant or animal products and food items are entertained.
Plant and Animal products​


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