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Why Travelling Light Is
The Ultimate Experience?

Opting to travel light and sending your excess baggage from Australia to France ahead significantly enhances the overall travel experience for various compelling reasons. Beyond the evident convenience at airports, where lighter luggage facilitates swift navigation through check-in, security, and boarding, the choice to travel light helps avoid fees and restrictions imposed by airlines. This approach minimizes stress and fatigue associated with managing heavy bags, allowing travellers to enjoy their journey without the physical strain of juggling multiple pieces of luggage. 

With lighter baggage, you get the benefits of quick check-outs and check-ins at accommodations add to the overall convenience. Additionally, travellers experience peace of mind by sending excess baggage ahead, ensuring their belongings reach their destination securely and on time. In essence, travelling light and managing excess baggage proactively contribute to a streamlined, stress-free, and more enjoyable travel adventure.

How Does It Work?

If you have a printer

Book Service Online

Print Lables

Stick The Label To your Package

We Collect

Package Delivered To You

If you don’t have a printer

Book Service Online

Don’t Have A Printer?

If you do not keep a printer then do remember that upon booking, you will receive a QR code on your mobile via email.

Take your mobile device with you soon as you step into the closest Australia Post office, and show the QR code to the officials there.

Delivered to you

We Collect

Take the box, stick a label to it, and then hand it over.

Two label printouts will be obtained from the QR code. Afterwards, they will take up your parcel box, attach one label, and hand over the second label to you.

Two label printouts will be obtained from the QR code. Afterwards, they will take up your parcel box, attach one label, and hand over the second label to you.

Take the box, stick a label to it, and then hand it over.

We Collect

Delivered to you

Why Choose DTDC For
Your Excess Baggage Shipment?

Free Pickup Services

Enjoy the ease of DTDC's complimentary pickup services. Let us know your requirements, and we'll promptly devise a personalized solution crafted to match your specific needs.

Reliable and Punctual

Our commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering. With a dedicated team of experts, we strive to deliver top-notch service, ensuring your journey remains trouble-free.

Economical Shipping Solutions

Opt for DTDC and benefit from cost-effective rates on your shipments. Enjoy substantial savings on shipping baggage, personalized to suit your specific needs.

Online Shipment Monitoring Made Easy

Experience worry-free shipping with our online package tracking service, allowing you to effortlessly check your package's real-time status and location.

Parcel Insurance and Coverage

You have the option to obtain insurance for your belongings, covering a maximum declared value of $20,000 or 3.5% of the claimed insurance value. The minimum insurance of $500 will incur a cost of approximately $17.50.

Effortless Parcel Pickup Process

Initiating parcel collection through the DTDC website is a straightforward process. In most instances, parcels booked in the morning can be picked up on the same day, with a potential delay for remote areas until the following day.

Excess Baggage From Australia To France
Customs Requirements

Set out on a relaxed trip to France, forgetting about your excess luggage. Travelling with lots of baggage may be difficult, especially if you have additional items. While certain airlines could permit extra baggage, you would think that the possibility of restrictions and high costs would lessen the appeal of your trip to France.

Our shipping services offer a sophisticated way to handle excess luggage in response. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with door-to-door delivery, where your extra luggage or valuables are handled with the quickness and grace that only French elegance can offer. Learn about the France Customs Requirements before your visit to guarantee that your luggage is processed efficiently. Give us your extra luggage so you may travel around the breathtaking country of France in unparalleled comfort and style without concern.

DTDC's Global Triumph - A Pinnacle

Enter DTDC’s captivating worldwide excellence, a tale intertwined with performance and history.  In Australia, DTDC operates as a French Post Entity harmonizing seamlessly with DPD, the luminary courier service in Europe boasting an impressive network of 22,000 outlets. The collaboration deepens as DTDC Australia proudly claims a 40% ownership stake from the esteemed DPD brand, a beacon wholly owned by the illustrious French Post. Globally, DTDC Australia casts its expansive net, weaving a network of 30,000 outlets across the world.

This mosaic of connectivity isn’t just a display of numbers; it’s a testament to DTDC’s extraordinary journey and unassailable position in the courier industry. At DTDC, we wear our global reach and stellar reputation like a badge of honour, consistently delivering dependable and efficient courier services that set industry standards ablaze.

FAQs about Shipping
Excess Baggage From Australia To France

As per Air France, the allowance for cabin baggage is contingent upon the designated travel cabin. Depending on your travel cabin, passengers are authorized to bring one or two cabin baggage items onboard, alongside a single accessory such as a handbag, briefcase, or a small bag for a notebook computer. Information regarding your travel cabin is indicated on both your booking and ticket.

It is imperative that your cabin baggage adheres to the specified dimensions of 55cm x 35cm x 25cm, while your accessory should not surpass 40cm x 30cm x 15cm. Additionally, the combined weight of your cabin baggage and accessories must not exceed 12kg for economy class travellers and 18kg for those travelling in business class.

Air France Airlines offers passengers the option to purchase an additional baggage allowance either online or at the airport, with the price varying based on the flight route and duration. For those checking in at the airport, Air France Airlines imposes fees for overweight or oversized baggage. If your hand luggage surpasses the airline’s established allowance, you will be required to check it in, incurring an additional fee. 

For Economy fare passengers, the cost for a second baggage piece ranges from €55 to €100, while each extra piece of luggage comes with a fee of €200 to €285. Overweight baggage, exceeding 23kg or 32kg depending on the allowance, incurs a fee ranging from €55 to €100, and oversized luggage with total dimensions exceeding 158cm attracts a fee ranging from €20 to €300.

For real-time updates on your shipment’s status and whereabouts, navigate to the Track Your Shipment section on the DTDC Australia website. Fill in crucial information such as your country of origin, tracking number, and the email address registered. Upon completion, you’ll receive the most recent status report for your shipment. Also, we ensure immediate tracking updates immediately after dispatching your shipment.

To send documents, customers receive an emailed consignment note attachment after each booking, which they are required to print and attach securely to the envelope. We typically dispatch all necessary paperwork to customers, allowing a 2-3 hour timeframe for them to prepare and print the shipment. During the booking process, customers have the option to choose a pickup date at least one day in advance. In cases where customers cannot arrange a printout for document dispatch, a pickup driver can furnish a manual consignment note for an extra fee of $10.00 upon request.

Prohibited Items

Forbidden Narcotics

The transportation of illegal narcotics is strictly prohibited, with additional restrictions on the carriage of tobacco and tobacco products.
Illegal Narcotics

Medicine & Drugs

Prohibited Hazardous Items

Strict prohibitions apply to the transportation of hazardous materials, including explosives, fireworks, radioactive substances, deactivated or replica weapons, swords, knives, and flammables/fire extinguishers.
Hazardous Items


Precious Valuables

Items with substantial value, such as works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold, silver, jewellery, watches, and precious metals, are subject to limitations.
Antiques-Precious Items


Monetary Items Limitation

Currency, credit cards, checks, bank cards, or any form of money or tickets are subject to restrictions.


Indecent Materials Restriction

We strictly prohibit the inclusion or dissemination of any items classified as indecent or obscene.


Alcohol Restrictions

The inclusion of any type of alcohol in shipped baggage is restricted for safety reasons. Let’s keep your journey smooth and enjoyable without the added weight of alcohol in your baggage.
Any Kind Of Alcohol


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