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Delivery All Your Business Goods Through DTDC


This delivery can occur within businesses, between businesses and consumers or vice versa. While many businesses engage a specific courier partner like DTDC for all or most of their deliveries, consumers can also hire some couriers for one-off deliveries.

While the word “courier” or you can DTDC itself tends to be interpreted as synonymous with fast, short-range delivery, parcel delivery by DTDC doesn’t have to be just across town—it can also mean delivery across the world.

In fact, couriers can take many forms. In Australia, in addition to trucks and vans, we operate on bicycles or motorcycles. For longer distance deliveries, we avail a long-haul truck, railways, and aircraft.

The products our courier service delivers can vary significantly.

The average consumer’s typical experience with couriers consists of receiving the items they ordered off of Amazon with FedEx or DTDC.

The reality of what our courier services can deliver is much more complex.

From excess baggage shipping like refrigerated courier services—delivering temperature controlled items such as seafood, biological and pharmaceutical products—DTDC delivers secure, sensitive documents, we have quite a bit of specialization in the industry.

The main difference between DTDC services and standard mail services lies in the fact that couriers are a premium service.

Our Courier partners provide benefits across the board that cannot be met by standard mail services:

  1. Faster delivery times

Through higher efficiency and specialization, couriers are able to deliver products more quickly than a standard mail service, often guaranteeing a specific date or the same day courier service and even time block.

  1. Order and delivery tracking

Often, the post office can provide you with a date range of when they believe a package or letter will be delivered. With a courier, online order tracking is much more robust and shippers and recipients know exactly when a package will be delivered on a specific day.

Choosing DTDC as your courier partner in business will help you to solve all the queries of fast and secure delivery of goods to the concerned ones.

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