Courier Services to Thailand

Express Document to Thailand

DTDC Australia ensures efficient and secure delivery of your important documents to Thailand. Count on our dedicated services for timely and reliable document transportation to your desired destination.

Air Freight to Thailand

Choose DTDC Australia for reliable air freight solutions to Thailand. Our tailored services guarantee dependable transportation, ensuring your shipments reach Thailand in a timely manner.

Parcel to Thailand

Experience hassle-free parcel delivery to Thailand with DTDC Australia. Our customized solutions provide seamless and efficient shipping, delivering your parcels to various locations across Thailand.

Excess Baggage to Thailand

Planning a trip to Thailand with excess baggage? DTDC Australia offers cost-effective solutions for handling your extra luggage. Trust us to take care of the logistics, ensuring your belongings arrive safely in Thailand.

Sea Freight to Thailand

DTDC Australia specializes in reliable sea freight solutions for shipping goods to Thailand. Our expertise in secure transportation ensures your merchandise reaches Thailand efficiently, making your shipping experience worry-free.

Shipping to Thailand

DTDC Australia is your trusted partner for comprehensive shipping services to Thailand. With our efficient solutions, your shipments will be delivered to Thailand with ease and reliability.

Pallet to Thailand

Rely on DTDC Australia for hassle-free pallet transport to Thailand. Our specialized services guarantee the safe and efficient delivery of your palletized goods to their intended locations. With our expertise in logistics and dedicated handling, your pallet transport needs to Thailand are in good hands.

Exporting to Thailand

Expand your business into Thailand with DTDC Australia’s specialized export solutions. Benefit from our comprehensive customs clearance and logistical support for successful business expansion in Thailand.

Imports to Australia from Thailand

DTDC Australia ensures seamless imports from Thailand to Australia. Our streamlined processes and expertise in documentation and shipping make importing goods from Thailand a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Who are we?

We at DTDC Australia have been providing the best domestic and international courier service for the last thirty years. Our first headquarter in India was founded by Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty, back in 1990. From there, we have evolved into one of the most well-known courier services in the world. Right at this moment, we have 50,000 members and is spread all over the world in 240 countries around 10,000 locations. During this Covid pandemic, we are completely devoting ourselves for the benefit of our customers by providing various services such as tech development, reverse logistics management, cross borders solutions, multi-vendor management, last mile delivery, sample showrooms, warehouse fulfilment, marketplace listing, etc.
There arises a number of situations when we are required to send parcel to our near and dear ones or to our colleagues and bosses. While sending the parcels, our primary concern is the security as well as the costs of sending them. Moreover, we are also worried about the huge paperwork that is to be done before sending a parcel. We at DTDC Australia assures you to send your parcels at the lowest possible rates with the maximum security and minimum paperwork. You are only required to enter a few information and select the type of service you are willing to opt and the rest is our duty. This article will give you a detailed idea about the things you need to keep in mind while sending a courier to Thailand from Australia.

Our services

Mentioned below are some of the services that you can choose while sending a courier to Thailand from Australia.
Door to Door service: If you choose this service, you have to do nothing but give your parcel to our representative from your door step and we will do the rest. You just have to book this service from our official website and have to enter the details. We will also deliver the parcel at the doorstep of the receiver.
Door to Port Sea Freight: This service is ideal for sending large and heavy packages from your door to the receiver’s port. This service is available in two forms: door to port air and door to port sea. However, we at DTDC Australia only offers you the Door to Airport service. Now, Door to Airport service is offered to the clients in two ways: Express and Deferred. When sending a courier to Thailand using this service, your parcel will be taken by us from your door and it will be handed over to the recipient in the Thailand Airport.
Airport Freight: This is another service offered to the clients in which you have to drop your courier at your nearest airport either physically or through post. Our representatives will collect it from there and will hand it over to the recipient at his or her nearest airport.
Express Cargo: We have often faced such emergencies where we have to send couriers urgently for any official or family purposes. If you have to send a very urgent courier to Thailand, then this express cargo service can be your best bet. It takes around 2-4 days to complete such deliveries. You can keep live track of these deliveries. However, such deliveries are made only on the metro cities.
Student Express: This is a special service specially made for the students. Many times, students are required to send urgent documents to different universities across the world with in a very short period. This will help them to send such documents within 2-3 days to their destination countries.
Excess baggage: Suppose, you are travelling to another country and you have a lot of luggage that you will need to carry with you. In those cases, you can opt for this service. We help you to transport your excess baggage to your respective countries at a very affordable rate and within a very quick span of time.
Import Express: Sometimes, it may happen that you want to import goods from Thailand. DTDC Australia will help you in importing goods from Thailand also. Importing goods from other countries is not simple procedure as it includes various legal complications. We will help you with all those problems and will guide in getting the permit from the customs.

Send a Courier to Thailand:

Follow the below mentioned steps to send your courier to Thailand from Australia.
  • The first and foremost thing is that you have to provide all the important and relevant information so that your parcel does not get lost. Take a shipping level and write the address of two parties – sender and receiver. Also, provide the phone number and email address.
  • The next step is you have to go to our official website and select the type of courier service according to your requirements.
  • You will find of list of items in our website, which you are allowed to send. Moreover, there are various guidelines also, which you will have to keep in mind while packaging and sending your parcels.
  • Then you will have to book your delivery. Complete the payment procedure online. You can pay via PayPal or your debit/credit card.
  • After you have completed your booking procedure, you have to hand over your parcel to our representative or you have to go to our office to give it physically.
Finally, use our online portal to keep track of your parcel.
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