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DTDC Australia is here to provide reliable courier services, for sending couriers to South Africa.It's always a special feeling to receive colorful packages from our loved ones. And it's quite common to send packages all around the world for various reasons like business, gifts, or other purposes. However, sometimes safety concerns can make the process a bit challenging. But don't worry.

Courier Services to South Africa

Express Document to South Africa

You can trust DTDC Australia to transport your documents to South Africa securely. Our fast delivery service ensures that your documents will arrive safely at their destination. DTDC Australia is here to help you send your documents.

Air Freight to South Africa

If you need air freight service to South Africa, DTDC Australia is at your service. Our experience allows us to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time. Trust the air freight services of DTDC Australia for your shipping needs.

Parcel to South Africa

Use the reliable parcel delivery services of DTDC Australia to send packages to South Africa. The safety and prompt delivery of your shipments are our top priorities. DTDC Australia is the finest option for sending shipments to Sri Lanka.

Excess Baggage to South Africa

DTDC Australia will handle your excess baggage while you are traveling to South Africa. Allow our logistics experts to handle the hassle of transporting your excess cargo at a low cost. You can rely on us to deliver your excess baggage safely to South Africa

Sea Freight to South Africa

DTDC Australia provides fast and affordable shipping options by sea to South Korea. Choose the most suitable sea freight service for your requirements with the assistance of our trained staff. If you need dependable Sea freight to South Africa, team up with DTDC Australia.

Shipping to South Africa

DTDC Australia is your trusted partner for shipping to South Africa. Our dedicated team ensures the safe and reliable transportation of your items. Count on DTDC Australia to handle your shipping needs to South Africa with utmost care and efficiency.

Pallet to South Africa

DTDC Australia provides Reputable and efficient pallet shipping to South Africa. We guarantee the safe delivery of your palletized items. You can rely on DTDC Australia to send your pallets to South Africa quickly and affordably.

Exporting to South Africa

Expanding into the South Korean market? DTDC Australia is here to empower your sales journey. Our comprehensive export services provide seamless customs clearance and robust logistical support for successful market entry in South Korea. Trust DTDC Australia to fuel your business growth in the South Korean market.

Imports to Australia from South Africa

Importing from South Korea to Australia? Look no further than DTDC Australia. Our professional import services handle all aspects, from documentation to shipping, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Partner with DTDC Australia for reliable and efficient imports from South Korea.

courier to south Africa from Australia

Need to send critical documents to South Africa immediately? We are your answer. Quick deliveries and careful handling. Count on our dependability. Simple tracking of your cargo. Online booking, secure packing, pickup, tracking, and it's there. We take care of your documents at DTDC Australia. We deliver courier to South Africa seamlessly and timely.

You can enjoy a hassle-free and reliable parcel shipping experience to South Africa by choosing DTDC Australia Courier Company. We have a wide network that allows us to deliver your parcels quickly and safely. Our prices are competitive, and we prioritize the secure handling of your packages. Rest assured that we will make sure your parcels reach their destination swiftly and securely. With our easy-to-use online tracking system, you can keep an eye on your shipment's progress in real-time. Plus, our team's knowledge in customs clearance guarantees a seamless transit experience.

Are you planning a trip to South Africa and struggling with excess baggage? Don't worry, DTDC Australia Courier Company has the perfect solution for you. Our excess baggage shipping service is designed to make sure that your belongings reach your destination in South Africa smoothly and without any problems. We provide a hassle-free solution for managing your extra baggage to south africa with our affordable rates, worldwide network, and secure handling. If you're a student, traveler, or moving to a new place, you can rely on DTDC Australia to help make your journey easier. They'll deliver your extra baggage reliably and at a reasonable cost.

Discover a reliable yet affordable option for shipping your goods with DTDC Australia's Sea Freight Service to South Africa. We have a large network that allows for smooth connections all around the world. Whether you're shipping for business or personal reasons, our sea freight option provides affordable prices and the ability to handle large shipments. Rest assured that we have the expertise to handle your goods with care, ensuring a seamless and dependable transit from Australia to South Africa. Our team is dedicated to handling all the complex logistics for you, so you can have peace of mind. When it comes to shipping, you can rely on DTDC Australia's Sea Freight Service for a smooth experience that connects continents. They ensure timely departure and arrival, making them a trustworthy choice.

Air Freight from DTDC Australia is the fastest option to ship products to South Africa. For essential business supplies, important documents, or valuable things, our air freight service delivers quickly. Our global network makes international air cargo operations efficient. Whether you're a corporation with urgent needs or an individual delivering gifts, having multiple delivery alternatives is convenient. DTDC Australia handles shipments carefully. Our crew handles your shipment carefully. Additionally, our real-time tracking system keeps you informed throughout the procedure. Implement efficient methods and fast handling to decrease travel time and protect your items. DTDC Australia's Air Freight Service provides rapid, reliable shipment globally.

send a parcel to south south africa from australia

How much time will it take?

Courier to South Africa Usually takes around 15 business days. once it has been shipped from Sydney. In any case, if you have an urgent and important parcel to be delivered, you can go for our Express Service. When you're in a hurry, our Express Service is the perfect option for getting your parcels from Australia to South Africa quickly. By choosing expedited delivery options, you can make sure that your urgent and important shipments reach their destination quickly and reliably. This way, you can maintain the efficiency and reliability that DTDC Australia is famous for..

Because of the International guidelines and basic reasonableness, each courier service company has restricted certain things from sending, DTDC Australia is no special case. To give peril free and safe delivery, we have made a list of things that cannot be shipped off South Africa. Those are weapons, microscopic organisms, ammunition, viruses, mercury, or acids.
Since such things may harm our other shipment and furthermore doesn’t follow the International delivery laws. Additionally, our messenger won’t acknowledge bundles or parcels that contain liquor, original work of art, doctor-prescribed medications/drugs, tobacco, transient products, or cigarettes. You can visit our official site to discover more about the listed products.

Depot Drop off

You can drop off your item in Sydney. We take full responsibility for safe delivery to South Africa. Costs start at around AUD 50.34 for 1 kg, based on volume or weight, whichever is higher. Ideal for online shoppers sending to South Africa. Non-online shoppers can use it too, but you’ll need to send items to our depot. Prices include GST, no extra fees.

Door to Door Service

Our service is designed for your convenience – no need to visit us in person. We arrange pick-up from your doorstep and ensure safe delivery. Available for metro addresses. Payment through PayPal or MasterCard. You’ll receive a confirmation and tracking number upon booking. Questions? Call 1300 658 775 or use Live Chat on our site. Prices are all-inclusive, no extra fees.

Door To Port

In the event that you are sending something very urgent and weighty from Australia to South Africa, this air cargo service can be the best option for you. To accomplish the best cost accessible from airlines, we offer this door to port courier service for packages, weighing at least 100 kg. To know more about the expenses, go to the official site of DTDC Australia, and enter the details of your parcel. You will find the price according to the dimensions of your package.

Instant Quote and Book

. With our instant quote and booking service, you can easily and quickly get a quote and make a booking. Our online platform is designed to make shipping parcels or arranging excess baggage to South Africa easy for you. It's user-friendly and allows you to quickly generate a personalized quote. Additionally, we provide various payment options to make it convenient for you. You can choose to pay through PayPal for its simplicity or use credit and debit cards for added flexibility.

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End Talk

We at DTDC Australia will always provide you with a sense of safety and procedures will be hassle-free with no risks. DTDC Australia Pty Ltd will arrange pickups and deliveries of the transfer/s through their own network or some other outsider specialist co-op/transporter/temporary worker/organization. DTDC Australia Pty Ltd can acknowledge orders online from worldwide inhabitants with and via MasterCard/Visa/American Express or PayPal. We can demand a duplicate of the front and back of your Visa alongside your identification photograph/signature page to check your personality for the exchange occurring for either distributor or recipient. It is the clients’ duty to track all the requests and contact our workplaces before the re-visitation of amending any conveyance disappointment issue. Once returned back to the sender, the thing won’t be re-dispatched free of cost, as conveyance has been endeavoured and the return finishes the concurred agreement.

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