Courier Services to New Zealand

DTDC Australia provides reliable and efficient courier services to New Zealand. Send parcels, documents, pallets, and more with our secure shipping solutions. Experience seamless delivery and competitive rates. Book your courier service to New Zealand now.

Express Document to New Zealand

DTDC Australia provides secure, fast document delivery to New Zealand. Legal documents, contracts, and secret information must be transported quickly and securely by our devoted crew. We deliver your documents to New Zealand quickly and securely using our efficient processes and large network. Professional handling and quick delivery provide you peace of mind. Book your New Zealand document delivery with DTDC Australia today

Air Freight to New Zealand

DTDC Australia provides fast, safe air freight to New Zealand. We prioritize safety and fast delivery while offering low pricing because of our global network and relationships. Our air freight service expedites and protects essential documents and parcels. DTDC Australia offers fast and dependable air freight to New Zealand. Get your quote today

Parcel to New Zealand

DTDC Australia offers reliable parcel delivery to New Zealand. We deliver your shipments quickly and safely thanks to our experience and trustworthy network. We offer top-notch packing, real-time tracking, and cheap prices to satisfy customers. We handle personal, business, and e-commerce shipments with care. DTDC Australia delivers parcels to New Zealand safely. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive outstanding service.

Excess Baggage to New Zealand

Travelling to New Zealand with excess baggage might be inconvenient, but DTDC Australia provides convenient and cost-effective shipping options. Our excess baggage service will deliver your goods for you, ensuring a stress-free journey. Allow us to handle the logistics so you can enjoy your trip to New Zealand without the strain of excess baggage. Book your extra baggage delivery service to New Zealand with DTDC Australia and enjoy hassle-free shipping. Book you baggage now.

Sea Freight to New Zealand

DTDC Australia provides affordable sea freight to New Zealand. Our sea freight service handles bulk shipments and oversize cargo efficiently, cheaply and quickly. Our wide network of partners and international logistics expertise will safely and affordably transfer your goods to New Zealand. DTDC Australia offers hassle-free shipping to New Zealand by sea. Get an instant quote.

Shipping to New Zealand

When shipping to New Zealand, DTDC Australia provides comprehensive shipping solutions to meet your requirements. You can rely on our dependable and efficient delivery services to manage your packages, documents, pallets, and other items with the utmost care. Your Exports to New Zealand will be delivered efficiently and at reasonable prices. Learn more about the benefits of shipping with DTDC Australia today.

Courier to New Zealand

DTDC Australia is your trusted courier provider for New Zealand with affordable pricing and client satisfaction. We ensure fast, trustworthy delivery of essential documents, important business contracts, and personal presents. Our New Zealand courier service is convenient and reliable. Book your courier with DTDC Australia today for hassle-free shipment.

Pallet to New Zealand

DTDC Australia is an expert in safe pallet transport for oversized or heavy shipments to New Zealand. Our devoted staff will pack, load, and transport your belongings safely so that they don’t get damaged on the way there or back. You can trust us with your shipments to New Zealand because of our efficient procedures and competence in palletized transport. Get a quote from DTDC Australia immediately for dependable, low-priced pallet service. Get a quote

Exporting to New Zealand

DTDC Australia streamlines New Zealand exports. From customs to logistics, our staff will help you. We streamline your New Zealand exports with our international commercial experience. DTDC Australia will help you confidently enter the New Zealand market. Start exporting to New Zealand now to flourish.

Imports to Australia from New Zealand

DTDC Australia is your trusted partner for Australian-New Zealand imports. Our team understands international commerce and can simplify your import procedure. We can safely transfer your products from Australia to New Zealand with our vast partner network and trustworthy shipping services. DTDC Australia’s experience in legislation and processes saves you time and effort while importing. We deliver your things quickly and on time so you can expand your business.
If you need to send important documents to New Zealand quickly and reliably, DTDC Australia’s express document delivery service is here to help. Our express document delivery service comes with Australia’s best price. 
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DTDC Australia offers cheap and secure sea freight to New Zealand for large or bulky items.  Now you can travel with peace of mind. To get a quote click the button below.
If you need to ship large or bulky items to New Zealand, DTDC Australia’s sea freight service is the perfect solution. Our sea freight service to New Zealand is affordable and secure, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who need to ship heavy or oversized items. Get sea freight service now.

Customs Clearance to New Zealand

We specialize in assisting businesses with customs clearance to New Zealand, ensuring smooth and efficient import/export operations. We Know the procedure and process for customs clearance. if you are an ecommerce business then get you shipment customs cleared today. Contact us for more information. 


DTDC Express Limited established in 1990, was formerly known as DTDC Courier & Cargo Limited. The widely popular company has around 30 years of experience in the courier service and logistics industry. They have broadened their reach to more than 240 international regions. DTDC has over 50,000 dedicated personnel who form the workforce. What set DTDC apart from other competitors are their customer-focused values. This forward-thinking approach prioritizes the customers to provide them a superior experience. To ensure the secure delivery of your package or goods, they make use of state of the art technologies. Systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are used to ensure the service runs smoothly.  Dependable package-tracking software makes sure the timely shipping of the Courier To New Zealand. Customers can get to know the constant whereabouts of their courier through SMS updates. DTDC makes every effort so that your Courier To New Zealand will be delivered on time and in top-notch condition. Finding cheap international shipping from Australia could prove to be difficult. So DTDC offers various budget friendly options to send parcels from Australia to New Zealand.

understanding the different factors:


To ship the cheapest courier to New Zealand from Australia, you need to know the factors which determine the costs.
  • Location:
You need the sender’s Australian address and the recipient’s New Zealand address.
  • Measurement:
  • The cost of the courier to New Zealand can be calculated using its height, length, and width.
  • Weight:
  • The heavier the package, the more it will cost. Type of item: Is it a parcel or a document?
  • Payment options:
  • This option is for the most part available for domestic services. Cash on delivery is often used by E-commerce. The buyer pays the delivery cost. The item is returned to the seller if the buyer refuses to pay the money at the time of delivery.
  • Mode of delivery:
  • Express and one-day shipping to New Zealand cost more than standard ones.
  • Number of items:
  • DTDC makes bulk goods ship from Australia to New Zealand possible.


    If you want to send freight to New Zealand, it can be done by three routes:

    • Land Shipping:
    • This route is of two types: road and railway.
      In door-to-door road shipping, bikes, trucks, etc are used if the distance is short. Railways are used to send the goods if the distance is large. Land freights are cheaper than air shipping.
    • Sea Shipping:
    • It is perhaps one of the oldest modes of trade. It can be used as a delivery route to send packages to many countries. A huge number of heavy goods can be shipped using this mode. It is the ideal method for sending cheap courier to New Zealand from Australia since it is so inexpensive.
      However, it is very slow. So, you must prepare to send the courier to New Zealand way ahead of time.
    • Air Shipping:
    • Air shipping is often used for express delivery as it is the fastest route. But it is expensive. Australia to New Zealand courier delivery can be made speedily if you choose one-day shipping.


    The time period of shipping courier to New Zealand can vary. Usually, it takes 4 to 6+ days. However, if you choose the express package, delivery can be made in around 2-4 days. Some courier to New Zealand services provides the option of one-day delivery. But it’s expensive.

    send your courier to new Zealand in 3steps


    • Sometimes parcel may get damaged during third-party warehouse loading, weather conditions, etc. To avoid the possibility of such a mishap, you should follow some measures.
    • Place the item inside a box of appropriate dimensions. You can use flat or cubical cardboard boxes. The item may keep hitting the sides if the box is too large. Choosing a small, tight box can make the parcel burst. 
    • Fill the gap space with soft materials like foam, bubble wrap, etc. If you want to send documents or light articles, use padded courier envelopes. Sealing the box can be done using a duct or brown tape.
    • Finally, to send a courier from Australia to New Zealand, you need to write detailed information. Write your address, the destination address, phone number, etc. on your parcel.
    • Make sure your parcel type is not included in DTDC’s list of banned items. Goods like inflammable articles, weapons, drugs, pornographic items, etc. are not allowed. Restricted materials like alcohol, jewellery, television, etc. should acquire permits ahead of time.


    • Visit the DTDC Australia’s official website.
    • Enter the source postcode and the destination postcode. If you need to deliver to a home, choose a residential option. If the pickup/delivery location is a business, pick commercial.
    • Pick a date to send the parcel. You can either drop the courier off at a DTDC office or wait for a DTDC driver to collect it from your house.
    • Enter the type and number of items.
    • Fill in the package measurements like height, width, length, and weight.
    • Choose either express or economy delivery. The former is faster than the latter.
    • Fill in yours and the destination’s detailed information like name, E-mail, Phone no. and complete address.
    • Enter the collection day again. It is only available on weekdays from 9 am to 5:30 pm.
    • Next, describe the product you want to be delivered. Read and accept the terms and conditions. Finally, choose a payment option.


    • To monitor the whereabouts of your parcel, DTDC provides top-notch tools. Every package is given a barcode, which is scanned at different locations periodically.
    • The parcel’s location can be easily tracked by the customer.
    DTDC Australia is a trustworthy and affordable option to send a Courier to New Zealand effortlessly. They offer many services that are distinctive from others. Inter-country delivery has never been easier.
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