Courier Services to Indonesia

The services we offer for sending a courier to Indonesia to our customers can be divided into two categories depending on the type of product they want to send: Express and Cargo Services

Express Documets to Indonesia

Use DTDC Australia to safely and quickly deliver the documents to Indonesia. If you need documents delivered quickly and safely, go no further than our expedited document delivery service. Use DTDC Australia to streamline your document delivery procedures and for your Courier to Indonesia.

Excess Baggage to Indonesia

Traveling to Indonesia with Excess baggage? We handle excess luggage details with our logistics and transportation knowledge. Weight, dimensions, and destination will help our experts choose the best shipping options. We collaborate with airlines and shipping partners to offer cost-effective and efficient solutions. DTDC Australia delivers excess baggage securely. Throughout the trip, we secure and handle your luggage. We preserve and deliver your items using industry standards.

Sea Freight to Indonesia

Our sea freight services to Indonesia are affordable and efficient. Our team works with you to locate the best sea freight choices for your budget and shipping demands. We can handle small, bulky, and huge packages. DTDC Australia prioritizes personalized service and assistance. From planning to delivery, our expert staff can help. We listen to your shipping needs and customize solutions.

Air Freight to Indonesia

Air freight to Indonesia is simple with DTDC Australia's services. We guarantee that your shipment will be carefully handled and delivered on time. DTDC Australia provides reliable air freight services.

Parcel to Indonesia

DTDC Australia provides reliable air freight services to Indonesia. Our goal is to provide a smooth and efficient shipping process from start to finish. We handle your aviation cargo carefully. Our seasoned team knows the value of proper packing, labeling, and documentation. We follow strong industry standards and practices to protect your items along the journey.

DTDC Australia provides hassle-free shipping to Indonesia. Our devoted team assures the safe delivery of your goods. Put your Indonesian shipping requirements in our hands. Get a quote for your Courier to Indonesia. 

We understand the customer pain points well.

When it comes to efficient and reliable courier services to Indonesia, DTDC Australia stands out as the best choice. We understand the importance of timely and secure package delivery, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that your packages arrive safely and on time. Trust DTDC Australia as your honest and dependable courier service provider in Australia for your Courier to Indonesia.

Pallet to Indonesia

Safe and fast pallet shipping to Indonesia is now possible with DTDC Australia. We guarantee the secure transport of your palletized items. Use DTDC Australia to send pallets to Indonesia easily.
DTDC Australia can help your company enter the Indonesian market. Take advantage of our full-service customs clearance and logistics support for smooth exports to Indonesia.

Importing to Australia from Indonesia

Using DTDC Australia, importing from Indonesia is easy. Our professional import services will make sure everything goes well. Put your faith in us to take care of all the paperwork and logistics involved in importing.

Restricted Items that cannot be send to Indonesia

Indonesian government has provided the list of prohibited or restricted items that cannot be import to indonesia. The list is as follows.

Used Clothing

Indonesian and regional printed products.

Pesticide Ethylene Dibromide /EDB.

Hazardous waste.

New and used rags.

BPO (methyl bromide for fumigation/storage, CFC and halon)

Machines using BPO.

Halogenated derivatives, sulfonation, nitration containing halogens and salts.

Indonesian and regional printed products.

Courier to Indonesia: Our Services

The services we offer for sending a courier to Indonesia to our customers can be divided into two categories depending on the type of product they want to send: Express and Cargo Services
Express Services
This service is divided into two parts namely; International Document Express Service and International Non-Document Express Services.
  • The International Express Service is designed to deliver essential documents on time. Thus if you want to send some time-sensitive documents to Indonesia you can go for such a service.
  • The International Non-Document Express Services is designed to deliver parcels via a customs clearance channel.
Cargo Services
This service is designed into three parts namely; Door to Door, Door to Airport, and Airport to Airport.
  • Door to Door service is specially made to deliver large shipments from the origin door to the destination door.
  • Door to Airport service is designed to deliver large shipments from the origin door to the destination airport. If you want to send a large Courier from Australia to Indonesia, then you can easily opt for this service.
  • Airport to Airport Service: As the name suggests this service is designed to transfer large shipments from the origin airport to the destination airport. After so many years of delivering parcels all over the world, DTDC has successfully launched services based on certain customized products. They are as follows:
    • Student Express: This is designed especially for the students who are willing to study outside Australia. They need to send application forms, bank statements, transcripts, and various other personal documents to universities now and then. Thus they can now go for these services whenever they need to send such documents abroad. This service offers special pricing, free home pick-up, one can track their documents 24/7 via email or SMS.
    • Excess Baggage: This service is designed for customers who are going on a vacation for a good number of days or so and are often faced with issues of carrying excess baggage with them. For such reasons, airlines also charge higher, but we at DTDC Australia deliver such packages at a very reasonable price and also within the timeframe as requested by our customers.
We offer many other services based on festivals/season products. If you want to know more about International products and services such as their price details, paperwork needed to send a courier to Indonesia, or if a particular product is allowed or not you can call us at +91-7738899817 or +91-7738899820.

Courier to Indonesia: How to Send a Parcel

Now, that you know what sort of services do we provide, it would be comparatively easier for you to send a courier to Indonesia from Australia.
  • Before you start the procedure of sending a courier to Indonesia to your family or your loved ones do check the list of Prohibited & Restricted Items to make sure that you are not sending any of the restricted products.
  • After you are done with cross-checking the list head over to our official website: and fill out the necessary information such as the pick-up address and the destination address, also mention the postcode accurately
  • Then fill out the area where the weight and dimension of your package are needed. Charges will vary according to the weight of your parcel.
  • Go to the next page by clicking on the next button where you will see a section where you have to provide information such as your telephone number, E-mail address, and your complete pick-up address.
  • At last, mention the collection date and pay the service charge via an online payment method to complete the booking.
  • The package then will be collected from your doorstep or you can drop it off at any of our DTDC offices that are closer to your residence.
  • Now that you are done with the whole procedure you can track your courier to Indonesia via E-mail, SMS, web, or you can simply download our DTDC app.
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