Baby Food to India

Baby Food: How Can I send Baby Food To India


cheapest shipping from Australia to USADo you send baby food to India ? It is a very common question that we get from customers in  Australia wanting to send baby food to India. Baby food is another item that has high in demand among new parents travelling to India for holiday.

New parents travelling to India take a good amount of baby food with them as part of their additional luggage however that may not be sufficient for the child or children depending on the period they want to stay in India or the consumption and food habit of the child.  In many occasion we find that the parent living in Australia is desperately trying to get a way to send a few tins of baby food that is generally consumed by the child. It is not that baby food is not available in India, rather mums often do not want to change the brand of the food the child is used to.

We have seen situation where child is lactose intolerant the parents are really cautious and careful to choose the baby food from the local market in the country where they are. Certainly there is a valid reason for any parent to find out a way to get baby food transported to India and we get a lot of request for that.

Yes, we send baby food to India.

Although we are talking about baby food here, in reality people have general interest to know about sending food items to India and those inquiries are dominated by various types of tinned foods, biscuits, chocolates, protein powder, health supplements of various types and many more for personal usage. Cosmetics is also another item that customers come to us to inquire about – if they are allowed to send for personal usage.

Please contact us for further information before booking your shipment to send food item or cosmetics.

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