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Why Multi-Story Apartment Dwellers Love Our VIP Service

Experience Seamless Deliveries to Your Doorstep – The VIP Way!

Experience Seamless Deliveries to Your Doorstep – The VIP Way!


Greetings Everyone!

Being a reliable option for your courier services for a long time, DTDC Australia is aware of the challenges faced by residents of multi-story apartments when it comes to courier pickups and deliveries. Thus, to make this experience hassle-free, we have accordingly tailored our VIP Pickup / Delivery services. 

Why Is VIP Pickup Service The Top Choice For Clients?

  • Advance Notification– When using our VIP Pickup Service, the driver gives you a 30-minute heads-up by sending you an alert as soon as they are within 5 km of the pickup or delivery location within Australia. This proactive method saves you from having to hurry downstairs at the last minute by allowing you to organise and arrange the handover at your convenience.
  • Time Is The Priority- With VIP Pickup, we always keep the drivers on the go. If, during the moment, your buzzer or access code reflects some kind of malfunction, our driver will call you on arrival prior to leaving the residence. If no answer then they will move on the the next job to avoid waiting time.
  • Photographic Evidence- When receiving your parcel, the driver takes photographs at the point of acceptance and again when transferring it to the delivery location within Australia. This thorough practice ensures a service of exceptional security. The photographic evidence of an unbroken package handover aids in attributing responsibility if damage arises subsequently.
  • Real-Time Tracking– With real-time tracking, you may be informed as soon as your cargo leaves the warehouse. You can be sure you always know where your package is at all times with instant tracking.
  • Imagine a situation where the driver faces difficulty determining which buzzer to use. Keep in mind that the driver won’t wait for an extended duration. Instead, they will contact you first to avoid prolonged waiting times.
  • You should also be aware that your parcel limitations would be 25 kg for a single parcel. The complete consignment packages can be as much as you need to deliver but single packages should adhere to this limit.
  •  Our VIP service is a same-day courier service and also the services are available 7/24. Same-day deliveries usually take place within 4 hours. The delivery timing without surcharges is 6 am to 2:30 pm. If parcels are given later than that time then you will have to pay surcharges accordingly. 

These elements support our enthusiastic endorsement of the VIP pickup / delivery service. It is intended to provide a hassle-free experience and reduce anxiety. Selecting this service guarantees a worry-free process in addition to effective implementation.

Our aim is a flawless pickup that puts your comfort first.

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Published On– Dec 14, 2023

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