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URGENT NOTICE – Please Action Today!!!

Important points which must be actioned today!!!

Important points which must be actioned today!!!

Dear Everyone,

We are still finding many agents not following the rules for sending freight to Australia.

Please find below some of the most important points for sending loads to Australia


  • No bags over 25kg
  • All bags must have correct courier markings on the outside of the bag.

Couriers Please = COU
Aramex = ARA
Australia Post = AUS
New Zealand = NZL


  • Only 1 courier per bag


  • No loose bags or boxes allowed via MEL gateway, only Pallets, ULD, AKE, or PMC accepted via MEL gateway. We are noticing agents advising it’s coming via unitised cargo but on the MAWB it is consigned as loose items. This is not accepted via MEL and cargo will not be collected. If you are not consigning as SOLE USE – ULD, AKE or PMC to MEL then you are not sending correctly, and your cargo must only be sent via SYD gateway as we cannot accept via MEL gateway if consigned as loose cargo on MAWB. Unitised cargo should show on MAWB and airline tracking as 1 or 2 pieces only depending how many units are being sent.


  • If sending in SOLE USE – ULD, AKE or PMC consigned correctly on MAWB and in tracking as 1 or 2 units then the airport will provide a discount on handling charges – $110 docs fee per MAWB + 0.44 cents per CHARGEABLE WEIGHT KG (MINIMUM $95) THAT’S A HALF PRICE SAVINGS PER KG IF SENDING UNITISED LOAD VIA MEL OR SYD.


To avoid delays, lost shipments and additional surcharges, the above points must be adhered to.

If you require further explanation please email us back via

Please respond to this email to confirm acknowledgement

Published On– Nov 09, 2023

1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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