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Send Interstate Couriers In The Most Easiest Way Possible

From medicines to clothes, there could be many things which needs to be shipped within our home country. Reasons might range from helping that distressed friend or family members of yours to, well, its sometimes our own forgetful mind. Reason may be anything, but still,  people do hesitate when it comes to interstate couriers and the main reasons behind this hesitaion are the courier services’s reliability and affordability.

DTDC Australia, the best courier service provider till date and an efficient and effective parcel transport and shipping service, will surely surprise you in terms of reliability and affordability when it comes to providing services related to both international and  interstate couriers. We always manage your interstate shipping and delivery within 7-14 working days at fair shipping rates.

Who Are We?

DTDC Australia, the predominant name throughout the shipping and courier industry operating to or from Australia, offers heavily discounted, cheap international shipping to and from Australia across Europe and Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania. Also, it is the most preferred courier service for interstate shipping in Australia.

We are also provide equally reliable and affordable services when it comes to interstate couriers such as Sydney to Perth courier services and many more.

We have been delivering accessible, secure and prompt courier and shipping facilities to our customers across the globe. DTDC Australia has also been known for its timeliness and excellent customer support.

Why Should You Choose DTDC Australia?

We have been delivering accessible, secure and prompt courier and shipping facilities to our customers. DTDC Australia, who is also recognized because of its timeliness and exceptional customer service, has been providing our customers with cheap, affordable and reliable services. It is times like these when it is possible for you to rely on us, DTDC Australia, to provide heavily discounted, affordable and cheap interstate shipping within 7 to 14 business days.

In the wake of Covid-19, DTDC Australia has been severely following the guidelines and precautions provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other public health organizations concerning the health and safety of our team members and our customers.

What Services Do We Provide?

Following are the services that we have been providing to our customers at an affordable price.

  1. Door To Door
  2. Courier Services
  3. Excess Baggage
  4. Parcel / Package Courier
  5. Express Document Courier
  6. International Courier Service
  7. Domestic Courier Service
  8. Air Courier Service
  9. Sea Courier Service
  10. Road Express
  11. Overnight Express
  12. Same Day Courier

All these services are with tracking available.

What Do We Offer?

The services may seem similar, but what makes us different from others are these offers that we offer our customers because it is your choice, it is under your control.

  • Price Comparison

Any time you would like to get a quota for one or a hundred packages, DTDC Australia will deliver you Australia’s best carriers after just one click. We keep getting the best possible price users want!

  • Speed versus Price, It Is All Your Choice.

Generally faster your shipping speed is greater the price and you might even think blinding speed isn’t always my primary consideration but saving just few dollars might be significant to me. DTDC Australia will be offering you the option of price vs. pace.

  • The Favorite Courier

DTDC Australia provides only the finest shipping services in Australia throughout its website. No matter what shipping brand you have in particular, you’ll possibly discover them all at www.dtdcaustralia.com.au. We make absolutely sure they are effective and efficient.

  • Interstate Courier

DTDC Australia will genuinely surprise you whenever it applies to Interstate Shipping. Sometimes there is a perfect postal service available in one state to collect, although it’s not eligible for the state for collection. We’ll get them all if they’re accurate and consistent.

  • Instant Booking On Confirmation

If you’re pleased with our pricing and would like to go ahead, please safely assume that we’ll give your Confirmation Email right when you’re done. Quick Tracking Number and Tax Invoice at Booking Confirmation.

  • Options For Instant Payment

DTDC Australia provides instant payment methods with your online banking, irrespective of whether they’re debit or credit cards. You’re not sure how effective it is, you might just want to suggest Paypal Australia – all incorporated in one location. It’s your choice again!

Follow These 5 Simple Steps To Ship Parcel To Perth.

Placing an order to send luggage from Sydney to Perth? Follow these 5 simple steps to send luggage from Sydney to Perth with ease.

What Is The Procedure?

All you have to do is to visit our website or click this link here https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/ to book your delivery of courier in Perth. You’ll be required to fill up the details, that is, the Australian zip code, country of distribution (postcode required for Australia), collection date, type of parcel, and dimensions of the parcel.

Please note, choose the package type as “Parcel/Carton/Baggage”. After choosing the above, fill in the details regarding dimensions of package, that is, the weight, length, width and height of the package. After doing the needful, hit the ‘GET A QUOTE’ button and with that, you are to be shown the next page which contains the price for various available service.

Our shipping services can be broadly classified into two categories, that is, Economy and Express. You should go through the prices and approximate time of travel indicated for your parcel information and make an informed decision about which service to select. After choosing the service which you thought was best for you, you would be asked to fill in the collection address and delivery address. Do note that the email address you would be entering in the collection address will be the where you will receive the invoice. After giving the address details and deciding on the collection date, you have to describe your contents.

After you fill-up the form, you can proceed to the secure payment page. Upon completion of the online payment, an invoice would be submitted along with your specific parcel number. Please note, this shipping number must be indicated in all correspondence with DTDC Australia concerning your shipment. Luckily, DTDC Australia offers customers a facility from which they can easily monitor their package through SMS, website, or app. All you have to do is to make sure that you have the reference number with you.

Prohibited and Restricted Items:

Please refer to the list of prohibited and restricted items here in order to avoid inconvenience. Do make sure that none of these items are to be shipped. Prohibited and restricted items CANNOT be shipped via services provided by us. We hope for your co-operation.

Tracking Your Parcel:

We, DTDC Australia, provide our customers with the best international tracking tools. To track your courier to Perth from Sydney, please visit https://www.dtdc.com/track . You can also track your courier to Perth from Sydney on third party sites like https://trackcourier.io/dtdc-australia-tracking or https://www.aftership.com/couriers/dtdc-au . You’ll have to enter your consignment number to follow your shipment and get live details.

Courier Charges from Sydney to Perth:

We, at DTDC Australia, offer you the most efficient courier services at the most affordable rates. The cost of shipping a package depends on the nature of service you are going to select, the country you want to send the parcel, the size of that same parcel, the weight of that same parcel, the type of goods, the date you choose to send the goods, and plenty more. Visit https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/ to get more information regarding courier charges from Sydney to Perth.

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