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How To Start A DTDC Franchise In Australia

DTDC has been one of the most widely studied business models in the world. The way in which the seamless execution of pick up and timely delivery of packages has been ensured has been an excellent case study that many prestigious institutions have undertaken. To be a part of this business would be a matter of immense pride and honor for any individual and this can be done by taking up a franchise of DTDC in Australia. It is a low cost, high profit business and here are the steps that need to be taken to do so.


There are two types of franchise options available for interested parties. The first one is for those who have an existing retail outlet and wish to incorporate or add a courier service in Australia to their store. The second one is for those who want to introduce existing retail outlet into the DTDC network. If you choose the second option then you have the option to start your own DTDC outlet as well. The cost for this option would be $5000 plus GST while the first option will not cost you anything, as it is offered directly to an existing retailer, based on the location, customer base and the product types they are selling.


You will need to start by looking for an office and storage space. The square footage requirement is not very high and even a small space of 100 sq ft would suffice. You should try to get a space on the ground floor since that would make logistics easier. You would then get into a discussion with the company where your background and references would be checked. Once that is approved the company will inspect your office space to make sure it meets its standards. Post this you will be required to fill the application form and submit the required documents. The complete list of necessary documents can be found online or will be shared at the time of the initial discussion. Once the documents are approved by all the offices of DTDC, an email communication will be made to the applicant along with an activation code. This will be followed by on and off field training for the applicant which will be followed by certification by the Regional or General Manager. Once that is complete the applicant will officially become a part of the DTDC family and their franchise will become operational.


For more information one can get in touch at

1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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