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Shop Online from India and want it delivered to Australia?
We can handle it for you! Schedule a delivery now!

Shop at any Online Store and get your package shipped to Australia for $19.95.

Step 1: Book a delivery schedule

You can schedule your delivery in India using our special coupons for Online Shopping from Australia. It will give you a reduced price which will start from AUD $19.95 for direct delivery from Australia to India.

All prices include delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra metro areas only. You will get an instant Booking Confirmation along with the Consignment Number & Address.

This is not a Door to Door Service. Please check “FAQ” and “How It Works” below before you book any delivery.

Step 2: Shopping & Shipping

You can shop at any Online Store which ships in India. You must provide the Consignment Number & Address as your Shipping Details.

This will be the format:

Your Consignment Number (eg. N96901234) C/O Prerna Singhi,
DTDC Express Limited,
Khasra No.-16/6, min 14 & 15, Telephone Exchange Road. Village
Samalkha – 110038, opposite life centre Academy.

To ensure your shipment is handled properly and to avoid delays in processing. The Consignment Number & Address must be exact.

Step 3: Package Acceptance & Processing

We will accept and process your package directly once it is received in our warehouse in India. We will update your package status immediately.

Step 4: Shipment Tracking

You can check the status of your shipment on the DTDC Australia website. You will be able to track your shipment using the Consignment Number. We are unable to provide tracking updates over the phone.

Usually, it takes 7-10 Business days before your shipment is delivered to our office in Australia. If your package is already delivered to our warehouse and you didn’t receive any update about it.

Please contact us right away!

How Does It Work?

All you need to do is book a shipment from India to Australia using our website Choose Type of Parcel as “Parcel/Cartoon/Baggage” and please provide the weight and dimensions if you know or you can book for the weight and dimension you expect to be. Once you hit quote you will get to the next screen showing the price for door to door. This is not a Door to Door service. You can only use this discount coupon if your shipment is delivered to our designated delivery address by courier or Post only.

At this point, you can use the Coupon Codes below for the discounted price for this service. Once you use the coupon code your price will be reduced and you can finalise the booking. Please note that this SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR RESIDENTS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA AND NORTHERN TERRITORY. PRICE WILL BE HIGHER IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE METRO DELIVERY AREA OF SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE, ADELAIDE, AND CANBERRA. Conditions for Using Discount Coupon Codes Provided Below: This Discount Coupons are only valid when you are booking a shipment that will be delivered to our designated address by courier or Post only. If any of te following Coupon Codes are used for any Door to Door Service NO REFUND will be provided. Only Credit will be available with a deduction of admin fee of $30 as a minimum.

If you do not agree with this condition, please do not use any coupon codes starting with IndOz Discount Coupons are provided based on the booked weight. If you are using a discount coupon code of higher value for a smaller shipment (such as booking a shipment for 5 Kg and using a discount provided for 10 kg ) it will be considered as an attempt to use the discount coupons fraudulently and DTDC Australia reserves the right to cancel your order by issuing a refund after deducting and an administration fee of $30. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use any coupon codes starting with IndOz.

For any Booking made through DTDC Australia website, our standard Terms & Conditions will apply along with conditions provided above. Delivery Charges and Coupon Codes: This is a service only created for Online shoppers living in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra metro delivery area only.

Up To 500 gm Aud $19.95 COUPON CODE: INDOZ500
Up To 1 kg Aud $24.95 COUPON CODE: INDOZ1000
Up To 2 kg Aud $29.95 COUPON CODE: INDOZ2000
Up To 3 Kg Aud $34.95 COUPON CODE: INDOZ3000
Up To 5 Kg Aud $49.95 COUPON CODE: INDOZ5000
Up To 10 Kg Aud $99.95 COUPON CODE: INDOZ10000

If your postcode is outside metro area of the above cities, at the time of booking, surcharges will be added automatically depending on the postcode you live. These services are not available for residents of WA, TAS, NT at this moment and if you book from any of these states please note that there will be a minimum surcharge of $25 in addition to the price quoted above. A surcharge may vary depending on the delivery postcode.

Got Questions? Please call DTDC Australia at 1300 658 775 or email us

What is The Delivery Address in India?

Once you finalise your shopping, you must provide the delivery address in India. At this time you must provide the consignment number and then the delivery address as per the example below.

This will be the format:

Your Consignment Number (eg. N96901234) C/O Prerna Singhi,
DTDC Express Limited,
Khasra No.-16/6, min 14 & 15, Telephone Exchange Road. Village
Samalkha – 110038, opposite life centre Academy.

If you do not have the consignment number along with proper address and if your shipment gets lost DTDC Australia or DTDC in India will not be liable for any loss of shipment.

How long does it take for the shipment to get delivered?

After the shipment is despatched from Delhi, For Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide (Metro Cities) 3-7business days.

THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR RESIDENTS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA AND NORTHERN TERRITORY Rest of Australia. It may take additional days and additional charges depending on the location. Sydney-Next Day Delivery, Rest of Australia may incur Additional Charges Any shipment beyond metro cities may incur additional charges. Metro areas are defined by carrier

NOTE: Delivery Dates are indicative. These are not a guaranteed delivery time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q.) How does this system work?

A. We have provided the steps above to follow to be able to use this service. You can use any website in India for your online shopping as long as they offer delivery within India. Before you finalise your shopping you need to book your delivery from India to Australia and you need to provide the consignment number you got from DTDC Australia to your online retailer. When you finalise your shopping, you must provide our office address as your delivery address in India with the consignment number you got from DTDC Australia.

Q. What if my shipment weight is more than what I have booked in DTDC Australia website?

A. No problem at all and in fact we expect that you cannot be accurate with the weight and dimensions when you have not seen the item. You can book this delivery with the weight and dimensions that you can think of and that is not a problem with us. We are going to check the actual item dimension and weight once they arrive in our Sydney depot and we will ask for additional payment or issue a refund if weight and dimension are not correct. You will only pay for the weight and dimensions of the actual item.

Q. I do not know the dimensions of the item, does it really matter?

A. Yes, it does. Chargeable weight is the greater of the dimensional weight and actual weight. Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the 3 sides (measured in centimeters) of a packed item and then you divide that by 5000 will give you dimensional weight or volume weight. If the volume weight or dimensional weight is 5 kg and the actual weight of the item is 2 kg we will charge you for 5 Kg in that case.

At the time of booking with DTDC Australia, we do not expect you to know the dimensions of the item so you can book as per the dimension you know however DTDC Australia will charge you greater of the dimensional weight and actual weight when your shipment arrives in Sydney.

Q. I have provided your address in India for Delivery to my online retailer but I have not booked shipment with DTDC Australia yet. What now?

A. First of all DTDC Australia or DTDC in India will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the shipment that you are expecting to be delivered to our address in India or Australia office. In these circumstances there will be an admin fee of $25 will apply to locate the shipment in our depot in India or in Australia. If you have more than one item with this incomplete address every item will be subject to an admin fee.

Q. If there is any loss or damage what we can do?

A. If there is any tampering or damage from your retailer we will report it you before we move this shipment from India or Australia. We cannot be responsible for any loss or damage that was reported to you at the time we received the shipment. We are unable to communicate with your retailer at any stage such as this and we will leave this to you to resolve. We can hold your shipment for up to 30 days in India or in Australia for free of charge.

You can buy insurance coverage for loss or damage from our website at the time of booking only and it costs you $12.50 for the value of $500. Minimum coverage you can buy is for $500 and you can choose to buy coverage up to $4000 and will cost you $12.50 for each $500 coverage.

Q. We need to get the shipment delivery within a certain date. Can you expedite the delivery?

A. That depends on the status of the shipment. If your shipment is already in India and cleared through customs, it is too late for us to do anything. You can contact us after you finalise the booking on our website in case you need to upgrade from standard service to express. There will be additional charges for that depending on the chargeable weight and delivery postcode in India.

Q. Can DTDC in Australia do a Pickup?

A. No. This is specially designed for Online shoppers from India however if you follow the process described above you can drop off or courier your shipment to the address provided and pay the same charges. This service is only available for shipment up to 10 kg.

Q. If you book more than 1 item from different online retailers in India, then how does it work?

A. If you shop online we can consolidate up to 5 shipments within 15 days or your booking with DTDC Australia. In our office in India, we will put together all the parcels booked by you from different e-commerce sites and will deliver it to you in India as long as we receive all of them within 15 days of booking with DTDC Australia.

Q. What If 15 days is not enough?

A. AUD $10 for the shipments per week after 15 days will be charged for storage.

We cannot hold your shipments more than 4 weeks after 15 days.

After 4 weeks’ time, we will forward the parcel to India. We will not be waiting for any pending parcel to arrive at our address in India.

Q. What are the items which are not included in this system?

These are the following list of items not included in this system:

Heavy Shipments over 10kgs, Medication (Any kind of medicines, Ayurveda), Any kind of battery or battery items not allowed, Any kind of Liquid/Liquors, Aerosole products, Inflammables, Jewellery, Currency, Curio and food items.

Q. What food items can be bought?

A. Certain food items that are only bought from an online retailer in India may be delivered in India subject to quarantine approval. Any food items can be subject to quarantine approval and further costs may be applicable based on Quarantine inspection required.


Please note you can import Branded food items to India through this service, provided the contents are commercially packed (packed food) and have dry content.

All products are subject to quarantine inspection at destination customs.

Q. Who will pay any duty or taxes or any Quarantine Charges?

A. When you book with DTDC Australia you agree to our Terms and Conditions and part of that you agree to pay any duty, taxes or charges at destination.

If the value is over Rs.25000 then additional charges will be applied.
If the value is above AUD1000, formal clearance charge will be applied.
Proof of Purchase will be required if the value of items exceeds Rs. 25000 or 800 AUD.

Q. Can I change the delivery address?

A. Yes, you can change the delivery address but an additional charge of AUD $9.99 would be levied for changing address.

1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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