Courier Services to Singapore

DTDC Australia knows you need reliable and fast shipping to Singapore delivery services. We provide safe and reliable delivery to Singapore for all your personal items, business documents, and online shopping purchases. Our extensive system and hardworking staff guarantee punctual, reliable delivery for your courier to Singapore deliveries. Contact us today for a courier to Singapore quote and find out how we can assist you.

Express Document to Singapore

Sending express documents to Singapore is quick, easy, and safe with DTDC Australia. Legal documents, contracts, and confidential files are safe in the hands of our prompt document delivery to Singapore service. Your confidential paperwork will be delivered to Singapore promptly and carefully. Plan your document shipping to Singapore right away

Air Freight to Singapore

For time-critical shipments, DTDC Australia takes your goods to new heights with our swift and efficient air freight to Singapore service. Our extensive global network and strategic partnerships guarantee competitive rates without compromising on the safety and punctuality of your deliveries. Contact DTDC Australia now for a tailored air freight to Singapore quote and experience our reliable service firsthand.

Parcel to Singapore

Parcel delivery to Singapore has never been easier. DTDC Australia provides flexible shipping to Singapore options for your packages. All your parcels will make it to Singapore on time and in good condition. Book a parcel delivery to Singapore with DTDC Australia and keep tabs on its whereabouts in real time.

Excess Baggage to Singapore

When it comes to traveling light to Singapore, DTDC Australia has you covered with our convenient and affordable excess baggage to Singapore service. Leave the burden of transporting your extra luggage to us and enjoy a stress-free journey. Take advantage of our seamless excess baggage delivery to Singapore and embark on your adventure unburdened.

Sea Freight to Singapore

DTDC Australia provides reliable and cheap sea freight services to Nepal for large shipments and oversize cargo. Safe and timely delivery of your goods by water is guaranteed thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge and large network of partners. You can trust that your shipment will arrive in Nepal safely and in perfect condition thanks to our dependable maritime freight service.

Shipping to Singapore

When it comes to shipping to Singapore, DTDC Australia provides comprehensive solutions for managing your shipment with care and efficiency. You can rely on our dependable and efficient delivery services at reasonable prices. Experience hassle-free shipping to Singapore with DTDC Australia today.

Courier to Singapore

DTDC Australia offers reliable and fast courier services to Singapore for personal items, business documents, and online shopping purchases. Contact us today for a courier quote to Singapore

Pallet delivery to Singapore

If you need a pallet delivery service to Singapore, look no further than DTDC Australia. We have the manpower to safely load and transport your bulky items. We have extensive expertise in transporting cargo via palletized shipping to Singapore. Get a quotation for shipping pallets to Singapore.

Exporting Goods to Singapore

DTDC Australia simplifies Singapore exports. We have logistics, paperwork, and customs clearance specialists. We’ll make Singapore expansion and international trading easy. Safely export to Singapore with DTDC Australia.

Imports to Australia from Singapore

DTDC Australia simplifies imports to Australia from Singapore. Our team of professionals ensures a smooth and fast customs and logistics process for your items. We handle everything from documentation through transportation, letting you focus on your main business. DTDC Australia makes Singapore-Australia imports easy, affordable, and trustworthy. Start your import adventure with us today.

Get An Instant quote

DTDC Australia is the number one shipping and logistics companies that operates to and from Australia. We are dedicated to providing truly secure, fast and yet affordable shipping and courier services. The DTDC vision has always been about building everlasting ties with our customers. We strive to create the best possible consumer experience of the shipping industry. Our strategic partner DPD group is also another highly reputed name in the courier and parcel delivery industry.
Whether you are a small business trying to expand services into Singapore, an established E-Commerce giant looking to cut costs and increase efficiency for shipping from Australia to Singapore, trying to send those documents that your Singaporean friend forgot in Australia or just someone looking to brighten up your friends’ or relatives’ life with presents or the like; you have come to the right place.

Procedure of Sending a Courier to Singapore

At DTDC Australia we pride ourselves on requiring close to no paperwork requirements. The days when you had to fill stacks of irrelevant forms and lots of other inconsequential paperwork are gone. Courier services today, even the cross-border ones are quite simple to use. To send a courier to Singapore, you just have to pay a visit to the DTDC Australia website and generate a quick quote. You will be required to fill the necessary details including the weight, length, breadth and height of your consignment, the sender and recipient location (Pin code is not necessary for Singapore quick quote generation), type of consignment (documents or parcel/ carton) and the date of collection.
Express Document Delivery to Singapore
Once you fill in the relevant details and click on ‘Get a Quote’, you will be redirected to a page with the entire different courier to Singapore
service listings and live prices in a few seconds. You can choose whichever option you think is right for you based on the price, delivery time, mode of travel etc. In fact, we even have options to connect you with UPS and TNT for the express air freight modes.
Once you select an option, you will have to enter complete details regarding the pickup and delivery addresses, collection date (and even preferred time if applicable) and a brief description of the contents and the nature of your shipment. This part is especially important as your shipment must comply with the import/ export laws both in Australia and in Singapore.
The prohibited items lists include all kinds of weapons, drugs (both prescription and otherwise), firecrackers, chewing gum (except certain approved medicinal gum), perishable foodstuffs, certain wines and brandies, harmful biological and chemical agents, nuclear material etc. To find a comprehensive official customs restrictions list for import into Singapore, click here. To find out more about the Australian export rules and regulations, click here. DTDC Australia will not be held responsible for any losses arising due the shipping of prohibited goods.
Once you elaborate on the contents of your parcel to Singapore, you will be redirected to a secure payment page. To provide a profoundly secure encrypted payment portal we have cooperated with PayPal. We accept PayPal transactions and all major international credit cards.
After payment, you will receive an invoice and some important details regarding your parcel delivery including your shipment’s consignment number. You are advised to note down this consignment number for future reference. You must mention this consignment number in all communication with DTDC Australia. And voila, you have just completed booking your shipment.

DTDC Australia’s Services

DTDC Australia presently has seven different options for you to choose from while sending a shipment from Australia to Singapore. They are:

Non Tracked Air Freight Economy (Depot to Door)

Expected time of delivery: 7 to 14 business days

Tracked Air Freight Economy (Depot to Door)

Expected time of delivery: 7 to 14 business days

Documents Only Economy Air Freight (Depot to Door)

Expected time of delivery: 7 to 14 business days

Sea Freight (Door to Port)

Expected time of delivery: 4 to 8 weeks (varies based on route taken and other factors).

DTDC Air Freight Express/ Documents Express (Door to Door)

Expected time of delivery: 3 to 5 business days

UPS Air Freight Express/ Documents Express (Door to Door)

Expected time of delivery: 3 to 5 business days

TNT Air Freight Express/ Documents Express (Door to Door)

Expected time of delivery: 3 to 5 business days
For the Depot Drop off services you must mail in or drop your parcel at DTDC Australia’s head office at Unit 9 / 10 Ferngrove Place, Chester Hill, NSW 2162 near Sydney on or before the drop off date. Make sure that the parcel has the consignment number clearly printed on it along with the mailing address. In case you are ordering an item from an Aussie E-commerce vendor to Singapore through DTDC Australia, request the vendor to print your DTDC consignment number along with our Depot address to facilitate smooth handling and reduce the chance of consignment rejection or delays. DTDC Australia is not responsible for any losses incurring due to incorrectly printed consignment number.
Similarly for the Port Pickup services the recipient must pick up their shipment from the DTDC Port of Singapore (SG SIN). The recipient must also provide the consignment number and proof of identity before they can pick up the package for security purposes.
In case you require some kind of bulk logistics or courier services to Singapore or require some kind of service not listed above, feel free to contact our sales team at
DTDC Australia also provides state of the art online consignment tracking tools to go along with our shipping services. To check the status of your courier to Singapore, you should visit the DTDC Global tracking website and enter your consignment number/ shipment number/ reference number. You can also use certain other third party tracking services that we partner with like and to keep track of your shipment.

DTDC Australia’s Pricing

In order to calculate the price of your courier, you must first calculate the billable weight of your parcel. This is the larger of the true weight and the volumetric weight (volume in cm2 divided by 5000 in kg). We offer the cheapest courier to Singapore from Australia. Our pricing plans are as follows:

Non Tracked Air Freight Economy (Depot to Door)

This service starts at AUD 48 for 1 kg and AUD 88 for 2 kg.

Tracked Air Freight Economy (Depot to Door)

This service starts at AUD 52 for 1 kg and AUD 91 for 2 kg.

Documents Only Economy Air Freight (Depot to Door)

This service starts at AUD 12 for 1 kg.

Sea Freight (Door to Port)

This service starts at AUD 390 up to 30 kg.

DTDC Air Freight Express/ Documents Express (Door to Door)

This service starts at AUD 74 for 1 kg and AUD 108 for 2 kg.

UPS Air Freight Express/ Documents Express (Door to Door)

This service starts at AUD 46 for 1 kg and AUD 62 for 2 kg.

TNT Air Freight Express/ Documents Express (Door to Door)

This service starts at AUD 70 for 1 kg and AUD 78 for 2 kg.
All pricing mentioned above is excluding all customs charges (including Goods and Service Tax at 7% of the value of shipment and any other duty if applicable) at the port of entry in Singapore. These will be billed on arrival and can be paid either by the consignee or the recipient depending on prior agreement.

DTDC Australia also allows you to avail Warranty Protection. We urge you to get this warranty protection to cover any sort of damages incurred during shipping or delivery of your parcel. You can purchase this protection for your shipment at 2.5% of the declared content value until a maximum declared value of AUD 20000 on our online courier booking service. For goods declared to be more than AUD 20000, please contact our sales team at

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1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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