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Important Shipping Dates To Ensure Timely Arrival Of Christmas Presents.

How To Ensure That Your Christmas Gifts Reach On Time?

How To Ensure That Your Christmas Gifts Reach On Time?

Dear Everyone,

With the approaching festive season, you might be looking forward to initiating your annual quest for the ideal Christmas presents. Preparing for the holidays is delightful and selecting the best presents is not a mere task, but a procedure of wrapping up your emotions and sending love to your close ones.

But what if your presents get delayed? You surely wouldn’t want that, right? Well, we are here to ensure that you never have to face these concerns.

We would like to provide you with some crucial shipment dates so that your presents arrive in time for the celebrations:

  • For Sending Overseas – Please make sure that your presents are booked for Air Freight Collection no later than December 4th if you want them to arrive to your loved ones internationally before December 25th.
    This will ensure that there is enough time for customs processes and other significant details.
  • For Sending Domestically Within Australia – Be sure to send off your heartfelt presents before December 11th if they are intended for your cherished ones to arrive before 25th December within Australia itself. All would appreciate a punctual arrival.
    We join you in your spirits of Joy and Giving, and we hope that these informative details will be helpful for you.

With our aim of offering goods and services to you at 50% faster delivery times and up to 25% reduced costs, we also wish you a memorable festive season.

If you have some concerns or queries, then we would love to help you by continuing this conversation of ours.

Published On– Nov 20, 2023

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