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How to ship your luggage from Australia to the United Kingdom?

Convenient, Blazingly fast, Affordable & Safe Excess baggage shipping services.

Convenient, Blazingly fast, Affordable & Safe Excess baggage shipping services.

This email tells you: 

  • Shipping excess baggage from Australia to the UK.
  • How to package items? 
  • How much does it cost?
  • How to get a tailored transit proposal?


Despite being located on opposite sides of the globe (with over 16,000 miles separating Australia from London!), Australia and the UK maintain a strong bond as close allies. This connection is fostered by the shared monarchy and similar cultures between the two nations. Unsurprisingly, a significant number of Australian and UK citizens regularly journey between the countries. Whether embarking on a working holiday, traveling for business, reuniting with family, pursuing overseas studies, or making a permanent move, the frequent movement reflects the enduring ties between the two nations.

However, all that toing and froing with your most cherished belongings can be a costly and anxiety-inducing experience. 

“How Should I package my items?” 

Sending luggage and personal belongings abroad from Australia may naturally raise concerns about their safe arrival — after all, international shipping can be a bumpy journey. 

Using durable, built-for-transit shipping boxes and packing materials can wrap your goods securely.

Boxes are made to our precise measurements from double-walled, chemically hardened cardboard, which provides your goods with the utmost protection during their delivery from Australia.

How much does excess baggage shipping services from Australia cost? 

If you need to send boxes or luggage from Australia to the United Kingdom, our no-obligation quote tool can help you find the most accurate shipping costs quickly. 

You’ll receive competitive prices through a negotiated deal with all carriers, ensuring you secure the most favorable rates.

Engaging in a conversation with our experts will assist you in optimizing your transit costs. Let me elucidate how.

There are two transit methods available for moving excess baggage and shipping luggage from the Australia to UK, each with its advantages:

  • Sea Freight is the slowest of the two transport methods, although it provides reliable and cheap excess baggage service to UK service.
  • Standard Air Freight is the advised transit mode if you require your luggage promptly. It is more expensive to send excess Baggage via air freight; however, your goods will reach you within a matter of days.
  • Express Air Freight is our premium luggage shipping service if you need your belongings to arrive in the fastest time possible.

Our specialists will assist you in selecting a tailored hybrid transit solution that combines both sea and air transport based on your specific needs. This approach is designed to optimize your transportation costs efficiently.

DTDC Australia offers affordable and convenient luggage delivery services for everyone, whether you’re a business user, a holiday maker, an expat, or simply moving house. No matter your reason, absolutely anyone can take advantage of our competitive prices and excellent services.

 Published On– Nov 15, 2023

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