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Expand & Thrive- Ship to New Zealand And Grow Customer Base!

Is there a resolution for delivery challenges in New Zealand?

DTDC Australia now provides you with an option to merge your shipments destined for both Australia and New Zealand. By clubbing your load with that of Australia, you leverage a lower cost and efficient service. Now let’s talk more about the service.

How It Works:

  • Combined Shipment: Your consolidated shipment arrives in Australia first, where we facilitate customs clearance for the Australian part.
  • Forwarding to New Zealand: Subsequently, we seamlessly forward the New Zealand portion to its destination.

Advantages Of The Service-

  • Optimized Shipping Process– Grouping smaller New Zealand shipments with larger Australian volumes streamlines the overall shipping process; doing this benefits businesses of all sizes.
  • Next-Day Delivery in Auckland– You can now take advantage of next-day delivery services in Auckland; this will enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Faster Delivery Pace Across New Zealand– Expect deliveries to the rest of New Zealand within 2 to 3 days; may take a bit longer for remote regions.
  • Service Ideal for Various Shipments- Particularly advantageous for businesses dealing with smaller-sized shipments, whether importing from China or elsewhere.

All these services will surely benefit you and your requirements. Don’t pass up the chance to grow your company with our efficient cargo clearance and delivery services from Australia to New Zealand. Get in touch with us right now to clear up any further queries.

Published On– Jan 08, 2024

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