Do's And Dont's china to australia courier

The business marketplace is booming all around the world. And China is considered one of the leading exporters in the world. In 2019 alone it exported USD 2.499 trillion worth of products globally. Out of which Australia imported 56.95 billion USD from China, according to sources from Trading Economics.

The reason why it is a favored location to import from is due to the low-priced labor cost of China, resulting from a large workforce. China is renowned for cheaper products so buying items from China and selling them to different locations is a viable business, given that you do it legally. It is beneficial for industries where manufacturing is declining.

You can export several China to Australia couriers, but to earn a significant profit, they should be items having great demand and value. Some of them are Clothes, mobile phones, accessories, furniture, toys, kitchen appliances, lights, etc. are great for China to Australia shipping.

Not just entrepreneurs, many people send gifts and other products from China to folks in other countries. So, take a look at this list of do’s and don’ts that you need to follow while sending a China to Australia courier.


1. Do plan ahead of time. It will give you a chance to research and compare the services of various courier companies. No need to hurriedly decide upon one. Not waiting until the last minute to send your China to Australia courier also means that you will have enough time to deal with duties or taxes if incurred, at the destination. Do make sure the parcel is packed properly before sending the courier from China to Australia. Use plenty of cushioning materials and a sturdy box.
2. Do write as many details of the recipient’s address as possible on the label of the parcel. Write their contact number, E-mail id, etc. too.
3. Do check the approximate cost beforehand. You can do that easily by using the quote calculator of DTDC:
4. Do pick a good China to Australia courier This is perhaps the most important step. Choosing a reputable courier service that is well informed and having customer centric values is Key. DTDC has decades of experience in the courier and logistic industry. So, they are no stranger to the intricacies of the delivery process. They will ensure that your package is delivered undamaged and right on time.
5. Do wait for the delivery person to pick up the courier on collection day. Or you can take it by yourself to the courier service center.
6. Track the package. To know where your package is at the moment, you will need its shipment number. After which you can visit this page:


1. Don’t wait to book until it’s too late. Many China to Australia courier services won’t deliver on weekends. Also, you never know when unforeseen factors like bad climate will cause delays.
2. Don’t increase the chances of your parcel getting damaged or lost. The contents in the courier may fall apart or disintegrate if it is improperly packed. Pick a box that is appropriate in size, neither too large nor too small. Fill it with foam or polystyrene peanuts before placing the item inside and sealing it. To reduce the chances of your courier getting lost, write all the important details of the recipient. The more, the better.
3. Don’t choose a China to Australia Courier company without researching first. Picking a top notch, will save a lot of time and efforts of yours. The terms and conditions, insurances, courier brokers, etc. are some of the things you should know about before picking a freight forwarder from China to Australia.
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