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The business marketplace is booming all around the world. And China is considered one of the leading exporters in the world. In 2019 alone it exported USD 2.499 trillion worth of products globally. Out of which Australia imported 56.95 billion USD from China, according to sources from Trading Economics.


The reason why it is a favored location to import from is due to the low-priced labor cost of China, resulting from a large workforce. China is renowned for cheaper products so buying items from China and selling them to different locations is a viable business, given that you do it legally. It is beneficial for industries where manufacturing is declining.  


You can export several China to Australia couriers, but to earn a significant profit, they should be items having great demand and value. Some of them are Clothes, mobile phones, accessories, furniture, toys, kitchen appliances, lights, etc. are great for China to Australia shipping.


Not just entrepreneurs, many people send gifts and other products from China to folks in other countries. So, take a look at this list of do’s and don’ts that you need to follow while sending a China to Australia courier.


  • Do plan ahead of time. It will give you a chance to research and compare the services of various courier companies. No need to hurriedly decide upon one. Not waiting until the last minute to send your China to Australia courier also means that you will have enough time to deal with duties or taxes if incurred, at the destination. Do make sure the parcel is packed properly before sending the courier from China to Australia. Use plenty of cushioning materials and a sturdy box.
  • Do write as many details of the recipient’s address as possible on the label of the parcel. Write their contact number, E-mail id, etc. too.
  • Do check the approximate cost beforehand. You can do that easily by using the quote calculator of DTDC:
  • Do pick a good China to Australia courier This is perhaps the most important step. Choosing a reputable courier service that is well informed and having customer centric values is Key. DTDC has decades of experience in the courier and logistic industry. So, they are no stranger to the intricacies of the delivery process. They will ensure that your package is delivered undamaged and right on time.
  • Do wait for the delivery person to pick up the courier on collection day. Or you can take it by yourself to the courier service center.
  • Track the package. To know where your package is at the moment, you will need its shipment number. After which you can visit this page:


  • Don’t wait to book until it’s too late. Many China to Australia courier services won’t deliver on weekends. Also, you never know when unforeseen factors like bad climate will cause delays.
  • Don’t increase the chances of your parcel getting damaged or lost. The contents in the courier may fall apart or disintegrate if it is improperly packed. Pick a box that is appropriate in size, neither too large nor too small. Fill it with foam or polystyrene peanuts before placing the item inside and sealing it. To reduce the chances of your courier getting lost, write all the important details of the recipient. The more, the better.
  • Don’t choose a China to Australia Courier company without researching first. Picking a top notch, will save a lot of time and efforts of yours. The terms and conditions, insurances, courier brokers, etc. are some of the things you should know about before picking a freight forwarder from China to Australia.

China to Australia Courier FAQs:

How long does shipping from China to Australia take?

Usually, the route of your destination area plays a huge role along with the type of service you have chosen. Door to door air freights of DTDC takes at least 3 days to show up. Air shipping is the best option for people who want to send small volume couriers urgently. It is done using cargo planes or passenger planes. But air freights are costlier than the rest.

You can also send the China to Australia courier using sea freights. It is mostly done port to port instead of door to door. Delivery through sea routes takes longer. It takes about 20 to 40 days for shipments to reach Australia from China.

What is the cheapest way to ship from China?

Sea shipping is by far the cheapest method, particularly if you have a large number of goods to send. Also, keep checking their official websites to see if they are giving any special discounts. You never know when your luck will favor and you will get a good deal! Research and compare the service cost of various China to Australia courier delivery companies.  

Sea shipping is slow, so send the freight to Australia way ahead of time. Even if there are any unexpected delays, your package will reach the destination before it is due.

If your courier does not need to be sent urgently, look into the trends of peak season and off-season delivery and send the courier accordingly.

How long does DTDC take from China to Australia?

DTDC has tie-ups in locations all over the globe, therefore China and Australia are no such exceptions.

It has united with Air Dragon Freight, Beijing to serve the delivery needs in China. Besides Beijing, DTDC runs from Guangzhou and Shanghai as well. That means the estimated transit time of DTDC is much shorter than many other courier services. Most of the time it takes 3 to 5 days to deliver packages to Australia from China. It’s the same in the case of sending courier to China from Australia as well.

In some instances, if the destination is not situated in a metro area, it may take slightly longer to deliver the China to Australia courier.

For more details you can head over to: or 

How long does it take for parcels to come from China?

For many people, one key concern when sending a parcel is the transit time. A common query is how many days it will take for parcels to come from China. However, there is no particular answer to this.

Route of the shipping is one of the factors on which the delivery time is dependent. One-day shipping and air freight are faster, averaging between 1 to 5 days. Sea freights of China to Australia couriers take longer, sometimes even several months.

How long does it take to get a parcel from China to Australia?

If you are expecting to receive a parcel, then you may be wondering the number of days it will take for it to reach you.

Delivery time generally depends on the courier service that was chosen by the sender. It may take 3-7 days for the courier to reach the destination in Australia from the location in China. But if the parcel(s) is delivered via sea route, the estimated delivery time will range from days to months. If you have the reference number or the consignment number of the parcel, then you can keep track of it. You will get to know the date on which the China to Australia courier will reach your place. 

How much is shipping from China to Australia?

 The cost of shipping from China to Australia varies due to various factors. Sea shipping is more cost-effective than air shipping if you are sending out several large goods. Off seasonal rates will be lower, so you can make use of that.

Apart from that, the cost of the parcel also depends on its dimension and the mass. To give you an idea of how much these two factors will influence the cost calculation, let’s see an example. Sending out a 20cm x 20cm x 20cm parcel, weighing 10kg, from China to Australia will cost around AUD 180 to AUD 280.

Now if the same package had a dimension of 300cm x 300cm x 300cm, it would have cost AUD 50000 to AUD 120000.

To get the live rate and find cheapest shipping from China to Australia cost, you can visit:

Do I have to pay duty on items shipped from China?

Duties and taxes are levied on most products that are shipped. If you want to send a China to Australia courier, you need have to pay extra money which will be made known before the item is delivered. It is much more likely if your parcel’s value exceeds a certain limit say for example $1000. In such cases one has to bring forth the import declaration form. The rate of duty will be around 5% of the value of the item. All these may seem confusing. So, you may seek the help of customs brokers, which will make things easier. Custom brokers know the ins and outs of customs clearance and the paperwork required.

What items I can buy from China and import to Australia?

Purse, shoes, mobile phones, furniture, beauty products, etc can be bought from China to import to Australia. But make sure not to buy any fake or duplicate products.

Before buying any item make sure you check the list of items that are often allowed in Australia. Check out this page for the list of restricted and prohibited items:

Some of these goods need to be declared and authorized beforehand. In case of items like medicines, food, and such, prescription and legal documents are needed before importing from China to Australia.

What items I can export to Australia from China?

In 2018, some of the top goods that Australia imported were Machinery, Mineral fuels, vehicles, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, gems, plastic, items of iron and steel, furniture, etc. 

What does China export to Australia? Equipment, computers furniture sets, vehicle parts, knit sweaters, women’s clothes, footwear, plastic products, toys, etc are some of the top exports of China which can be sent to Australia.

However, not everything can be exported to Australia; some goods are restricted or prohibited from postage to Australia. Steroids, weapons, illicit drugs, firearms, certain food products, etc. are some of these items.

How much is air freight from China to Australia?

Air freights are gradually getting costlier. But due to DTDC’s tie-ups with other major services, it offers many affordable options. A 10kg parcel of 20cm x 20cm x 20cm dimension will cost around AUD 180 to AUD 280. If duties or taxes are incurred, it will be charged extra before delivery is made to the destination. The cost of China to Australia couriers is ever-changing depending on the seasonal rates and other factors.

The fuel price of cargo air freights and passenger flights have significantly increased, so it has impacted the cost of air shipping as well. The more volumetric weight or actual weight your package has, the more importing to Australia from China will cost you. Excess baggage to Australia will be charge more.

 All things considered, unless you are getting a good deal or want to send a parcel to Australia urgently, using air freights may not be the best option for you.

How long does air freight take from China?

Air freights are said to be about 30% faster than sea freights.

But the delivery time of air freights can vary a lot. If you choose a door to door air freight from China to Australia courier service, it will take anywhere from 6-12 days. If you use DTDC’s service to ship from Shanghai to Sydney, the estimated delivery time is 3-5 days. Express shipping is faster, it may take 1-3 days. Many courier services also offer One-day shipping but it is costlier.

How long does sea freight take from China to Australia?

The transit time of the sea route is more than others. Usually, it takes 22 to 40 days for the parcel to reach the port. Sea freights are slower than air or land freights because sea shipping is greener. It causes less negative environmental impact compared to other routes. Sea freights use less fuel and give out less CO2. Among many reasons for the speedy delivery of air-shipping is the fact that it produces a lot of carbon footprint. Sea shipping is much slower since it is greener. The less fuel is consumed the more the transit time of a cheap courier to Australia from China will be.

How much is sea freight from China?

It is one of the ways to send cheap courier from China to Australia.

To ship the China to Australia courier, you can use boxes/crates or containers. Before sending freight from port to port, you need to know the cost. To calculate the cost of courier charges from China to Australia per kg, you need the height, width, length, and weight of the shipment.

Suppose you want to send a 37kg crate of dimension 50cm x 50cm x50cm from Shanghai to Sydney. Let’s assume you also chose a customs brokerage service but no insurance, and then it will cost you around $900. Since the taxes are not included with the amount the exact amount would be known after your delivery reaches the port.

To get the approximate charges of sea freights, you can also use the Freightos website:

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