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DTDC Australia provides an unmatched level of reliability and efficiency in their courier service for sending packages to the United Kingdom. Your packages will arrive safely and quickly because to our efficiency and customer service. Our dedicated crew will dispatch your goods, documents, and commodities smoothly. DTDC Australia can safely deliver packages to the UK. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and competitive price on our individualized services.

Express Document to UK

When it comes to delivering sensitive documents to the United Kingdom, DTDC Australia is the way to go for safe and fast delivery. We appreciate the sensitive nature of your documents and offer a discreet document shipping solution to protect them throughout transit. The safety of your documents during transit to the United Kingdom is a top priority for our seasoned staff. Choose DTDC Australia as your reliable courier service and rest easy knowing your important documents will arrive safely.

Air Freight Service to UK

DTDC Australia’s air freight service provides timely delivery to the UK for time-sensitive shipments. Our global reach and key alliances allow us to provide you with preferential pricing without sacrificing the security or timeliness of your shipment. We take care of everything involved in air freight, so your packages will go to the UK promptly. Get in touch with DTDC Australia today for a free air freight quote tailored to your specific needs

Parcel to UK

DTDC Australia’s parcel delivery to UK is rapid and flexible. We offer a choice of delivery ways because on-time deliveries are important. Real-time updates on your package delivery are available. Trust our knowledge and cutting-edge logistics technologies to deliver your UK packages on time and intact.

Excess Baggage to United Kingdom

Bringing more than you need to the United Kingdom? If you have extra items to ship, DTDC Australia’s excess baggage service to UK has you covered. We’ll get your stuff where it needs to go so you can relax and enjoy the ride. You can pack light and relax on your trip to the UK because we will ship any additional bags to your hotel for you. Benefit from DTDC Australia’s excess luggage service without the hassle

Sea freight service to UK

When transporting large or bulky items to the UK, DTDC Australia’s sea freight service is a responsible and cost-effective option. Get what you need at a reasonable price, with swift processing and prompt shipping. You can rest assured that your items will arrive in the UK quickly and without incident thanks to our network of strategic connections and large infrastructure. Make use of our hassle-free maritime freight service by requesting a quote from us today.

Shipping to United Kingdom

With DTDC Australia’s full assistance, shipping to the UK is a breeze. To make sure that everything goes off without a hitch while exporting, our devoted staff walks you through all of the necessary customs procedures, paperwork, and logistics. We can help you through the challenges of international trading with comprehensive services designed to make your life easier. With DTDC Australia’s assistance, your exports to the UK, securely enter the lucrative British market.

Pallet Delivery Service to UK

If you need pallets shipped to the UK, look no further than DTDC Australia. No matter how big, heavy, or odd, our dedicated personnel will carefully wrap, load, and transport your belongings. We provide customized palletized shipping solutions based on our extensive understanding. Your pallets will be carefully transported to their final destination in the UK.

Exporting to UK

DTDC Australia’s UK export services help you grow your business in one of the world’s most active marketplaces. Our knowledge and complete solutions make us your trusted partner for UK export success. Our expert staff will help you export to the UK. We understand international commerce and will work with you to create a customized exporting plan that meets your company goals. We streamline exporting with market research, documentation, logistical planning, and compliance.

Imports to Australia from UK

DTDC Australia can help you import to Australia from the UK to expand your business. We get your products to the Australian market efficiently and professionally thanks to our significant knowledge and constant dedication to quality DTDC Australia understands international trade and the need for precision at every stage. Our import professionals will customize our services to your specific needs and provide personalized assistance and expertise throughout the import process.

who we are

At DTDC Australia we are committed to providing hassle-free, timely, and reliable courier services both local and international. We are one of the world’s leading logistics and shipping services and are facilitators of cheap international shipping from Australia. Post and courier services have become an integral part of our lives and are used for E-commerce deliveries, document dispatch; surprise presents to loved ones, business logistics solutions, etc.
However, many people still hesitate to use courier services because of their reputation for inconvenient paperwork requirements and the exorbitant charges that used to be levied. Finding a service that runs freight from Australia to the UK that is fast, reliable, and yet affordable has been very difficult until DTDC Australia.
DTDC Express Limited’s mission has always been about delivering the highest quality of customer satisfaction and becoming the preferred courier service for all your local and international mailing and shipping requirements.

How to Send a Courier To UK and Procedure:

With DTDC Australia, sending a courier to the UK from Australia has never been more convenient and easier; just pack and send it to the UK via DTDC. All you have to do is to make a visit to our official website and generate a quick quote by entering your pickup and delivery addresses, dimensions of your package, its weight, item type (documents or parcel/ carton/ baggage), and the date of expected pickup or drop-off.
Next, you will be redirected to a page showing you all the available courier options including Economy, Express, Drop Ship, Door to Door, etc. The live prices for the requested date and the estimated delivery time will also be listed along with each individual courier service. Once you select one of our many services, you will need to enter details about the pickup and delivery addresses and also provide a description of the contents of the courier.
Click here to find a list of items that are prohibited by DTDC Australia in order to provide a smooth shipping experience and to comply with international freight regulations. Please note that all perishable items including most food and drink are banned by DTDC. Also note that items with batteries including mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, power banks, etc. may or may not be accepted by carriers depending on battery specification. Contact us at to find out more about your options for sending your parcel to the UK.
After entering the necessary details all that remains is payment. One can complete the payment procedure with the help of debit or credit cards or can opt for payment gateways such as PayPal. Note that the initial quote is based on the initial dimensions and weight provided by the customer. In case of any discrepancy or if you are unsure of the dimensions and weight of the package, you will be billed or refunded the difference accordingly. For such a case, additional charges will not be imposed.
After successful payment, you will be given a consignment number for future reference. Please mention the consignment number of your package in all communication with us. Also, your consignment number must be clearly printed on your parcel or envelope along with the mailing address.
We also offer a limited Loss/ Damage insurance on the package content value. Insurance can be provided at a rate of 2.5% of the declared value of contents to a maximum of AUD 4000 online; if you need further coverage then please email us at Please look through our Terms and Conditions before deciding to opt for Loss/ Damage Insurance.
You are advised to use secure packaging in order to minimize the possibility of any sort of damage. Please use properly fitted packaging and bubble wrap or any other sort of cushioning in case you are sending any fragile items. If you think that your package is highly fragile, think about using dedicated packing materials including packing peanuts, airbags, foam enclosures, or foam sprays. In case you are using cartons, please use only rigid cartons that are in good condition. After all, safe packaging is absolutely essential for a truly safe and risk-free shipping experience.

Pickup and Delivery Details

Our pickup and delivery options include:

  • Door Pickup and Door Delivery
  • Depot Drop-off and Door Delivery
  • Door Pickup and Port Delivery
  • Depot Drop-off and Port Delivery
For Depot Drop-off, the customer is requested to drop the parcel at our head office address at Unit 9 / 10 Ferngrove Place, Chester Hill, NSW 2162, Australia. Customers must either drop their shipment at our head office (which includes a little paperwork) or either post or courier their shipment to our head office along with the consignment number of your shipment clearly printed on the package apart from the mailing label. Please take care to ensure that the consignment number is perfectly legible and accurate. DTDC will not be held responsible in case of any loss occurring due to an incorrectly printed consignment number.
In case you want to shop at an Australian store or an Australian E-commerce website that only delivers locally and want to have it delivered to the UK, then we suggest you use our Depot Drop-off and Door Delivery option. Please have the seller/ retail outlet deliver to our head office near Sydney. Also, request the seller/ retail outlet to have your DTDC consignment number printed along with the mailing address.
Also, note that the door delivery and door pickup options are only available in certain metro cities and subject to the availability of delivery partners in the location and the Covid-19 guidelines and safety protocols in the location.

Our Services

DTDC Australia offers a large catalog of services that caters to all your courier and postal requirements. We offer air freight to the UK, sea freight to the UK and we are reportedly the cheapest courier to the UK from Australia.
We offer two dispatch categories, air freight, and shipping. The air freight is divided into two price tiers; economy and express. In addition, we also have documents express option for those who wish to send documents or similar items at a much faster speed. The estimated delivery times from Australia to the UK for each of them are as follows:
  • Air Freight Economy: 7 – 14 business days
  • Air Freight Express: 3 – 5 business days
  • Documents Express: 3 business days
  • Sea Freight: 29 – 45 business days (subject to the route taken and port of arrival)
We also offer tailor-made services for E-Commerce businesses and other companies who need regular logistical solutions for running freight between Australia and the UK. For Amazon sellers situated in Australia, DTDC Australia also offers deliveries to Amazon UK. Please contact our sales team at for details regarding these services. Take the next step in expanding your enterprise and choose DTDC Australia to solve all your logistics problems.
Before you can estimate the cost of the courier, you must calculate the billable weight of your parcel. The billable weight is the greater of the actual weight of the parcel and the volume of the parcel (length X height X width) divided by 5000 in kg.
For documents express the price starts at AUD 60 up to 1kg and increases from there. For document economy air freight the price starts at AUD 11 till 1 kg. Airfreight economy starts at AUD 45 for 1 kg. Airfreight express service starts from AUD 90 for 1 kg. Sea Freight to the UK starts from AUD 600 for 30 kg. However, the costs mentioned here are subject to market fluctuations and carrier rates. For a quick quote please visit and enter the dimensions and weight of your package and the destination and pickup to get the available options and their estimated price.

Customs and International Regulations

International customs can be a very hectic and bothersome process. However, we at DTDC Australia are a recognized customs broker and we can help make the process quite easy for you. The customs and taxes will be levied based on the contents and value of the parcel that you are shipping. Customs fee will be charged on arrival in the UK and can either be charged to the recipient of the parcel or it can be charged back to you. The details of how much you will be charged in taxes for sending a courier to the UK will be displayed on our online shipping tracking tool.
Our online shipping tracking tool will help simplify the UK customs process, you will be required to fill some online forms regarding the contents and value of the package and you will be charged accordingly. DTDC Australia’s expertise with the UK customs procedure means that your courier will be subject to fewer delays and less red tape.
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