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Hometown calling as the holidays approach – exciting times ahead

Why Pay Exorbitant Airport Excess Baggage Fees?


Why Pay Exorbitant Airport Excess Baggage Fees?   

With the upcoming holidays, it might be the perfect time to visit your hometown and see your parents. However, dealing with the anxiety of excessive baggage charges at the airport can be nerve-wracking.

If your luggage is even 1 kilogram over the limit, they’ll charge you $80 per kilogram.

Imagine Manish Malhotra’s situation. Nervous is too mild a word to describe how Manish Malhotra felt. More like gutted with trepidations. Bolts of fear. Electric Anxiety at the airport. He was flying from Australia to India to spend his holidays with his parents and had lots of items for his relatives.

But the thought of paying high fees for excess baggage weighed heavily on his mind. He believed that the money saved on those fees could be better spent on buying gifts for his loved ones in India.

Nowadays, some airports charge as much as $80+ per kilogram for excess baggage.

Here’s a solution.

Instead, consider using our air freight or sea freight services. They can be a cost-effective option tailored to your needs, with fewer restrictions, helping you save money on shipping.

Both air and sea freight services can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and cost-efficient way to transport your belongings, gifts, or items to your destination, all while helping you avoid those exorbitant airport baggage fees.


Published Date- Nov 02, 2023

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