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DTDC’s Illustrious Background

To gauge DTDC’s stature and reputation, it is essential to delve into its history and track record.

DTDC in Australia is affiliated with the renowned French Post Entity. Furthermore, it holds affiliation with DPD, an exceptionally reputable courier service widely recognized across Europe, boasting an impressive network of 22,000 outlets.

On a global scale, DTDC Australia extends its presence with an extensive network of 30,000 outlets spanning various regions worldwide. This extensive reach underscores DTDC’s extensive pedigree and credibility in the courier industry.

At DTDC, we take pride in our global network and reputation, ensuring reliable and efficient courier services. We invite you to experience the excellence of our services and join our satisfied customers in benefiting from our extensive reach and dependable solutions. Your trust is our driving force, and we look forward to serving your courier needs.

1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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