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With great trade and inter-personal ties, the Australia-Fiji relationship is a strong one. Tens of thousands of packages are shipped from Australia to Fiji every year as gifts, retail products, excess baggage, documents, etc. Looking for the right courier company is perhaps the hardest part of the shipping process. There are so many to choose from since more and more services are emerging every day. 

Picking one based on your needs can leave you perplexed. If you have never done international shipping before, you might not be sure what to expect.  So, here’s a simple and straightforward guide to send a parcel to Fiji from Australia using DTDC.

The company DTDC Express Limited started its journey in the year 1990. Earlier it was known as DTDC Courier & Cargo Limited. In order to make sure that their customers experience a secure delivery service they make use of new technologies such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Dependable package-tracking software makes sure the timely shipping of the courier to Fiji is done. Customers can get to know the constant whereabouts of their courier through SMS updates. DTDC’s mission is to ensure that every courier to Fiji is delivered without any hindrance. Our customer-focused service is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our mission is to “Delivering Value to all our Stakeholders and at all touchpoints.”


First and foremost, see DTDC’s list of restricted or prohibited items to ensure you are not sending any items that they won’t ship:  

If you are looking to export to Fiji, you may want to check out this page on Austrade’s website:

After making sure the courier to Fiji is packed securely, you have to measure it. Mention the weight, length, width, and height on DTDC’s live rate calculator: and fill in the source address and destination address along with the date when you want your parcel to be collected. Make sure the postcode you filled in is accurate. 

Additional costs will be charged if you want to send excess baggage to Fiji or your parcel exceeds the specified weight/measurement. Note that the taxes and duties are not included in the specified amount. You will have to pay the extra cost if it is incurred at the customs.

Click on the next page where you will have to fill in additional information like telephone no., E-mail, and complete address. Specify the same for the delivery address section.

After that specify the collection date according to your own convenience and also a short note which describes the parcel. After that you can pay the charges to complete the process.

The package can be collected from your house by a pickup driver. You can also drop it off at any one of our centers. Find the nearest one: 

The next step is tracking your delivery. You can track it via E-mail, SMS, web, or you can install the DTDC app on your phone. To know where your courier to Fiji is at the moment, you need to know the consignment no. or reference no. of your courier to Fiji.

You can also do the booking using this form:

Courier To Fiji FAQs:

Can I send medicine to Fiji?

Yes, it is possible to send medicines to Fiji. A doctor’s prescription is required for shipping the medicines.

Which courier is best for Fiji?

To give you a satisfactory shipping experience, a courier service should be competent resulting from many years of experience in the field. They should have good customer service who are adept and dedicated to answering your queries at the earliest. DTDC has a vast network of delivery service all over the world and has the ability to send it to any corners of the world.

It does effortless delivery of packages. DTDC offers affordable and reliable shipping of couriers from Australia to Fiji.

Although Fiji is an island country, it still has strict guidelines that every courier company must follow. Since our company has been in the business for several years, it knows every details of the places. They make sure that the parcel has reached its desired destination. It offers services keeping in mind the customers’ needs and their budgets. With us, your courier to Fiji will be delivered in no time.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Fiji?

If you are thinking of send a courier to Fiji, then Sea shipping is apt for people who are moving overseas or sending freight to Fiji. This option will be really helpful if you want to send a very heavy parcel from Australia to Fiji. But, if you want to send something urgently then you must go for the air freight. Moreover, DTDC Australia provides various discounts throughout the year. You can check those discounts at our official website –

What is the cheapest courier service to Fiji from Australia?

All over the world, there is a multitude of courier service companies. 

But not all are reliable. Many of them charge exorbitant prices to ship a courier from one country to another. If you want an affordable courier service to send a parcel from Australia to Fiji, then DTDC is your best bet.


DTDC Australia offers many budget-friendly services from which one can easily pick the one that suits their needs. So, sending a courier to Fiji shouldn’t have to break the bank. They do Door to Door delivery as well; you can send the courier from Australia to Fiji without needing to step outside.  So, if your budget is not that high, then you must choose DTDC Australia. Although the service DTDC is cost-friendly, there is no compromise with the quality. To know more, kindly visit our official websites: or

What is the best courier service in Australia to Fiji?

There are several factors that makes DTDC stand out from the other companies. Over the years, DTDC has gotten better and better and has gathered much more experience. Now it provides service in more than 240 international areas. Over 50, 000 people make the dedicated workforce of the company.


Our varied range of services has made us stand out from the crowd and has become one of the most trustworthy logistics companies. Thus, if you want to send a courier to Fiji then DTDC Australia is the best for you.

Our team is dedicated to providing its customers a memorable experience. So, you can trust us with all your heart, we will deliver your package without any delay.

How do I send a package to Fiji?

First, choose a courier service that matches your requirements and fits well with your budget.

After weighing your parcel, you can easily calculate the charges with the help of the calculator provided on our official website.

If you are fine with the terms and conditions, you may go with the courier service that is suiting you. After you have filled out all the necessary details mention the collection date according to your own convenience and also a short note which describes the parcel. After you parcel to Fiji has reached the destination, you will get an update from us.

To lessen the chances of any damage, you can make use of packing peanuts and other soft materials and place the parcel inside a sturdy box. Write the important information like the recipient’s name, phone no, and complete address over the top of the parcel.

Can we Courier food items to Fiji?

Sending foodstuffs to Fiji is restricted, which means it is limited to some extent. Most food items have to be declared when shipping to the island country. Meat, dairy, eggs, nuts, spices, herbs, dried mushrooms, honey, seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. are some of them.

Branded or homemade foods need to be properly sealed and packaged before sending a courier to Fiji.

Plant and animal-based products need a permit before being imported into the country.

What are the courier charges from Australia to Fiji?

Sending a 9kg package having dimensions 25cm x 35cm x 14cm (l x b x h) from Sydney to a location in Fiji can cost around AUD 168 to AUD 600. The price will vary based on the service that you have chosen.


The volume of the parcel plays a huge role and so does the mode of shipping you opted for. Express delivery of courier to Fiji costs more than the standard ones. During the peak seasons, when the demand is more, the price will inflate.


Some courier services companies do the packaging for you, but that will be charged more. Parcels weighing more than the limit, that is excess baggage will cost extra. The price or value of the courier will be used to calculate the amount of import duty you have to pay.

What is the cheapest way to ship a package from Australia to Fiji?

If you are low on your budget, then we suggest you to choose the Economy service instead on an Express delivery service. You can also compare our prices with other companies that offers same kind of services. However, on special occasions we often give discounts to our customers!! 


One can also go for the mail/postal services provided by us. They are way cheaper than their courier services. For further details, you can easily visit our official website to make sure whether it is available for courier to Fiji from Australia. But courier services to Fiji are usually better than postal services.


If opting for the service of a courier company, look for one that offers reasonable rates, without diminishing the quality of the service


The courier charges from Australia to Fiji per Kg through sea route are cheaper compared to other modes. Business owners that have a frequent need to send packages can build a professional relationship with a courier company so that the system is profitable for both of them. 

How do I send a courier to Fiji?

Check whether or not the item you intend to ship falls under Fiji’s list of restricted or prohibited goods. If it is a restricted item, you will have to acquire permits for AUS to Fiji shipping.

To send a courier to Fiji from Australia, look into the courier services that operate in the area like DTDC, pack and send, etc. Such courier service companies look after your parcels from scratch without any hassle.

Compare their rates and services to pick one. Then head over to their official website. If you are using DTDC, the website will have a cost calculator. Fill in the details like measurements, pickup date, etc. Track the parcel and wait until it is delivered. It’s as easy as that.  

You can make use of a broker service to get the custom duties paperwork done or you can do it yourself.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Fiji?

For cheap international shipping from Australia, pick standard service rather than premium, it will save you money. If the postage to Fiji is not urgent then avoid express delivery, unless you are getting a good deal on it. 


If you want to send a large volume of freights or courier to Fiji, then sea shipping might be the better option. However, you need to plan it well in advance as sea shipping to Fiji takes longer than other routes. FCL (Full Container Load) will be more suitable if the volume of your goods can fill the entire 20’ or 40’ container as it works on flat rates. If the goods are less in number and volume, then go for LCL (Less Load Container)


Off-season shipping will save you a lot of money for shipping cheap couriers to Fiji from Australia.

How much does it cost to ship to Fiji?

Depending upon the service and the parcel measurements, it can vary from AUD 120 to AUD 700 or more.  Calculate the live DTDC rates here: