Courier Services to Fiji

Express Document to Fiji

DTDC Australia knows that when it comes to shipping important documents to Fiji, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Whether you need assistance with legal documents, contracts, or sensitive information, we have you covered. We’ll keep it under lock and key and deliver it in the nick of time. You can count on DTDC Australia to deliver your documents to Fiji because we are as reliable as the day is long and our professionalism is second to none. Trust DTDC Australia for your courier to Fiji.

Air Freight to Fiji

When speed is essential, DTDC Australia’s air freight service to Fiji is the ideal choice. Our global reach and strategic partnerships enable us to provide fast and reliable air freight solutions at competitive rates. With our commitment to quality and security, you can trust DTDC Australia for timely delivery of your items to Fiji. Request a free air freight quote today and experience our efficient service.

Parcel to Fiji

DTDC Australia is the ultimate solution for all your parcel delivery needs to Fiji.Indulge in the supreme comfort with our advanced delivery solutions and modernized Tracking mechanism. Stay up-to-date with the real-time status of your packages every step of the way, thanks to our diverse range of shipping options

Excess Baggage to Fiji

Traveling to Fiji with excess baggage? DTDC Australia offers convenient and cost-effective excess baggage delivery services. Leave the hassle of handling extra luggage to us while you enjoy your journey. Our reliable and timely service ensures that your excess baggage arrives safely in Fiji, allowing you to travel with peace of mind. Contact DTDC Australia now for a stress-free excess baggage delivery experience

Sea Freight to Fiji

DTDC Australia offers secure and affordable sea freight service to Fiji. Our streamlined processes and prompt shipping ensure that your goods are delivered safely and on time. Benefit from our reliable sea freight service to Fiji, backed by our extensive network and industry expertise. Contact us for a competitive quote on marine shipment to Fiji.

Shipping to Fiji

DTDC Australia goes the extra mile to make sure your shipments to Fiji are delivered with high spirits, leaving no stone unturned in providing top-notch shipping solutions that guarantee the safe arrival of your packages. We’ve got you covered with our shipping services that are customized to fit like a glove

Courier TO Fiji

Looking to send a package to Fiji? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got you covered with our top-notch courier service. Don’t sweat it, we’ll make sure your package gets there safe and sound.Our courier service is the bee’s knees when it comes to delivering your parcels, documents, pallets, or any other items. You can count on us to transport your goods safely and efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Courier Now.

Pallet to Fiji

Looking for a way to get your pallets to Fiji without any hiccups?We take pride in providing you with efficient and dependable pallet transportation solutions. Our experienced team will ensure the safe packaging, loading, and transport of your weighty or oversized items. We’ll make sure your goods get to their destination safe and sound, without any bumps in the road. So why wait? Let us take the reins and get your pallets to Fiji in no time!

Exporting to Fiji

DTDC Australia facilitates seamless exporting to Fiji, enabling your business to reach new horizons. Our dedicated staff provides comprehensive assistance, from initial inquiries to final delivery. With our expertise in international shipping, we simplify the exporting process, ensuring that your goods reach Fiji efficiently and safely. Choose DTDC Australia for smooth exporting courier to Fiji and expand your business with confidence.

Imports to Australia from Fiji

Discover the allure of Fiji in Australia through seamless importing with DTDC Australia. Our expert team navigates the import process with precision, ensuring your goods from Fiji reach their destination safely. Unleash the tropical treasures of Fiji in the Australian market with our reliable customs clearance and logistics solutions. Let DTDC Australia be your gateway to the vibrant flavors and unique products of Fiji in Australia. Contact us to explore the possibilities of importing from Fiji to Australia today.
With great trade and inter-personal ties, the Australia-Fiji relationship is a strong one. Tens of thousands of packages are shipped from Australia to Fiji every year as gifts, retail products, excess baggage, documents, etc. Looking for the right courier company is perhaps the hardest part of the shipping process. There are so many to choose from since more and more services are emerging every day.
Picking one based on your needs can leave you perplexed. If you have never done international shipping before, you might not be sure what to expect. So, here’s a simple and straightforward guide to send a parcel to Fiji from Australia using DTDC.
The company DTDC Express Limited started its journey in the year 1990. Earlier it was known as DTDC Courier & Cargo Limited. In order to make sure that their customers experience a secure delivery service they make use of new technologies such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Dependable package-tracking software makes sure the timely shipping of the courier to Fiji is done. Customers can get to know the constant whereabouts of their courier through SMS updates. DTDC’s mission is to ensure that every courier to Fiji is delivered without any hindrance. Our customer-focused service is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our mission is to “Delivering Value to all our Stakeholders and at all touchpoints.”

How To Book Your Courier to Fiji?

First and foremost, see DTDC’s list of restricted or prohibited items to ensure you are not sending any items that they won’t ship: 
If you are looking to export to Fiji, you may want to check out this page on Austrade’s website:
After making sure the courier to Fiji is packed securely, you have to measure it. Mention the weight, length, width, and height on DTDC’s live rate calculator: and fill in the source address and destination address along with the date when you want your parcel to be collected. Make sure the postcode you filled in is accurate. 
Additional costs will be charged if you want to send excess baggage to Fiji or your parcel exceeds the specified weight/measurement. Note that the taxes and duties are not included in the specified amount. You will have to pay the extra cost if it is incurred at the customs.
Click on the next page where you will have to fill in additional information like telephone no., E-mail, and complete address. Specify the same for the delivery address section.
After that specify the collection date according to your own convenience and also a short note which describes the parcel. After that you can pay the charges to complete the process.
The package can be collected from your house by a pickup driver. You can also drop it off at any one of our centers. Find the nearest one:
The next step is tracking your delivery. You can track it via E-mail, SMS, web, or you can install the DTDC app on your phone. To know where your courier to Fiji is at the moment, you need to know the consignment no. or reference no. of your courier to Fiji.
You can also do the booking using this form:
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1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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