Courier To Germany

We are pleased to provide you with our courier to Germany. We at DTDC Australia are aware of the value of having international shipping that is both dependable and effective. Whether you need to deliver essential documents, packages, or cargo, our professional courier services provide a solution that is both seamless and secure to ensure that your products arrive at their destination in Germany on time and in perfect shape. We are proud to be the reliable partner you can count on for all of your shipping needs to Germany since we have a lot of experience and a commitment to excellence. Explore the breadth of our services and allow us to immediately ease the process of your overseas deliveries.

Courier Services to Germany

Express Document to Germany

DTDC Germany Express Document Australia expedites the delivery of urgent documents to Germany. Our courier service goes above and beyond to preserve and deliver your confidential information. We transfer legal documents, contracts, and sensitive material to Germany in a secure manner..

Air Freight to Germany

DTDC Australia’s air freight service delivers packages to Germany quickly. We place a premium on dependability and safety. We will effectively send your aircraft goods to Germany. Our extensive network and dependable partners assure smooth operations and on-time delivery.

Parcel to Germany

For seamless parcel delivery to Germany, DTDC Australia stands as your unwavering companion. Our commitment to excellence shines through as we handle parcels of all shapes and sizes with meticulous precision. No matter the dimensions, our dedicated team ensures the secure and prompt arrival of each package. With our budget-friendly solutions, your parcels will grace Germany’s doorstep in impeccable condition, instilling confidence and serenity in both you and your fortunate recipients. Choose DTDC Australia for your Courier to Germany.

Excess Baggage to Germany

Unburden yourself from the hassle of lugging around excess baggage during your travels, as DTDC Australia emerges as your ultimate stress-reliever. We specialize in the seamless delivery of surplus belongings to Germany, showcasing our unrivaled expertise in logistics and handling. Embrace the boundless joys of your German escapade, safe in the knowledge that our dedicated team will shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the secure and prompt arrival of your extra treasures. Rest assured, as we take charge of the intricate details, allowing you to savor every moment without a care in the world..

Sea Freight to Germany

DTDC Australia ensures a seamless sea freight experience when shipping your goods to Germany. We customize shipping for you. With our in-depth industry knowledge and robust network, we ensure the secure and timely transport of your cargo. Our dedication to quality will ensure your shipment sails successfully to Germany. DTDC Australia offers dependable sea freight to Germany..

Shipping to Germany

DTDC Australia offers effortless shipping solutions to Germany. Our dedicated team ensures the secure and timely delivery of your shipments, providing a worry-free experience. Shipping to Germany is a breeze with DTDC Australia’s streamlined processes and personalized service. Experience peace of mind knowing that your packages are in reliable hands.

Courier to Germany

When it comes to courier services in Germany, DTDC Australia sets the benchmark. We strive for excellence in every delivery, providing swift and secure service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, ensuring your packages reach their destination without delay. Discover the difference of top-notch courier services with DTDC Australia.

Pallet to Germany

Efficiency in pallet delivery is our specialty at DTDC Australia.Count on DTDC Australia to handle your palletized goods with utmost care, ensuring they reach their destination in Germany safely and on time.

Exporting to Germany

DTDC Australia empowers your exporting endeavors by providing seamless shipping solutions to Germany. We guide you through the entire process, offering comprehensive assistance from initial inquiry to final delivery. With our expertise in international shipping, we ensure a successful exporting experience, helping you reach new markets in Germany.

Imports to Australia from Germany

DTDC Australia simplifies importing German products to Australia. Our dedicated team handles all customs and logistics, streamlining the importing process. Sit back and relax as we take care of everything, making importing from Germany to Australia hassle-free. Trust DTDC Australia to move your goods from Germany to Australia with ease, enabling your business to thrive.
We at DTDC Australia are the biggest name in the shipping and courier business operating to and from Australia. We offer affordable delivery and logistics services to all major locations including UK, Europe, USA, Canada, India, etc.
We are committed to providing affordable, secure and timely courier and delivery services. DTDC Australia is quite well known for its punctuality and exceptional customer service standards. We have partnered with the reputed DPD group in Europe to ensure the highest speeds and delivery quality for all couriers from Australia to Germany. Our vision is to create a best in industry shipping experience and provide the best shipping speeds and prices.

Why Choose DTDC Australia

Shipping by courier can be a nervous process. People often worry that their courier could be damaged or stolen; even more so for cross- border shipping. Most airline, freight and parcel delivery companies offer courier services from Australia to Germany. However the airline companies charge exorbitant prices and even then they don’t provide door to door delivery. DTDC Australia on the other hand provides affordable yet reliable courier service to Germany.

How to Send a Courier to Germany

Booking a courier to Germany with DTDC Australia is quite a simple task to begin with. To book a DTDC Australia shipment to Germany you must head to our website and fill in some basic details and get a quick quote. You need to fill in the Australia postcode, country of delivery (no pin code required for Germany), date of pickup/ drop-off, dimensions and weight of your parcel and type of courier (i.e. documents or parcel/ package/ carton).
Once you click on ‘generate a quick quote’, you will be redirected to another page displaying the various shipping options that you can choose from. Here you will find services including sea freight, air freight economy, air freight express, tracked, non-tracked, document economy, documents express etc. You can go through the prices and the estimated travel times listed for your parcel details and make an informed decision on which service to choose. The various rates and estimated times are given below in ‘Our Services’ for your convenience.
After you decide which shipping option would be best suited to your needs, you will be redirected to a form where you must describe the nature of your shipment. This is for tax and customs declaration purposes. Please go through our list of prohibited goods here and make sure that none of those items are present in your shipment. DTDC Australia won’t take responsibility for any damage caused to the parcels.
Rest assured that DTDC Australia will take care of the entire customs and import/ export formalities both in Australia and in Germany. All that is required from the customer’s side is a form declaring the contents and value of your shipment. All customs charges will be billed on arrival in Germany and can either be paid by the recipient or the sender. Our expertise in the various international customs procedure and our strategic partnership with DPD Group will ensure that your shipment is subjected to minimal delays.

Along with details regarding the contents of your courier, you must also enter to and from shipping addresses in full, your contact details, whether or not you want warranty protection on your courier and the time of pickup/ drop-off (preferred time of delivery can also be specified, if applicable).

Once you fill this form you can proceed to the secure payment page. Apart from PayPal, all major international credit and debit cards are accepted here. After you have completed the payment process, an invoice will be sent along with your unique consignment number.
Note that this consignment number must be mentioned in all communication with DTDC Australia regarding your shipment. Thankfully, DTDC Australia offers its customers a facility where they can easily track their package via SMS, web, or app. You just have to keep the reference number in front of you.

Our Services

We at DTDC Australia offer a wide variety of services for all your courier and shipping needs. A list of our services that we offer from Australia to Germany is given below:
  1. Non-tracked economy air freight
  2. Tracked economy air freight
  3. Sea freight
  4. Documents economy air freight
  5. DTDC Express air freight
  6. UPS express air freight
  7. TNT express air freight
Economy air freight will take approximately 2-3 weeks, sea freight will take 1-2 weeks and express air freight will take approximately 3-5 days.
In case you choose a service with a depot drop-off option, you must mail in or drop your shipment at our New South Wales head office at Unit 9 / 10 Ferngrove Place, Chester Hill, NSW 2162 near Sydney. Make sure to have your consignment number clearly printed on the parcel. The consignment number must not be obstructed or covered in any way and it must be clearly legible to prevent any sort of misunderstandings.
If you need some kind of custom services for a bulk order or some kind of logistics solutions, you can always contact our sales team at
At DTDC Australia, we provide the best in the industry international shipment tracking tools. To check on your courier to Germany please visit or a third party site like or and enter your consignment number to find out the status and live location of your shipment.


Our pricing is based on the billable weight of your shipment. You can calculate the billable weight of your courier to Germany by calculating the volumetric weight (volume in cm2 divided by 5000 in kg); the larger of the true weight and volumetric weight of your shipment
Our pricing scheme is given below:
    1. Non-tracked economy air freight: Starting from AUD 38 for 1 kg
    1. Tracked economy air freight: Starting from AUD 40 for 1 kg
    1. Sea freight: Starting from AUD 590 for 30 kg
    1. Documents economy air freight: Starting from AUD 9 for 1 kg
    1. DTDC Express air freight: Starting from AUD 85 for 1 kg
    1. UPS express air freight: Starting from AUD 57 for 1 kg
    1. TNT express air freight: Starting from AUD 85 for 1 kg
Treat these prices as just guidelines; the live rates will be displayed on our website once you generate a quick quote. Also, these prices are not inclusive of customs duties and import taxes. On arrival in Germany, you will need to pay a VAT of 19% in addition to the customs levied based on the type of goods. You can find the detailed tax breakdown on our online tracking tool on arrival of your shipment in Germany.

At DTDC Australia, we also provide you with a limited shipping warranty protection. You can choose to avail this option by paying 2.5% of the declared content value up to declared value of shipment of AUD 20000 online. If you purchase our warranty protection, you will be covered for any sort of losses and damages incurred during shipping and delivery. In case you are shipping goods worth more than AUD 20000, contact our sales team at to purchase a custom warranty protection.

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