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Australia Has Never Seen Courier Price This Low !

DTDC 10th anniversary special offer, heavy price drop

 10-Year Anniversary Special

Australia’s Best Price Is Just The Begining: DTDC Australia

This November is a truly remarkable milestone for DTDC Australia. It’s our 10th Anniversary. We’re celebrating a decade of service.

And as we celebrate these 10 years, we have phenomenal news for you.

Since the pandemic, all our prices from India to Australia were express rates. We didn’t offer an economical option until now. So, we’re launching this new economical service.

Allow me to provide an example:

A 25-kilo box currently costs $386 to ship from India to Australia. However, we’re introducing a new economical service where the cost will be just $290.

This is a significant reduction, not just a mere $5 or $10 off. This is 96 dollars reduction.

At this pivotal moment, inspiration strikes, and I am compelled to express my joy through the art of poetry:

Three-eight-six to two-nine-zero, you see,

Imagine now the change, how grand it will be.

Not just a mere five or, ten dollars more,

But a price cut like never seen before.”

If you can pay the prices like people paying in India, why not pay the same price sitting in Australia.

Our goal is to stay competitive in pricing without compromising our service quality.

In honour of our 10th Anniversary, we are rolling out a collection of strikingly competitive prices, offering us the privilege of serving you with exceptional care on multiple occasions.

Seeking your good wishes.

Warm regards,

Naseem Noor
Sales Manager, eCommerce & Logistics
Phone number: 1300 658 775
Publishing Date: 26 October 2023

1300 658 775

Unit 9/10 Ferngrove Place Chester Hill, NSW 2162


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