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Book a delivery schedule

You can schedule your delivery in India using our special coupons for Online Shopping from Australia. It will give you a reduced price which will start from AUD $19.95 for direct delivery from Australia to India.

Shopping & Shipping
You can shop at any Online Store which ships in India. You must provide the Consignment Number & Address as your Shipping Details.
Package Acceptance & Processing

We will accept and process your package directly once it is received in our warehouse in India. We will update your package status immediately.

Shipment Tracking
You can check the status of your shipment on the DTDC Australia website. You will be able to track your shipment using the Consignment Number. We are unable to provide tracking updates over the phone.
How Does It Work?
All you need to do is book a shipment from India to Australia using our website www.dtdcaustralia.com.au. Choose Type of Parcel as "Parcel/Cartoon/Baggage” and please provide the weight and dimensions if you know or you can book for the weight and dimension you expect to be.
What is The Delivery Address in India?
Once you finalise your shopping, you must provide the delivery address in India. At this time you must provide the consignment number and then the delivery address as per the example below.


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thank you so much for organising the box to get to my daughter in USA. It got there in two days. Excellent service.


Have to say best service, so appreciated and will definitely use you again and recommend you for sure.


Yesterday My packaged chair was picked up from Newcastle NSW and whisked away to UK. All very efficient and the papers seemed to be in order. Thank you so much for the excellent service.

Rebecca Favaloro

The luggage arrived safely in Spain yesterday - even sooner than the short period of time that was scheduled! I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your help with the shipment - it has made what is proving to become a very stressful move much less stressful! If there is somewhere I could write a testimonial, I would be be delighted.
I hope you have a great weekend.

DTDC Australia



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Shop online store India

Are you sending a parcel to Australia or India? In that case, you may do doubt be privy to the constraints of using traditional transport methods. We do shop online store India. Here are 10 reasons for the usage of an international courier to send your parcel.


  1. In case you are sending something as a ways afield as India or Australia, if you want shop online store India, you can benefit from the broad variety of answers global couriers can provide.


  1. While sending felony files that far, protection may be a critical trouble to do not forget. With a worldwide courier, your parcel might be extremely nicely taken care of and every viable protection degree might be taken.


  1. In case you're sending merchandise to clients, understanding your parcel will arrive safely should result in customer delight and similarly commercial enterprise. An international courier has fewer parcels to supply, so can give each one greater attention.


  1. As well as having a vast variety of alternatives when deciding on your courier agreement, you could also have the possibility to talk about particular requests, so the delivery service can be tailor-made in your desires.


  1. Whilst sending prototypes between businesses or shop online store India, you could wish to construct a robust and lasting dating with a courier service, so that you can accept as true with in the protection and protection they provide.


  1. There may be activities in which you want your parcel to India or elsewhere to arrive inside a decent term. Best a global courier can offer that stage of carrier.


  1. There are some of 0.33 celebration organisations that assist you to find the right courier and bundle on your delivery wishes, so that you can make sure it's cash well spent.


  1. If you have personnel distant places like Brisbane to India or Perth to India, you may need to send files like contracts to and fro, perhaps over the route of a week and also we provide couriers in Australia for the all district.
    1. Many offerings will offer enhanced monitoring functions, so that you can see what degree of the delivery process your parcel is in at any time.


    1. There may be lots of competition among couriers; because of this the prices they fee are very competitive.


    Web based shopping in India is ending up exceptionally in vogue these days. The fundamental preferred standpoint of web based shopping is that individuals without going out can peruse through numerous things and classes, can think about the costs of the same number of shops as they need, and furthermore can arrange the greatest number of things as they can bear.


    The Internet enables the purchaser to effectively look at items and costs with the goal that one can make certain that the thing he or she has acquired is the ideal thing.


    Through shopping in India, one can discover assortment of merchandise as the market is national or worldwide and not simply neighborhood. Different advantages that exclusive web based shopping in India can offer one is the capacity to keep away from the occasion surge, holding up in push, the climate components, activity, and carrying the majority of the shopping sacks around.


    Shopping is likewise perfect and ideal for those things that one needs to remain a mystery. With the assistance of this shopping, the purchaser can spare cash, time, and exertion all with the snap of mouse. The benefits of this shopping are various, as they bring our most loved things and architects ideal to our PC screen. One can locate the even those items online that are not accessible in our own particular town.